SUN 7/25/21 Brief note prior to posting this weekends BLOG. Our little Chuahua, Elmer, is in the Vet Hosp with Congestive Cardiac Failure and at this time (10:28AM) we are awaiting a call for his status. I will post the current article sometime today.
Jean & Barbara

today's BLOG article:  7/25/21


SUN.. JULY. 25, 2021 Jean F. Coulard
I will start today with a quote from my most favorite person:
Ronald Reagan “………. The American dream is not that every man must be level with every other man. The American dream is that every man must be free to become whatever God intends he should become ……….”. end quote
Intense thought, and very profound if you give it time to sink in. My interpretation is that God gave us the tools to reach whatever level we can, the freedom to pursue our dream, and the liberty to make a choice.
In my opinion, God did not decree that we should all have everything that we want and should be able to covet each other’s possessions. I believe it is meant for each to become all they can be, as The United States Military used as their motto not too long ago.
Our Constitution has served us well, guiding us through the many years we have endured hardships and growing pains. We should use it as our Founders intended. No one should dare to manipulate the wording in this document as its strength encourages us to continue our path of Freedoms, Rights, and Liberties. I believe the document’s phrasing may have been intentionally flexible to allow Society to amend and grow with the inevitable growth of Man. No one person, group, or faction shall have supreme power over all others. A system of Government, with Law and Order, is vital for the survival of our species. And it should be controlled by the people there-in. We should hold above all else our inherent right to have freedom of choice in self and governance matters. With law and order prevailing, such a system is imperative for the security and protection of all. We must keep in mind “… the needs of the many outweigh the needs of a few...”!
We have among us those who would rule/govern the entire World. Such a regime can never be allowed as it would destroy the Earth. Humankind would cease to exist eventually.
States and territories have managed to live side by side. We are evolving in that direction, and we must keep it so. If neighbors can live side by side within Towns, then so can Man as separate entities with different cultures. It can be done, but only if we make the effort. We have created a substantial achievement in that direction, and we must continue. But under no circumstances should we allow any one man, one Nation, or any conglomerate to overpower and rule the entire Planet. Each Society must be allowed to nurture its own, to grow as it chooses, and satisfy its own needs and desires.
Those who are attempting to divide and conquer us at this time must now be stopped in their tracks. We have been patient far too long. We must use everything at our disposal to stop this. They have destroyed our cities, left many destitute and in serious need. If this destruction has not hit your community, do not deter from accepting the reality. Others need us now. We must help our neighbors as we would want them to help us.
They are using any means possible, from deceit to criminality to lies and intimidation. They have infiltrated the Justice Dept. and the Education Dept. and have used undermining means to get them to cooperate. Some say they are winning. If so, then I must insist we start recruiting our numbers to fight back. The laws are ignored and those breaking them are left free to continue. We must flat-out refuse to accept the Socialist and Marxist ideologies that would destroy our United States of America.
How do we fight? Well, first I suggest you watch and listen to the “Right” commentators and reporters on TV. Get the other side before you are quick to listen and blindly accept the “Left” opinion.
For example, go back and look into the ‘relief bills that the Democratic Speaker loaded with items that had no true relief to those who needed it. She has even put the relief package in with the infrastructure. How ridiculous is that!! Many who did not deserve it nor truly needed it received a great deal of money. In my opinion, the Speaker was criminally biased in the wording and appropriations. Once again, she made the bills so long no one bothered to read them. They just accepted her word for what they did. And further, by increasing the Unemployment benefits, it became better to stay out of work rather than returning. All this was to hurt the tremendous Economy that had taken hold just before the Pandemic.
Then they turned to the Pandemic itself. So mismanaged, so confusing. Every day a different decision, every day, a different opinion. First, the youngest among us were not susceptible, and now they want five year olds vaccinated!!! Many of the elderly did not die due to the COVID. There is a 98% survival rate for the COVID, as I have read and heard many times. The entire scenario has been politicized to the point that we have mass chaos pertaining to the do’s and don’t’s of this terrible disease. And our Media continues putting this Dr. Fauci to spout his opinion when there is so much factual evidence proving his lack of honest credibility.
My final suggestion: instead of complaining about the news, look to the other side and see what they are saying. Some are down-right bold-face lying. Others make fun, which is totally disgusting in my opinion. You watch two teams playing a game. Well, take a look at two teams playing with our Democracy. Watch them both, carefully and intently. Be sure you look up and research things you question. Accept the facts. And deny the lies.
God Bless. Stay strong. Stay together.
Jean F. Coulard


THE CURMUDGEON IS AT IT AGAIN!!!!!                                            JULY 18, 2021

#####   Guns are not violent!! People are violent. Governors and other Politicians that call for repeal of the second amendment do not know what they are talking about. Our younger generation that is following them is headed down a very bad road. They're opening the Country up for tyranny. Perhaps we should show more of what is happening in other nations that have turned their backs on the people.
FB wouldn't allow me to continue watching a religious service because I didn't comply with their criteria. I never could find out just what is was that I didn't comply with, cause I do not text and that was the only way to communicate with them. 
I see one of the drawbacks of a certain vaccine is the Guillaume-Barre Syndrome. Well, been there done that. So I think it's not a good thing for me to consider vaccination. Don't want that GBS again.
I wonder if we can believe the news about an uptake in COVID in Florida?

Or is it just another falsehood to make Gov. DeSantis look bad?
For Trump supporters there is good news out of Arizona. Let's hope it doesn't get twisted. Now we will see what Georgia and Pennsylvania have in mind. Sometimes it only takes one to stand up, and others will fall in line. Such a terribly embarrassing scenario taking place in our Nation; at least we are admitting mistakes and hopefully will have no problem correcting the situation. Of course it is hard for some Bureaucratic Politicians to accept something not of their choice. And it is equally hard for followers to admit the same thing. Let's hope we can all come together and restore honesty and Democracy to the Country. 

If you truly do not want to reside in a Constitutional Republic, then by all means immigrate to where-ever you wish. Don't stay here and try to change our system. The majority of citizens happen to like it here.
We can all accept change, especially for the betterment of Society. But this has all been too drastic and too fast. I happen to be a supporter of the Capitalistic system. We each have had the opportunity to improve. Some better than others but at least we have had the chance. "We reap what we sow." Some of us have made mistakes. But it is by far better than the alternatives we see in other Countries. We certainly can right the wrongs of our Society. We know the pitfalls that many fall into.
Power and money can almost be considered addictions. It is something to think about. 
Many of our leaders have fallen into the traps of which I speak. Perhaps we can, in the future, find ways and means to avert them. Maybe time limits for the public service offices is not so bad an idea. The longer one has the benefits of power and finance, the more they do whatever is necessary to hold onto them. There-in lies our problem.
Let us hope for a more acceptable change coming down the road. Let's work together to achieve it.

Jean   7/18/21



[  I will be saying this prayer at the start and end of each and every day. I beg you to join me.  These words have great strength when said with purpose and understanding. Repeat them throughout your day to have a continuance of strength.  ]                                                             
" ....I pray the World just leave me alone to do my own thing, with my own God-given will, my rights, and my abilities. I pray that God does not allow me to reach higher than I am capable; I pray that he shows me the opportunities I may strive for, and instills in me the strength to resist the politicizing of the very life he has given me by those who would deny him. God give me the strength to withstand and ignore the powers that would take his place in my life ...".

#####   The following is a comment I heard from an Airline Hostess with whom I am acquainted, and works for a respected Airline.  quote  "..... I have to admit I am a bit worried about our younger generation. There seems to be a lack of discipline and drive in them and absolutely no loyalty to employers. Sort of a "what's in it for me" attitude.....".  end quote. These words from someone who has seen the best and the worst of the public.

#####   Senator Maxine Waters needs a lesson in interpretation. She questions the words in the Declaration of Independence:
"..... all men are created equal .....". Ms. Waters, the word "all" refers to every man and woman in our Society. Are you insinuating that the Black men and women are not Humans when you claim it does not refer to them??? How despicable of you. Your staff, your friends and family, your constituents should suggest you re-read the many words and speeches of the Reverend Martin Luther King, and bring yourself back to reality. You certainly cannot assume you speak for the followers of the Reverend, nor are you representing them fairly.
Those you should be concerned about for not being honest to the folks in your district are, in my opinion;
#####   Stacey Abrams (Georgia) owns two houses worth 1.4 million. And she is complaining about Black oppression???!!!

#####   Michelle Obama has indicated that she and her daughters feel oppressed when they are out in public???!!!

#####   I am reminded of the now resigned recent leader of the Black Lives Matter movement who is a Millionaire, owning valuable real estate property.

My opinion:   Life is not a "cake-walk' for any one. We must put ourselves to the task. Discrimination is and always will be with the Human Race. Deal with it. Learn to live with it and accept it as a prevalent Human trait. We can all love each other and stand together against a common enemy, and we are all instilled with 'free will', and have the many rights that go with it. How we each use this 'will' is what determines our true self. If you cannot accept all men being equal, then I question how you accept yourself fitting into the world around you.
In my opinion being created equally simply means you have the will, the right, and the intelligence to use whatever attributes you are given at birth.; you have the good Earth and its' resources at your service. Once your parents have done their part, you may go in any direction you chose. Any obstacles in your way must be dealt with by you and you alone, as you wish.
How much further should I go on listing the many, many Black men and women in the entertainment, Media, political and public arena that are so successful they would be able to live out their lives without earning another penny? I personally find it rather unacceptable, and I am downright angry to see these ladies and gentlemen dare to complain about their lives. And my same sentiment to the multimillionaire athletes for turning their backs on the very country that afforded them their current place in Society.
I fault Hillary Clinton for instilling her progressive attitude into the women's movement! She used these women to further her agenda against successful men that had previously disagreed with her. You doubt this??? Look up, within her Bio, her experiences in college elections, specifically her attitude toward the lack of success when opposing male students in elections.
What I have seen over the many years of my own life is a dramatic increase in the acceptance of women in every walk of life. Opportunity is there for everyone. And I do emphatically say "everyone".
You cannot just sit back and wait for it to be handed to you. Most anyone that is successful today will show a life of hard work and perseverance to achieve what they have.
I am particularly angry with today's Black politicians. They prey on their own Race by telling them how oppressed they are because of the color of their skin. They do this for a very, very selfish reason. Many are just going for votes, while others are following the leaders in attempting to create a divide within the American public.

I see women today encouraged to appear "sexy" in their styles and the manner of dress. And yet they wonder why men are responding to them in a sexual way, and cry "foul" when when it occurs.
I see many women as Architects, Scientists, Engineers, Electricians and Carpenters, and down-to-Earth, stay-at-home Mothers dramatically involved in their communities.
However, I also see the effect this may have on the children of these successful women. They are left to be raised by someone other than the biological mother. What morals, values and otherwise important traits are instilled in these children? Is it those of another woman, possibly of a different religion, or ethnic background, that is teaching and sharing. I am not putting down anyone, but I do question the confusion in the child when they are at home with their biological parents and present a different cultural attitude. The answer to this dilemma has been found by those who put their careers on the back burner until their children reach a certain age. But that is not always possible. One can only hope for common sense and reasoning. Perhaps the current trend of working at home will provide a solution to the Moms being able to stay at home until the children reach their own "age of reason".
I see Mark Levin ("the great one" of Life, Liberty and Levin, FOX : 8:00 PM Sun Night ) who is a very insightful man, has begun to suggest Boycott as a good way to fight back. That is something I have been pushing for many months now. Perhaps I got it from him. I strongly suggest his show. A great source of information.
God Bless


SEX  >>>>>> RHINOS >>>>> AOC >>>>>   AND THE IDIOT-IN-CHARGE!!!!!!!!!! What more do you want for your kids????

by Jean F. Coulard SUN. 7/4/21

#####  How about this for responsible Journalism????????
POSTING PUBLICATION: Republican Post via
ARTICLE: clogged penile arteries
..... Above was Received in my Email on July 2, 2021!!! Just one of many such items where the article has nothing to do with any World, National or Local news. And our current Media still call themselves "Professional"s??!!

#####  Romney is leading the charge to craft a deal on infrastructure with Biden.....
The $2 trillion plan that Biden released earlier this year only has 5% of the funding going to building roads and bridges, with 95% of it on social engineering to combat what Biden describes as “racial injustice.”

#####  Why does the Media follow Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez so closely? This poor little girl continues to make a fool of herself as she plays to the crowds who are just seeking someone to show them the way. Someone they can follow with purpose. Unfortunately she is not the one. Raised under the influence of wealthy Westchester County in New York State and educated in Yorktown public schools, she then attended Boston College in Massachusetts. She does not have the background, the knowledge nor the experience she portends to possess.

#####  ".....Ikea attempted to show its support for LGBTQ Pride Month by crafting specialty couches based on flags for different gender and sexuality identities, but the bisexual couch left many on Twitter confused and offended... "!
Not being a Twitter advocate or member, but seeing this article, added to my continually growing anger. The letter "Q" was not added until recently, and that was my first anger spell. But the behavior and ideology of today's generations has left me with one question, "where will it end"?. This very question was put to me recently by a good friend. (a Heterosexual member of a respected Police department.) My response to him, "when the big man above decides to do it.....and I believe it is soon and forthcoming."
Our wonderful World has been decimated by the "lost" generations of the University-educated minions, who are lacking rational direction and purpose. We as adults have failed them.

#####  The owner of the Washington National League Football team has, in my opinion, caved to political and social pressures,
and forgotten an unwritten obligation to the youth of our country as professional athletes. Now they are promising to be more "politically correct" (my opinion) in the "woke" manner when dealing with the operation of their team! Perhaps they could start by changing their uniform colors to Maroon and YELLOW!!

#####  [ Co-ed Spas???]   More of the same "sexual" nonsense that is permeating our Society. Maybe they are just trying to distract us from what is really going on in the Country!
That’s apparently why a man was permitted to walk around naked in the women’s locker room of a spa in Los Angeles.
Progressives have cowed everyone into silence in the face of this nonsense, but one woman spoke out against the madness.
She asked the managers:
“So it’s okay — I just want to be clear with you — it’s okay, it’s okay for a man to go into the women’s section, show his penis around the other women, young little girls under age? Your spa, Wi Spa, condoned that. Is that what you’re saying?”

#####   Did you see the news clip where our President met with the Governor of Florida to speak on the terrible tragedy that occurred there recently? While watching that I was reminded of the fight going on in D.C. about a bill that is supposed to cure all our headaches concerning the infrastructure in our Country. Maybe we should be more concerned about the culture of dishonesty that is rampant throughout our political parties, and throughout the building industry, and how it ties into our entire Society. The use of inferior materials just to save a penny, and the inspectors who overlook some little inaccuracies in the general construction phase are possibly our very neighbors. Maybe this should just encourage the public to do some serious research into the actual wording of the bills that our Congress works on. This one I refer to, I believe, is about three or four thousand (3000 or 4000) pages, and it is my understanding that less than 10% is about infrastructure!!! Time to pay attention folks!!!
And yes, the building referenced is a matter of private construction; but the industry of building materials is involved in both public and private concerns. And the crossover cannot be ignored. We see the Politicians getting away with the most horrible atrocities, and we better be aware that our youth see it also; and I ask ".. do they find that CRIME DOES PAY????!!!!!.."?

I leave you for today with all this happy July 4th news. Don't ignore it. Make it a "4th" promise to yourself to get involved.

Jean F.


by Jean F. Coulard

I am going to start using my middle initial once again as I have discovered my name is not as dedicated as it once was.

There is a lot to be angry about these days, but I'm only going to bother you with what comes to mind as the hours go on.

### One of my brothers passed away five (5) years ago, but today "he" received notice from his NYS Teachers Retirement Fund that he must make any changes to his health insurance coverage by July 1, 2021, and they outlined the options!!!!!!!!!!
 Scary, isn't it????? And this organization is just a small part of the group that is teaching our future leaders!!!!! Makes me wonder if his retirement pension payments are still going out, and if so, where are they going?  (to the Nursing Home maybe??!!)

###  Last week I ordered a catalog through Amazon. Received a confirmation and was told it would arrive June 27. Yesterday, 6/18 I rec'd an Email telling me it would arrive sooner, on 6/23. Now I receive another Email telling me it would arrive earlier, on 6/26!!!!! The dates are all written here exactly as I got them!!! You wonder what happened to the good education that we thought our young was getting???? They are the ones we are now dealing with in the world! We didn't pay attention to our leaders, and we didn't pay attention to the Education of the kids!!!!!  

### FOX NEWS HEADLINE 6/19/21:
".... Biden admin sending 'F--- you' message with string of family-related hires"....:      Obama ethics chief
 The Biden administration has hired several relatives of senior White House officials  

I'm not going to comment on this. I may get carried away and add to the profanity. However, I did read the list, and it is quite disgusting. Are any of these people actually qualified to do the job they have been "handed"? One of the chosen is fresh out of college. ......... my only comment to all of this: "shades of affirmative action". remember that infamous law? It should be repealed!

###  Today, Mon. 6/21, (first day of Summer) I am having a realization of the "way of the world". A friend had recommended a Sunday Service from a Church in a small Florida communty, that was available on line. So I decided to give it a try. Very nice, very warm and sociable. A really enjoyable time as I watched and listened to these small-community folks. Then all of a sudden it was cut off!!! You see, I had to sign on to a Social Media service to get through to the Religious Service. It was one of the most popular media service companies. They decided that I did not meet the criteria of their site, and therefore could not use them.
WOW, there goes my individuality, my freedom of choice. Well, I can always talk to the Almighty through my own thoughts and prayers, at any time I chose. The service provider will realize one day that they cannot survive without the support of the advertisers that depend on the number of folks that tune in. It's a complete circle, and one day these multi-Billionaires will be hit with that realization. We, the consumers, do ultimately control our choice. Did Macy's arrive at the pinnacle of success by deciding who was allowed to shop in their establishment? No, we the consumer make that decision. It has always been the people's choice. And it will once again return to that "way". When enough of the public get tired of being manipulated, when enough realize that they have the freedom of choice, they will decide who, what, when and where their life is forged upon.

Sorry for the delay in posting. Have been dealing with issues with social media. I expect to stay with my BLOG only and will be sending at least one article per week; all will be posted by Friday each week.

Thanks for your support. Stay well and stay cool. God is just letting us now what HELL is like. So behave!!!'

Jean F.



June 10, 2021 Jean Coulard

Little or no Politics will be the mainstay, and please use this forum to express your personal curmudgeon feelings and opinions.

 ###   Do you have a pet peeve? Of course you do, as do I also. Mine is not just one, and I’m sure you also have many. When you have been on this beautiful Planet for more than 40 or 50 years, you will have built up a reservoir of pet peeves.
###  Today my poor little psyche is dealing with control issues. Not mine, of course, but I do realize and accept that I have many. I think our level of “need to control” is determined by our ‘self-confidence.’.
With that thought in mind, I submit that I believe there are two levels of control. First, we have the ‘control person,’ which I think most of us come under, and our current and everyday interactions determine that. Then we have the “control freak,” which is someone we can all do without.
This is the person that must always be in charge. Whether you want them to be or not, they will constantly butt into a conversation with the way to do something, why to do it, how to do it and how all machinery, tool, and appliances work. A more common name for this individual would be “know-it-all.”
The next “control freak” I would describe is someone who takes it upon themself to say or do something ‘for' you, like arranging a specific occurrence or meet-up that you should or would do yourself. And they do not understand why we get angry with them!! You know the type; they arrange things on their own and expect you to accept their plans. My only comment to that would be, “get the H___ out of my life”! I will decide what I do when I do it, how and where I will do it!!!

###  Have you noticed how inept and inefficient the world communication giants are in dealing with them in the past several years?? I find Verizon to be the Worlds’ worse. Trying to reach them on the phone and talk to a natural Human red-blooded person is like trying to pull teeth from someone with ‘lockjaw’! It is the most frustrating and stressful experience in the Universe. You will notice there is only one way they want to hear from you. You must either go online to their ridiculous pre-set-up Web page or call (they give the same number for all issues) and get five voicemail messages before giving you the automated answer department.
If you do get someone at that point, you may even get someone who has a reasonably good command of the English language. Is that racist?? So be it!! I am who I am, and I will always be myself. Take it or leave it!!
I had the pleasure of losing my cell phone three or four months back and made no concerted effort to find it. Eventually, I canceled the account. What a pleasure!! I didn’t die, my world did not end abruptly, and I get along very well, not having suffered the loss of any of life’s necessities. I do not receive any text messages or stupidly ridiculous marketing calls. I have found tho, if on your landline you receive a marketing call, you reply with your own absurd response, it helps. As you know, someone is monitoring those calls to ensure the caller is appropriately handling them, and eventually, they will stop. Don’t stay on too long with the landline, as that only gives the hackers more time to examine your system.
We will never get rid of the hackers. Just learn how to deal with them and throw their nonsense back at them.
###   I have to insert this comment: I have never been a fan of the “Bush” politics. My eyes and ears always open up when the name is mentioned. I believe that Bush senior was put upon Reagan just as Johnson was put on Kennedy, and Bush junior was “allowed” to overcome Gore in the infamous 2000 election. Elections always have, in my opinion, a certain amount of ‘fixing’ by the Party or Parties involved. I also believe the Bush politics were somewhat Liberal. Junior only wanted the Presidency to satisfy his ego and to attempt to eradicate the forces that threatened his father. He has always been an anti-Trumper. Now he is endorsing and advocating Biden’s border crisis by stating that all immigrants should be allowed to enter the Contry, have amnesty, and enjoy all the FREE benefits of the American way!!! Bush Jr. is more of a RINO than Romney and McConnell together!!!
###   I’m getting more and more aggravated about the “bag” situation. Do any Vendors realize that a bag given to a customer is a terrific way of advertising? And they can even use it for ‘tax’ purposes as advertising or operating expense. Well, as an afterthought, I would venture that they probably do. But do they offset the expense by applying the income when they charge us for the bag??
With this in mind, I would respectively suggest that when you go shopping for underwear (lingerie) that you bring your own bag, and then you don’t have to tuck anything in your pocketbook or pants pocket.
Such a crazy upside-down world we are living in today. I remember the old KISS method. “…keep it simple stupid…”. It worked well, and it still can. But today’s younger generation is so incompetent that they don’t even understand “simple.” Like someone lacking confidence that has to explain everything in such detail that at the end you have lost all comprehension of what they are saying. Take this software that I am using; the developers put the punctuation marks at the end of the sentence so close to the end of the word to save space, and all they accomplish is that you can’t see the darn thing. Anything to save a penny!
Now I’m not complaining about the Capitalistic system. I think it is good. It has its bad points; of course, nothing is perfect. But the good far out weigh the bad. We only have to keep control of the greedy among us that take advantage of some of the concepts of the system. 

Look at our Constitutional Republic, an excellent system of government; about the best to come down the pike, I believe. However, we again must keep control of those who would take advantage of the quirks in the system. Our Founders were not so rigid in their wording as they attempted to leave us some ‘wiggle room,’ but these of whom I speak take advantage of that to achieve their selfish agenda!
###   Have you noticed that the instructions on a bottle of eye-drops are so small you may need a magnifying tool to read it?

###  I recently wrote in a previous article my experience with the Optometrist in my Eye Doctors office. I have found something to clean my ‘plastic’ lens without worrying about the material being Polyester or washed with fabric softener, as she suggested. Good ole CHARMIN TOILET TISSUE, It does a great job!!!!
###   I understand National Grid put out a message yesterday to cell phone users that they will be working on the lines and poles in a local area today (6/10). Now isn’t that nice of them? Once again, however, I would remind the idiots, if I could, that not everyone has cell service in this area. Also that not everyone has a cell phone. That practice of assuming that everyone uses cell phones is a rather arrogant attitude to me. Here we go again with the “control” thing. (everyone should do what they think is best, you have no choice, get a cell phone and text).
That will do it for today. Been nice talking to you. Stay well.
Please don’t buy from China; and boycott the corporations that make their employees learn to practice culture change, like Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, Amazon, et al. Look them up; there are quite a few!



I share with you today my random comments and opinions on some of the ridiculous headlines and articles that our Government leaders throw at us and expect us to completely believe. I am getting tired of being treated like a pre-teen stupid person!!!!!
Enjoy, and by all means, give your own comments.
P.S By the way; have you seen all the comments from Miami, Florida residents telling New Yorkers to stay away, and stop bringing our politics to Florida? Let's expand that to stop visiting Florida also; we can keep all our tourist money in our own pockets, can't we???

Frank LuntzFrank Luntz American political consultant, author, and pollster   Frank Ian Luntz is an American political and communications consultant, pollster, and pundit, best known for developing talking points ....for politicians.
  • Born: February 23, 1962 (age 59), West Hartford, Connecticut
  • Net worth: $15 million (
  • Parents: Phyllis Luntz, Lester L. Luntz
  • Party Affiliation: Republican Party (United States)
#####   I share the above photo and brief biography with you as received from a Google search on June 7, 2021.
WHY???? Well, I have read excerpts and brief comments about this gentleman as a Republican pollster and advisor. I didn't pay too much attention until I read that the Minority Leader in the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, (Republican Kevin McCarthy) was friendly with him, and rented from him; (a room)in the same living quarters. I am not making any personal assumption's of course. But when I also read that Mr. Luntz was working for the "other" Party in the same capacity, and at the same time, my ears went up and I had to find facts for myself. I would suggest you do the same search yourself. It is too involved for me to share here-in. One note I must make is that he recently was hired by a certain Female Democratic Governor to advise her on a current and public situation in her State. (..... "Politics make strange bedfellows .....")

#####   Sec. Pompeo Criticizes Media For COVID Origins Reporting (another eye-catching headline!)
What makes him, or anyone else in D.C., think the Media cares? Another day in Politicalville folks. How do we wake up the characters that are supposedly representing us? Are they serious in thinking all this complaining by the anti-Socialism people can wait till Jan. 1, 2023? And that, of course, is when the newly voted Representative’s in Congress will take over! That is considering, of course, that we have a fair election in 2022!

#####   I called my eye doctor last week. Spoke to the Optometrist in the office to discuss exchanging my 'plastic' lens for glass, as the plastic is becoming too hard to keep sharply clean. Well, the bottom line, the cost would be $320.00, and it would take about a month to get them!!!!!  I will spare you the overly detailed explanation that I got for the high price; but most of it was for the time and processes involved as they do not make the glass anymore. She advised me not to clean the current plastic lens on anything made of Polyester, or any clothes washed with fabric softener!!! glass anymore...just plastic.....There goes another 'choice' out of our lives, along with the grocery bags for which we have to pay.

#####    NEWSMAX   Mon. June 7, 2021
Durham’s Delays on Trump-FBI Report Are ‘Inexplicable’
My opinion:The “almighty dollar” sways so many professionals, or is it the promise of a career boost? My opinion is they are also protecting the skeletons in the closet (their own, of course). He (Durham) is just another facilitator of the “Demo-doctrine”. Is it not amazing that any investigations into the Democrats never come to an actual trial or indictment?! Not even a charge. But one or two incidents, without sufficient evidence, started impeachments against the sitting President. A man they refer to as the “…most dangerous President in History….”. But yet they had no response when asked what the danger was. And they ignored the many positive things that were accomplished during his administration!

#####  A psychiatrist spoke earlier this year to the Yale School of Medicine’s Child Study Center, giving a speech called “The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind.” The address given by Dr. Aruna Khilanani was, in my mind, the most repulsive conglomeration of idiotic words I have read. And I have read many. I started my education with a major in Psychology and have read many an article on the subject. While I am not an expert or even close to it, I have a keen interest in the human mind. This woman, I believe, is seriously in need of counseling. Or perhaps she has been so deeply indoctrinated that change is not imminent. May God help her.

#####  Have you seen this headline???   Verizon Wireless ----it's here: Introducing the biggest upgrade ever.                      WOW and this is even better than the one they sold you last year that was the best of all time and the most wanted by everybody. So now just throw away the $500. or $600. or whatever you paid, and come get this big innovation in cell phones (until they come out next year with a  better one)!

#####  Sure! You just keep talking, Mr. Cruz. You and all your cronies in D.C. That's all you folks do TALK! TALK! TALK!. You speak and complain like two old hags across the backyard fence. Action is just a word on the phony wrestling circuit. I am a registered Republican but a very independent voter. And I am more than sick and tired of your empty words. You sit back and verbally complain about all the anti-American things going on, but you don't do anything about it. You use the age-old method of going through the courts, which usually takes a lifetime to navigate and is generally turned down by a Liberal judge. Our justice system is so political and unreal it is almost entertaining. I am very anti-Socialism, but I must admire the idiots in the Democratic Party who at least have the courage to fight for what they want. I firmly believe that you (all of you regardless of Party) are really of just of one mind. And you protect each other as you trot softly through the swampy waters with only your own personal interests as your priority. Everyone gets away with everything, and you fear nothing because you are well protected by and with your fellow members of our supposed Democratic government. You live behind gated communities, or you have security around your private homes and yourselves. Your bodyguards can carry guns to protect you, but the average American is not allowed the same protection for themselves. Perhaps you should consider that since the vote is so important to you, each person killed by a criminal or intruder is one less vote and one less taxpayer. (your loss). The average citizen protecting himself is only getting rid of those who do not pay taxes or vote. You appear to me to be the most anti-American among us. I only hope and pray that there will be a true America returned to the people. I probably won't live to see it, but I will do what I can with my pen as my sword to bring it about.

#####   I believe Dr. Fauci should be sent out to pasture. He is kept around to waffle and stutter and confuse the issue. It adds to the fear factor that no-one in Gov. or Science knows exactly what is with this god-awful virus!! The powers that be will not let him go as they are afraid he will expose them all. And he is enjoying his extremely high salary and all the attention. Just another example folks of the swamp 'numb-nuts' trolling around the neighborhood enjoying the power and control they have over the world, while we and our children shake in fear of what is happening! (whatever that is).
They keep hoping that we will tire and just except whatever they dish out.
Well, I say GET RID OF THE FEAR!!!!! We can handle whatever the World and it's idiots dish out. We have proven that through the many wars and skirmishes we have endured. Let's get it together and let them know what we are made of!!!!



A BRIEF THOUGHT I MUST SHARE WITH YOU TODAY          MAY 31, 2021       Jean F. Coulard

Newsmax TV/“Spicer & Co.”)
By Jack Gournell | Thursday, 27 May 2021 07:35 PM

….. “Valedictorian, Now Allowed to Reference God, Tells Newsmax: ‘I’m Really Pleased ‘…..” [ Elizabeth Turner - Michigan H.S. Valedictorian ]

#####   This headline really got my attention and I wish to share it with you. Perhaps Free Speech is not totally lost.
We see headlines referring to control of public speaking often at this time of year, but this one is definitely new and positive, brought about by bringing the courts into the argument. It is inexcusable and the direct Politicization of our Constitutional Free Speech laws. Laws that our Founders incorporated into the Constitution were not to be used by any Political party to advance the Party agenda.
We are not allowed to mention God or religion when speaking, but we can certainly be positive when talking about Anti-Semites, Anti-Trump, or Black Lives Matter. Really?? Is this according to law or according to the Left-leaning, Socialist-leaning, Liberal, and radical Democratic Party? I have previously called this “reverse racism,” and I fervently repeat it here. I believe I am in the majority when I say that this Country, the good old U.S.A., is not a systemic racist Society. And the majority of Americans DO NOT have bias feelings against Jews, Blacks, Christians, Muslims, Whites, or any so-called “minority.” (At this point, I must interject that I do not consider any group or faction to be in the minority by equality) That word in itself has a connotation I will not accept.
I have heard the term “systemic savagery,” and I am beginning to like that! It certainly describes the behavior of the BLM, the ANTI-ISRAEL, ANTI-CHRISTIANS, and ANTIFA!!! These groups appear to do what they please and get away with it. And in my opinion, they are definitely in the minority. So why fear them? Fight them instead with your intelligence, your voice, and common sense.
I am very much aware that President Obama, for his first eight or ten years, was educated in Kenya and introduced into the Muslim religion. But he should not have been allowed to force those principles on our Nation, which he has done. And I believe he is still doing it to this day! A book out a few years back addressed the “militarization” of our Local Police Forces. Since I have passed it on, the title alludes me, but I remember much about the book. First, I believed in it, but on further reading and seeing what has gone on in our Country today, I now subscribe to the belief that it may have been an instigation to bring a 'bad name' to the behavior of today against our Police. And this must be stopped. These are the men and women that are willing to put their lives on the line to protect us and our freedoms. They and their families deserve our utmost respect and support.
Let us all get on board and stop this radical change in our Society promoted by our institutes of education, our many corporations, and especially the Social Media sites attempting to control our very words. We are throwing away the masks, now let us, together, deny and fight off the radical attempts to change our way of life as a Constitutional Republic. Don’t give in to preserve your job; fight, and fight hard to keep the life you want your children to enjoy.
Do not allow your school districts to be controlled by a labor union. Do not allow radical positions forced on your children in the name of 'curriculum'. Know what your children are being taught. Find the same courage and fight that those who gave us this Constitutional Republic were able to muster to get us going, and get out from under the "King". We have great strength in numbers. Get together with your neighbors if you cannot do it alone. Find the strong among you who will speak up, and support them with all you have.
I suggest you do not believe the New York Times article referring to "1619" as the true History of our Nation. The article, in my opinion, was just the personal opinions of a Journalist by the name of Nicole Hannah Jones. Research her bio if you wish.
If you want the true History of the period I would highly recommend the writings of a true and professional Historian; that would be  Peter Wood. He has written a book titled 1620, and from my own personal recollection and knowelege from a serious family genealogy report, referring to a period prior to 1620, you will definitely find the factual information of that period. Actually it was quite interesting to read.
God bless and stay well.
Jean Coulard



Jean Coulard MAY 23, 2021

Today is a random thoughts day encouraged by my alter ego, “the curmudgeon”! Stay with me as I share some thoughts (some mine, some others).

###   MY BAD <><> Seeing a picture recently of Sens’ McCarthy and McConnell, I misinterpreted the headline and allowed my personal opinion of these two gentlemen to take over. (so much for truth in headlines). The commission they are against is one that Pelosi has brought forth to investigate the Jan. 6 event at the Capitol Building. She seems to care much more about ruining President Trump than considering the implications toward her party that such an investigation would uncover. Since there is already more than one investigation into this event, I look at this as just a ploy by another demented member of the Democratic Party for use at Election time.

###   THE VIEW <><>  It is my undocumented opinion that “THE VIEW” should be the #1 entertainment show on TV (for humor, of course). Do any of the participants realize how much harm they do to themselves and others? If they hope to gain, as individuals, a personal following or otherwise become a National “go-to” person for opinions, they should give it up. PS I do not watch, but I do research the comments of others about these ladies, and I pull it up if anything worthwhile comes to my ears. What a disservice they have done to the great Barbara Walters.

###   WHEN IS NEWS NOT NEWS <><> Everyone is getting in on the act! More and more, I experience the intriguing headlines that end up being an advertisement for bowel relief, kidney function, ED assistance, weight loss, and hair loss, etc., etc., etc. If you have these problems, GO TO YOUR DOCTOR, and leave my quest and appetite for essential and relevant information alone.

###   MAYOR LIGHTFOOT SHOULD BE LOOKING AT BLACK ON BLACK CRIME  <><>   “As @Chicago’s Mayor, Lightfoot reaches her two-year midway point in the office, her spokeswoman says the Mayor is only granting interviews to Black or Brown journalists. WOW!!! And she is being charged with what??? Nothing, of course. It’s alright for Liberal Black Democrats to be racist, I guess. After all, wasn’t Obama considered the most racist President to sit in the Oval Office? But then he is only half Black.
So where were his loyalties, his White Hawaiian side of his mother or his Black Muslim side of his father? His early education was in Kenya. I believe he was the instigator that set us up for all the nonsense we are going through today. Clinton had a small part in this, but Obama was the facilitator. And now he works sneakily and quietly in the background (Rice is the ‘go-between). Did you ever wonder where he went immediately after leaving the White House on Jan. 20, 2017? His wife did not accompany him! This information was posted in the Media and then abruptly taken down.

###    REPUBLICANS FACE CONSEQUENCES <><> I am getting more and more disappointed with the Republican Party. They do not stick together on many issues. Maybe these are today’s RINO’s. I may back away from any party and be an independent person. They are constantly asking for money. Of all people! They live a good life. (And you will not convince me that a portion of the donations does not end up in their pocket or used for personal expenses).  Many have more than one house. They enjoy several days of Holidays and break (???) periods; costs are covered for travel back and forth from their home state to DC; Taxi and Limo fees back and forth to the Capital; gas expenses for travel around DC. Should I continue? We all know many expenses can be hidden rather subtly.  Let us not forget the “climate change” people! They’re the ones that travel by private jet all the time. Pollution be damned, as long as they can travel comfortably; as John Kerry claims, it is necessary because his schedule is so crowded he needs a fast way around. Well, get rid of the person responsible for setting up the plan and reset the order. Remember when his wife insisted a Fire Hydrant be removed from in front of their home so friends could park there?  I never heard more about it, so I will conclude the situation was resolved. What would we do without the Left-Liberal Democrats to keep us entertained? They are indeed the epitome of Hypocrisy. Their past, present and predictable future would put organized crime to shame.

###    PAY ATTENTION TO THE BILLS <><> Senator Ted Cruz blew the whistle on Chuck Schumer’s plan to give illegal immigrants the right to vote. Cruz wrote in an op-ed on the Daily Caller, I quote “… ‘The Corrupt Politicians Act’ is intended to register illegal immigrants to vote, and the text of the monstrous bill reflects that ….” end quote. It provides that illegal immigrants will be automatically registered to vote. Do yourself a favor and research the contents of these bills. This effort may be an eye-opener and afford a new perspective on what is happening to our freedoms and liberties. Take charge of your life!

 ###  ACTOR SCOTT BAIO commented on “cancel culture” when he appeared on Newsmax TV recently and spoke with host Grant Stinchfield. “Common sense and brains have to come back into this country because of where we are,” ….. he further told Stinchfield, “We’ve got us a small minority of people who are “depressed and miserable and lonely, and they search and destroy successful people, and they bring them down. They tried it. They tried to cancel [Chris Rock]. And the media goes right along with it because they think that social media is news. And it’s not. It’s a bunch of people expressing their opinions, which is fine. Say whatever you want.” Baio decried the idea of cancel culture as an illusion from the real world. When Baio goes to his cigar store, there are “white guys, Black guys, Persian guys, Armenian guys, and Gay guys that come in there. Whatever. We all make fun of each other’s race and religion, and nobody gives a damn. I believe that’s the majority of the country.”

###    HAVANA SYNDROME!!??  Are you serious? Have any of these so-called experts put much time into their research examining this situation? Why does it take so long to develop a reasonable solution, or at least a few possibilities? Meanwhile, how many suffer from this phenomenon? My unsolicited opinion is brief and straightforward. Many years ago, we heard about cell phones and transformers (on utility poles) affecting our health. The event, where staff members at the American Embassy in Cuba were suddenly struck with a strange illness affecting cognitive ability, was a headliner at the time. But like everything else of importance, once the commission or investigating committee got started, we heard no more about it; until now, when it has found its way into the headlines once again, and theories abound.
I have lost close friends to Brain cancer, and they were all avid users of their cell phones and computers. I immediately think of the strong influence the latest technology entities have on our daily lives and how they control it. I refer to the large communication giants that have invaded our world with all the wonderful little toys. Perhaps they were instrumental in keeping quiet the effects on our health from cell phones.
I will close for now and return soon. Stay well and be happy. Throw away your mask and take back your life!
God Bless                               



Jean Coulard May 16, 17,and 18, 2021

A few random thoughts for a Sunday: After watching a video from a Newscaster in Australia, that I shared with most of you, I sit here with a blank brain, and yet I have so many words running through my head. Where do we begin when the forces of Evil band together with lies and manipulations, and a lack of common sense, as they talk down to the public as tho we are just plain stupid. But I am not surprised as that seems to be the attitude from many, but of course not most, graduates of Northeastern Universities who have had it drummed into their heads. The curriculum must have a ‘MAJOR’ in arrogance. My apologies to those down to Earth graduates that achieved a wholesome attitude and education. You are, of course, the majority of the Alumni.

##### President Biden:“..... Anyone collecting unemployment and has been offered a job must take the job or lose their unemployment benefits .....”. 
The President makes it sound like this was his declaration. Truth be known, this was a law on the books before the turn of the Century. Basically, the law said that anyone refusing a job for pretty much any reason would not receive unemployment benefits. Of course, there were conditions relating to the person’s ability and the position itself, but these were not what I would call stringent or demanding items.
The same law also stated that being fired from your job due to ‘drunkenness,’ constantly arriving late, too many days off, and various other acts of irresponsibility would cause loss of unemployment benefits. The world was challenging then, and it helped us all grow up tough-skinned, responsible, and confident. Weakling Liberals would never have survived had they not been pampered by the power-hungry Democratic Party that took advantage of their weaknesses just to gain their vote and support.

##### Political Patrol May 10, ‘21 Issue
Disney Tells Employees To “Pivot” From "A White-Dominated Culture"!
In documents obtained from a whistleblower, Walt Disney Co. is reportedly promoting the Critical Race Theory curriculum to their employees. It was related to Disney’s diversity and inclusion program, which tells employees that qualities such as “timeliness” and “comprehensiveness” help perpetuate a “white supremacy culture.” (I'm not sure I understand what they mean here).
It is unclear whether or not the program is mandatory or optional for all Disney employees. It would be tough to boycott Disney. How would you explain it to your children? At least be aware and pay attention to their movies and their advertisements. Don’t let them get away with manipulating your kids.

#####   Dr. Fauci: Why are we listening to this guy? Why are the Politicians hanging on his every word? I’ll tell you. He is promoting the virus for investments to acquire future favors for himself from Politicians, and maintain his current popularity; I understand this affords him financial blessings and ego-building, and spots on many News outlets. In return he bolsters up the fear that Washington wishes to use in promoting their Government “control” agenda. Fauci and the Liberal left:  COMRADES IN ARMS!!!!!!

#####  At a recent press conference, the following exchange took place:
Biden’s Secretary of Energy, Sen. Jennifer Granholm responded to a reporter’s question regarding the recent Colonial Pipeline Cyber-attack on a gas line and its effect on the DOE efforts to move more efficiently to accomplish 100% clean electricity.
Senator Granholms' response:
“Yeah, I mean, we obviously are ‘all in’ on making sure that we meet the President’s goals of getting to 100 percent clean electricity by 2035 and net-zero carbon emissions by 2050,” Granholm said. “And, you know, if you drive an electric car, this would not be affecting you, clearly.” (she must be an investor in the vehicle)
[The years 2035 and the 2050 are basically irrelevant since the "climate change" people claim the world will end within the next twelve (12) years.]
Has anyone worked up a cost-effective plan for total Electric Cars? How often and where can they be charged if on a long road trip? Can our Electric Grid handle the demand for charging? Has the original problem of serious and fatal injuries to Fire Fighters and responders been alleviated? What happens in a far-ranging power outage?????
Is this not typical of Washington? Get it out there first and fix the problems after. Be the first on the market and enjoy your name being synonymous to the product. Shades of Computer technology!!!!! Competition creates anxiety. Anxiety creates mistakes. Mistakes cost lives.
I am of the belief that all current swamp pipe lines converge at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Therein we will most likely find the cesspool/septic. Time to clean it out. And clean it out for good. We can not and should not wait for 2022 or by no means for 2024.
The Democrats and the Left Liberals found many ways to get rid of Pres. Trump. What is holding up the Republicans, Conservatives and others? Get with it guys. The evidence is there. Get it going. The only problem is that you must find a way to ensure the successor is good for the Country. There must be one among the seventeen (17) in the line, who would be a true Freedom-Loving American and put the people back in charge of the Country. Take the power away from the high-rolling donors' and the Lobbyists. Who gave the Lobbyists their own office space in the Capital anyway? That is definitely a NO-NO. Never should have happened.
Stay well; stay strong;
It works Sean. It really works. Get with the program.