Hi Folks ~ My name is Elmer; the newest member of this Blog family. I wanted to give a Canine view and opinion of my world. Sometimes I will write about my home, Thurman N.Y., and sometimes I will carry on about sharing this Planet with Humans. Bear with me!!!!!


Thursday Oct. 15, 2020

I just went for a walk with Mommy Jean. Boy it was nice. Life is different for me up here in the mountains. I'm used to lots of cars and people and noise. I do hear noise but it's not what I'm used to. I know it's critters in the woods but I don't worry cause I have one of my Mommy's with me, and my yard is fenced. Some nice people came and put something over the top to keep out the big birds; but I can still see the stars and the clouds.

Speaking of critters and big birds, I wonder what is going on with Thurman's Town Board. Yeah, I know about Town Boards. We had one where I was and I remember the Humans always talking about them. These guys up here, I don't even see. Why are they always hiding from everybody.

Where I was, I could go into the Town Hall (I think that's what they called the place) and see everybody. And the people were friendly too. I couldn't stay if it was one of them there things they called a 'meeting'. 

Mommy Barbara pointed out one of them "Town Critters" to me once; boy did she look mean!

We had to park at the end of the cars; in front of a big building and had to walk way back to the door. That was not fun for my little legs, or for Mommy Barbara either as she has to walk so slow. We had to see the lady that takes care of my license; she was real nice.

How can Humans live in such a beautiful place, and be so mean. Most of our neighbors and my Mommy's friends are really nice and fun; but boy that one we saw at that 'Hall' place didn't look like she was too happy.

We heard that some people will be allowed in the meetings. I thought it was so everybody could go. Man, those guys aren't nice at all. One of Mommy's friends was talking about them one day and she said a word I didn't know. Everybody laughed so I guess it was alright.

Every body keeps talking about nice trees, and then about the "snow" that sounds like it's not so nice. They opened a spot for me long side of where the cars are, to go out when it snows. Whatever that means. What happens to my yard? Does it go inside somewhere when it snows? I hope it comes back when the snow goes away!

Well, I got to go. It's nap time and I just helped Mommy Jean finish her lunch so I'm goin' to take a break. Was nice talking to ya, and I'll be back soon.


SUNDAY SEPT. 27, 2020

Just another rainy Sunday, but we'll deal with it. We certainly do need it. Especially if those "flat-landers" are up here (with their outdoor fires) to get away from the city crowds and that nasty virus. I don't know if I can catch that son-of-a-gun yet, but I'll be careful and not pass it on to you if I do.

I have just two questions for our Supervisor and Town Board: 

1) when the devil are you going to let us back in?? You have no right to lock all of us out just because you think it's not fair to only let ten in per Mr. Cuomo.That's ridiculous! First come first served has always been the rule. Any civilized idiot knows that. So stop hiding behind closed doors. Where's the transparency?

And oh yeah, I heard about that private telephone conference thingy! You think this Town is dumb??

2) when are you putting at least two (2) handicapped parking spaces in front? You know we have many elderly living in Thurman. And don't tell me there's a handicap entrance in the back. It's a long walk back there, and if you make that you will see that the ramp is even difficult for a healthy young person.

So let's get with it. Our Town Board is there to serve ALL!! 

Elmer (aka me)