By Jean Coulard

April 8, 2021

First and foremost I hope all had a very Happy Easter weekend. As a proud Christian this weekend was a very special time for me. While I do not physically attend services on a regular basis, my heart and sole are very much "tuned in". My first eight (8) years of education were in the Parochial school of my Parish, and I was taught by Nuns. 

My final paragraph (comment) of this writing may annoy or agitate some folks; ask me if I care!!

###  When I see what is going on throughout this Country with regards to schooling our little ones, my blood just absolutely boils. Most of my friends throughout my life were teachers; and when the unions began to infiltrate the education departments, I spoke vehemently against it. Having had experience with unions in my business environments, I was well aware of their agenda. A friend and neighbor that owned a small trucking company lost everything as his employees opted to go 'union'. He tried to tell them it would put him out of business, and it did.

###  Trump has written, in a Save America PAC statement Saturday, 4/3/21, "... For years the Radical Left Democrats have played dirty by boycotting products when anything from that company is done or stated in any way that offends them," ... .  "Now they are going big time with the WOKE CANCEL CULTURE and our sacred elections.".....

Trump calls for boycotts of some of the largest brands in U.S. culture — Coke, Delta Airlines, and UPS.  "... It is finally time for Republicans and Conservatives to fight back— we have more people than they do — by far! " Trump's statement continued. "... Boycott Major League Baseball, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, JPMorgan Chase, Viacom, CBS, Citigroup, Cisco, UPS and Merck. Don't go back to their products until they relent. We can play a better game than them."

The companies are some of those who opposed Georgia's passing election laws, which included mandating voter I.D. for requesting a mail-in ballot; and some have opted to go along with the misinformed in our Country complaining of racial and minority inequality's.

" ..... They (those that passed voting laws) didn't even get approval of our State Legislatures, which is mandated under the U.S. Constitution," Trump's statement continued. "They rigged and stole our 2020 Presidential Election, which we won by a landslide, and then, on top of that, boycott and scare companies into submission...."

"Never submit, never give up! The Radical Left will destroy our Country if we let them....."

"We will not become a Socialist Nation. Happy Easter! ....."

###  I have previously stated my approval of using the boycott process. It is the best weapon to use in a Capitalistic Nation such as ours. I'm sure most of you are aware of the Millionaires and Billionaires that are trying to control us. In my opinion these folks have taken advantage of our system for their own personal agenda. Furthermore they simply don't want any of the middle class or minority communities to improve their lives. 'God forbid' that some of us deplorable people might get on their social level. Do they  honestly believe that the size of their bank balance and overall wealth makes them a better person? In most cases I feel that the 'wads' in their pockets have weighed them down to the level of crawling insects.

###  The Washington Post:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was the first Republican to speak out against vaccine passports and declared that he would ban them through executive order.

On Fox & Friends, Tucker Carlson applauded DeSantis for opposing this scheme, but Carlson wondered why the elected Republicans in Congress sat silent. He asked "..... Why is it left to the Governor of Florida to say that?” Carlson stated further... “.. Aren’t there 50 Republicans in the Senate? Why aren’t they standing in a line with Mitch McConnell in the center saying ‘No, we’re not doing this, I’m sorry, you’re not allowed.’”

Tucker also brought up, on last nights program (4/7/21,) an interesting question that goes back to "Affirmative Action" laws in the '70's: Flying in an airplane can be a nerve wrecking scenario, especially for those with somewhat of a fear of flying. He questioned....... "would you prefer a pilot who was hired for the color of his/her skin, their gender or ethnic background?.......or would you rather he/she was chosen for their ability as a Pilot??....."??

###  I was so glad to see those words from DeSantis, and the follow-up by Carlson. It's about time some-one with a public voice got on the backs of our Representatives about allowing this current administration to push Socialism on us, and taking away our Constitutional Republic Freedoms and Liberties. I was especially upset when the Minority  Leader in the House did not answer questions when a guest on a previous Justice with Judge Pirro. He just kept 'babbling' political nonsense without being open and honest. Makes one wonder if there was any real difference between the Political Parties other than their names.

Also good to see other Governors and leaders starting to step up against this radical administration. The Governor of Alaska telling Biden what to do with his masks; Senator Rand Paul also giving a great deal of backlash on the sitting Government's actions and policies'. And would you believe Senator Collins from Maine is also getting a "set" by speaking against the latest inclusion in HR 8, referring to the item where even private sales of guns need to have a background check?

###   I have also noticed that in a few of the "swing-states" some Federal Judges and Governors are looking into recent voting protocols and fraud complaints in the 2020 Election. I hope it's not too little, too late. At the same time I would like to see an in-depth look at the Supreme Court. In particular Chief Justice Roberts. His comments and previous decisions have left questions in my mind. I am not at all concerned about his own personal political leanings, but it appears to  me that he has definitely made some opinions and decisions that strongly oppose our Constitution.

###   And finally I have to weigh in on one Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors basketball team wherein he indicates he "..... is tired of hearing female athletes complaining about pay equality.... ".

Really Mr. Green??? Well, I am tired of all the Male Black athletes complaining about everything EXCEPT their pay and perks. I am tired of all athletes who insert politics into their professional agenda. Americans have always given professional sports their due fan support. They have rarely complained of the costs of attending your games, which increases to accommodate your demand for higher pay and contractual items. Sports have always been a special love connection with the American people. But you my friend, and your fellow high paid members of professional sports have spoiled a life-long enjoyment by our Country. You spoiled it;  you have taken away from our children a venue that had much more than just fun and enjoyment. Sports have always been a lesson in team-work, sportsmanship and achievement, in practicing good health regimens and hygiene. Now you are teaching our young to bitch and complain if their own personal agenda is not met. They have learned from you and yours the art of self appeasement. You have made them a most selfish generation.  THANK YOU FOR NOTHING. GO PLAY WITH YOUR BALLS!!!!!!


<> <> <> <> <> <><> <><><>

The first headline I opened up to today!!!: [from a News publication]

".....Please Do This Before Bed, Pee Out Stubborn Fat In The Morning....."

Well, gosh, aren't you happy you opened this up? Is this all our unworthy Journalist's have to write about in the news arena???

I didn't read any further on this and went on with my own private thoughts. 

##  How and why is it that restaurants and bars can be open as long as they observe a curfew; why are some restaurants, depending on their location (better part of Town - - and their class of clientele), allowed to be open at all; why is it the sports teams (local and professional) are allowed to compete with each other in spite of the close-quarter locker rooms where sweat and hugs prevail, and privately owned exercise gyms kept closed at the risk of jail and fines????? And the School classrooms (that have been proven a safe haven) must be kept closed???

We all know the answers to these questions; and yet some of my friends and family continue to speak up for the Biden/Harris administration. That brings forth my most intriguing question -- WHY???? Why do we see the intelligent, common sense folks that have reaped the advantages of the good life they have known continue to support those who would oppress us, control our very lives, and put us in danger of more wars and killing of our young men and women? WHY DO WE ALLOW THE SOCIALISTS TO WALK ALL OVER US???  WE KNOW THE ELECTION FRAUD WAS REAL!!! WE KNOW THE CURRENT ADMINISTRATION IS CRIMINAL AND DICTATORIAL AND OPPRESSIVE!!!  So somebody, please, answer my questions. Maybe the most important one is..... WHY DO WE LEAVE THE ANSWER TO SOMEBODY OR NOBODY?????

##  Have you noticed how everyone is pushing everyone else's head under the water to buoy up their own? I don't have a lot of respect or confidence in Gov. Cuomo, however, but I do feel bad for those that will go down with him. He is just another pawn for the evil Democrats to buoy their own personal position. Didn't know they ate their own??? Well get used to it. There will be more "scapegoats" to be buried.

Pardon me while I interrupt my fractured flow of thoughts, but I just took a break to watch "THE FIVE"; a show I have enjoyed for the past five or six years. However, I think I have had enough. Juan Williams puts me over the edge with his constant race comments, his inability to say, or comment on anything without manipulating the conversation to blame President Trump for all the problems in the world. I do not say this because I am a Trump supporter. I am just very, very tired of all the race talk in the world today and all the out of context political hypocrisy and lies.

I am not a prejudice person. There are Blacks I like and respect, and there are Blacks I cannot stand. There are Whites I like and respect, and there are Whites I cannot stand. I feel the same toward Asians, Hispanics, Japanese, North Koreans, Russians etc. etc. etc.! We were never as racist as we are today; or I should say not until Barack Obama came on the scene.

We were not doing so bad prior to him and Hillary Clinton. We were making progress. Perhaps not as fast as many wanted but it was progress in the right direction. 

I am a firm believer that George Soros took it upon himself and his "lackeys" that the United States need to turn a corner. Time to do some serious research folks. Soros was the most prominent player in the game of "One World Order" and he put his Billions and his world influence behind it.



THURNANITES. Elmer has something important to say to you. Please check him out before you look through my meanderings that follow.

I decided to cancel my Norton Virus Protection program, which I did today. I have tried them several times previously, each time hoping they had improved. They are supposed to be very good. 

Their big mistake this time was asking to fill out a survey, which I did; part of which they asked for a reason for cancelling, so I left a reason:

Note to Norton:

" .. As I said at the beginning; instructions are too, too involved and cumbersome! Simple is better. You reinforce my opinion that many of our youth have not been taught common sense, reasoning power, and the past. Learning the past teaches one how to improve on someone else's mistakes. You have been too quick to earn profits and therefore you have lost the ability to understand the theory of volume over instant profit. Volume creates longevity, while instant profit only speaks for today. Today will soon be yesterday and lost to the winds forever. Your 'higher' learning institute was a waste of time and money. It should not have been spent on Politics. You learned nothing of life..."

For the past three weeks I have been dedicated to becoming acquainted with a Laptop. My first real endeavor into the world of modern technology. Well, it has been a trip from Hell if you will pardon my language. Speaking of language, I had to learn a whole new set of linguistics. I call it Nerd-speak. I still have not mastered it, and probably never will.

You see, I have come to the conclusion that our younger generation has learned exactly how to master two things in life; those being the words "off" and "on". God bless 'em! ! ! 

Pushing buttons was unheard of for the necessities of life. We had to learn and accept to stick our fingers in a hole on the phone face and spin the dial. Flipping a switch up or down to regain our electricity (breakers) was a miracle compared to the screwing in and out of  the fuses to replace them. And using coal or wood for heat was the best darn warmth on a cold windy day. It just seemed foolish to depend on silly looking fans stretching up to the Heavens and totally destroying the beauty of Nature.

We only knew how to read and research, use trial and error, ask someone who really knows, and then try, try, and try again until we get it right. Faith and perseverance paid off, did it not? Faith in ourselves and our way of life.

Well now someone, or should I say some faction, group, or political party is trying to change the way we live in the good ole U.S.A.

During these past two or three weeks I have been jotting notes and comments while trying to get accustomed to the new Laptop and its'  language. As a consequence you are receiving random notes and writings that, while not encompassing a smooth flow of words and thought, will at least continue to inform and remind you of just what has transpired over these last several months and what lies ahead. I am not attempting to be all-knowing and assume you are not aware of what is really happening. I speak to those of you who have stopped reading and listening to current occurrences. And I don't blame you. It has become more like an old "Three Stooges", or maybe an "Abbott & Costello" scene. Myself I think of "George Burns & Gracie Allen" when hearing the idiots we have in D.C.

What does SCOTUS mean to you? To me it means Supreme Carrot-heads of the United States. And I refer to the pointed end of the carrot.

I think maybe we should take serious action pertaining to the "Political" influence that is weighing on this respected (?) group of Attorneys, and let's include the Attorneys that encompass our Legislative Department.

So much of the elected, appointed and hired employees of our Government seem to be Attorneys, and most all from Yale and Harvard among other elite-infested halls of learning.

This is where we should aim our sights in cleaning out the swamp. Donald Trump, as a Businessman was considered an "outsider"! That, to me, infers that only Attorneys and other other alumni of Harvard, Yale et al, are allowed to serve in Government. We are all aware of the exaggerated ego that is present as they "..look down their collective noses at the rest of us..".

A previous acquaintance that happened to be an Eli from Yale, had her nose so high in the air, every time she "sniffed" it pulled her feet up into her mouth.



Jan. 24, 2021 Jean Coulard

Sometimes I wonder!!! Today it feels like we are being removed from reality and transitioned to a different time.

For the past ten to twelve years, all we have heard from Washington D.C. is constant complaining from every Political Party. Everyone seems to be telling us that everyone else is hypocritical, lying, lawless, and attempting to circumvent our Constitution. But the truth of the matter, in my opinion, is they are all doing everything they accuse others of doing! Nothing but words; no indictments or prosecutions, and many are allowed to stay in office and continue their affluent life. So, where does that leave us, the self-governing people?

[If you know your ‘Patriotic’ Community Organizer, please pass this on]

I suggest this: A SILENT PROTEST; no signs, no Political indications, no names. Just carry an American Flag and walk silently. Set out a route that brings the march past the City, Town, or Village offices where your public officials sit; call your local TV station or a prominent Newspaper, and let them know the plan. If any dissidents attempt to infiltrate and change your message, turn the other cheek and walk away. NO VIOLENCE or verbal exchanges! Just lots of patriotic people carrying the flag. Sometimes ‘dead silence’ is more productive than a marching band.

We must remind our Representatives that they work for us. Our taxes and our votes give them a relatively affluent,  convenient, and comfortable life. Many of these graduates from Yale, Harvard, Wellesley, and others seem to feel they are the Elite of our Society and deserve our admiration and submissiveness. Perhaps they should research and find out who carries this Country and who has the highest population count.

It is time we insist that they do not allow their political affiliation to control their enacting of our laws, nor do they allow their high donors to own them or control their votes in the legislative process.

The United States of America is our Country, and we govern ourselves! We allow no-one to control our land, our resources, nor our way of life!


 Jean    1/24/21

OPINION NEWSLETTER     SUN. JAN. 17, 2021     Jean Coulard

~  ~  ~  ~  ~



Ronald Reagan “………. The American dream is not that every man must be level with every other man. The American dream is that every man must be free to become whatever God intends he should become ……….”. End of quote.

Intense thought and very profound if you give it time to sink in. My interpretation is that God gave us the tools to reach what level we can, the freedom to pursue our dreams, and the liberty to make a choice.

In my opinion I believe it is meant for each to become all he/she can be. The United States Military has said it so eloquently, has it not?

Our Constitution has served us well, guiding us through the many years we have endured hardships and growing pains. We should use it as our Founders intended. No one person, group, or faction should dare to manipulate the words of this, the very document that encourages us to continue our battle with Evil while embracing and experiencing a free and productive life.     

Equality, I believe, does not refer to the physical or material aspects of life. I believe in the Constitution where-in the Founders are specifically referring to the pursuit of rights, freedoms and liberties. Sharing our good fortune with others is a choice determined by the free will given by our Creator. It is not a law or mandate to be enacted or demanded by a Society, and no Society should dare to have such control over individuals as to compel such an override to our freedom of choice.

And now, since so many of us blindly believed the atrocious and evil lies of our once-respected Media, we are embarking on a journey that may possibly revert Humanity to the era’s of violence and control as experienced in Medieval times? 

Such behavior tends  one to shudder at the possible lives of our children and grandchildren in the not-too-distant future. Has the Media controlled and absorbed our Politicians, or have the Politicians controlled our Media?

It is time, my fellow-Americans, or is it past time? Perhaps, but not too late to right the wrongs that have been thrust upon us by those we were able to trust in the past??

We must adamantly remind those we have elected to represent us in Government, that we have put them in as individuals, to respond and speak for the people, not for any political party. We DID NOT elect a Party. Once they walk through those doors of the hallowed chambers of Government, they MUST leave any Party affiliation outside said doors.

As representatives of the people, they owe NOTHING to the party or donors that helped get them there, except to keep promises made to the people. The objective was to get there to speak for and represent your Constituents from your home State.               

We must, as a Nation, as a people, insist on Term limits. We must also insist on residency requirements to represent a particular district and State. We must insist on residency requirements also for any election voting right. This is how we must control our choices for representation. This is how WE THE PEOPLE maintain our right to govern ourselves.

Our leadership was chosen and elected by the people and within our system. At this point in time we have had this leadership taken from us by fraudulent people whose sole purpose has been to exercise control and authority over the people of this great Nation. 

We must take control away from the soon-to-be-new leadership and their cohorts in the Media; I don’t advocate physical violence in this Nation as we have too many UN-imaginable vicious weapons. Since our voices instigate protests that can be infiltrated through lies and physical appearances (hats & clothing), let us take away their voice.

Once again I suggest you use your unspoken voice. The Media depends on their viewing numbers to draw support from advertisers. The advertisers depend on the exposure they get from this support . Do you not get the connection here??? Don’t watch the shows. Don’t use “Social Media” and don’t subscribe to written publications that support only one view or side. Try to chose those who give all sides to an article of a news report. Try to find the time to research of what you hear and see. Use your phone and your mail to communicate with friends and family. Get out of your quarantine, get to work, get your kids back in school. LET US LIVE AGAIN!!!!! And maybe then, yes maybe, we can enjoy life and all it gives us. We have cowered like a bunch of scared puppies and kittens. We are cowering like a wretched soul in the Forest that has been weakened and submissive. That has not happened. Don’t support your enemy!!!!!



THURS. DEC. 31, 2020 THROUGH WED. JAN.6, 2021



As you can see I started this a few days previous; I have been adding a little each day as my thoughts swirl through my mind. This coming week should answer all questions about the future of our great Nation and point the way to what we all hope will be a continuation of our Constitutional Republic.

In the interest of a stress-free state of mind and the constant anger experienced through frustration and unbelieving, I have tried and tried to avoid comments on our Political scene. But I find it impossible to avoid responding to such World-changing public events and stupidity.

To the cowards in our Nation who follow party lines in voting, and not use their courage to follow their own mind, I give my heartfelt sorrow for the future you have chosen for your children and grandchildren. I am quite aware that I will not be here long enough to see or experience the havoc that is forthcoming. And for that I think I may be grateful.

I hope you will see, before it is too late, that you have been indoctrinated through your education, through your social media and/or your need to have all the latest tech stuff before you, or even the manufacturers, know it's vast possibilities. However, if the past five or six years have not opened your eyes at all, then I seriously doubt that a change for the better will be forthcoming.

Donald Trump is not the most dangerous man to sit in the Oval Office. He, of course, has been the most dangerous to the Democratic Socialistic group; but he has been a tremendous forward looking President, and a true America First Patriot. If you have closed your eyes to these truth's, then you, my friend, are in for a horrendous future.

You have believed the lies of the Democratic Socialist; you have not realized their true agenda in these past 5 years. You have not seen the destruction to our Democracy caused by those they support. You have not seen the truth or World destruction when a Pandemic crisis was not allowed to go to waste. Have you not seen the Biden - China connection? Do you not see the true Kamala Harris persona? 

Perhaps you should have followed other than the ABC, NBC, CBS or CNN reporters. You should have done your homework and researched their claims.

That is all behind us now. When you see the truth of what you have put into the White House, I wish I could be a little mouse in the corner. Those of you who thought Trump was going to start WWIII, have seen the near end of sending our youth to foreign countries to fight for what? All of this, I believe, was to put money in the coffers of the private contractors, the manufacturers of war machines and supplies, and oh yes, some of our very own Military.

I believe that nothing will be better than what we were given by our Forefathers. We have used and abused a wonderful system by allowing those who have succumbed to the need for power and control to have their way without question.

Was it not the process of question and debate that gave man the freedoms and liberties that we have enjoyed this many millennium; and not the tyrannical dictatorial process being forced upon us today that has destroyed so many other Nations and governments?

I grieve for the future of this great Nation. I will continue to ignore the nasty and grotesque responses from those who call themselves "anti-Trumpers"! This is not a contest between two Human Males. This is a war between right and wrong; between good and evil. Political parties have been named only to give those without courage something to "hang their hats on".

We have those within our Government that are fighting valiantly to save our Constitutional Republic; who are proud to put their sense of freedom and justice above those who seek power and control to satisfy their Narcissistic needs.      

We still have those among us that would prefer to take away the freedoms and liberties gained over the years for women and people of color. Their underhanded tactics of lies and hypocrisy have served them well. And the sense of fairness and honesty, practiced by those that oppose them, may not be the answer. The "bully" in the playground will prevail as he speaks louder, longer and more fiercely. There are those among us that cower in fear of such a monster. We may feel futility in fighting this over-bearing monstrosity. 

We can not get lost in the smoke and fog of words and flailing arms. We must find our inner selves that fought so hard during our own Revolution so many years ago, and during the World Wars where others attempted to take over our land so rich in natural resources,  and the new found life of freedom and happiness.

We have not, and can not, be overtaken by bullying; the methods used in recent decades of infiltration into the learning process of our youth, the constant and systematically recurring attempts at indoctrination used so emphatically through the 'higher learning' institutions within our Universities; and the use of modern technology to peer into our inner selves and control thoughts and emotions. 

The time is nearing when we must rely on our own common sense. Do not take verbatim the thoughts and words of the everyday investigative reporter; or the reporters that call themselves Journalists. They are the very core of the evil that now pervades our Government. Their influence over the Representatives in Congress has evolved to a point of absolute unquestioned acceptance. They have made their presence and their opinion that of an obligation of righteousness for the good of man against the evils of money and power. And yet they use their own money and power to overcome the rights and freedoms that have allowed them to gain the money and power that motivates them. It is a vicious circle they have created, wherein they themselves are spinning out of control. They are the very monster they preach against!!!

Today I wait for the results of the actions that will take place in our Congress. However, considering the many years of criminal activity of the "so-called" Democratic Party, the hypocrisy, the lies, the "bodies left behind", including those of other Party members and their associates, the many innocent supporters whose convenience has been used up, and of course the very fact that they have gotten away with all this criminality, I expect nothing more than what lies ahead.

I owe you my reasoning for the conclusions I reach today. And that is very simply that I cannot believe that so many true American people prefer the controlling Socialism that prevails within the possible Biden/Harris administration. Biden has shown to be a man whose dementia would be dangerous for our Nation, to say the least. How and why has this mental state of mind disappeared so quickly? Was it just another phony lie that has permeated his life? Or is he on a regimen of one of those mind boosting pills that have flooded the market? And his running mate, who is described as a woman of "heels up", and one that has used her body and her connections to arrive where she is today; has trampled on the rights of people of color, on the rights of other women, and on anyone else that has dared to interrupt her journey to the seat of the ultimate position of power.

My conclusions:     Mr. Biden, I believe, is an absolute idiot that will do and say whatever he is told, to achieve what ever in the world it is, that he wants. Mrs. Harris, I believe, is a woman who will follow the leader to the ultimate position on whatever path is demanded of her.

Most, if not all Politicians, will do whatever is necessary to attain the power and control they seek. Yes, they all start out on the righteous path to achieve the good life for all. But sooner or later, they will be sucked into the thoughts and ideals of those who have spent much of their life in the Government, and care only about the future of power and authority that is put in front of them.

This is a good reason for term limits. But term limits will never be put in place by anyone anytime soon in our Congress. You might as well stuff their mouth with cotton, and cut off the "family jewels".

Time for a new modern Revolution. Use whatever you have before it is taken away. You do, after all, possess the one thing that a Democratic Socialist fears. Time to use it. NOW!!! I am talking about, not tonight, not tomorrow, not after a time-consuming discussion that takes our bureaucrats a month to get a 1/2 days talk finished.

NOW! ladies and gentlemen, when the time is here. Let your children finally see what you are made of. Let them see the courage and fortitude of generations that knew how to fight for their children. Of a people that cared about their freedom and liberty, and that of their children and grandchildren. Neighbor to neighbor, shoulder to shoulder, Black and White, Muslim, Christian and Jew; it is time to use our diversity to fight with a resolve of a people seeking truth, freedoms, liberties, and the right to gather in Religious ceremony.

Our only alternative will be to pitch a tent in the Mountains of New York, Mass., Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Penn. and all the others that did so without the comfort of heat or air conditioning, trucks and vehicles to traverse the many geographic obstacles and the Northern winters.  It is up to WE THE PEOPLE to preserve, protect and defend our way of life. We no longer can depend on our representatives in Government. We must now fight for ourselves as our Ancestors did.

Jean Coulard   JAN. 7, 2021 2:24 PM



Thurs. Nov. 12, 2020


The following two comments will be my last for some time pertaining to the political chaos and nonsense we are seeing every day. It has become entirely too aggravating and stressful to follow these idiots, especially the Media.

After these last two entries I will be starting my Newsletter. I expect to send it out by tomorrow. It will be going as an Email Newsletter, so if I do not have your email please send it to me via a reply to:

I will keep the Blog open for a while as if things ever calm down maybe we can get back into it.

###   It is impossible for any sane-thinking person to actually believe anything from the Media or the Liberal left-leaning members of the Democratic Party. Both entities have lied to us for so long it is not worthy of intelligent people to believe anything either one vocalizes.

###   About the election; over 70% of voting Citizens believe there is serious cheating by the Democratic Party. After all, why should  we accept their word when their own criminal, back stabbing actions to derail the Trump administration have gone on for so long and been proven by so many investigations? What really bothers me is that the Republicans are so afraid of their own skeletons in the closet, that they do not take any steps to put these unlawful folks behind bars.



Jean Coulard

MON. 11/9/2020

To the best of my knowledge I have never been accused of being a 'sore loser', nor do I ever recall feeling that way, even when the Umpires have done a bad job. And we all know that happens.

What I am feeling at this moment in time, is a great disappointment. And my words here should affirm my emotions strongly.

I am disappointed that we, a Nation that can send men and women to distant Planets, make weapons of war that rival all the science fiction movies, solve the causes and cures of man's oldest diseases; but haven't conquered a simple method of a foolproof voting system. Maybe our great leaders don't want to. 

It is not fair, nor is it legal and authorized, for the media to declare a winner. Such arrogance is disgusting as well as unforgivable. After watching the celebration last night all I could think of was the feelings of those celebrating something that has not been authorized, and then having it revoked. Yes I refer to the sadness, but more so to the violent reaction that may, or could, happen.

The smiles and shouts were exhilarating, even if it wasn't for my choice. One could not help but enjoy the happiness displayed.

FOX News seems to be upset about the response of losing some fans. Bret Baeir spoke in a rather angry tone defending the Network. He referred to their having done this for many years.

SORRY Bret, just because you have been doing it, doesn't make it authorized or right. Perhaps this is just another notice to the American people, who basically govern themselves, that our Media has strongly attempted to control us. I believe they feel this power as they know so many weak-minded people take their word as "gospel".

Since many networks have called VP Biden as the winner, which he is not officially, the several reporters on major networks refer to him as "President-elect" Biden. And some even refer to him as "President Biden". 

I do not speak these words as a Trump supporter. I have been upset with the Media for several years now; and I see the jubilation in last nights celebrations, and the manipulation and blatant lying by reporters over these many years, and I am concerned with the possible violent results of the election being overturned. 

There are those that do not agree with boycotting; but I am very much in favor of it. After all, we are a Republic under the system of Capitalism, and a Capitalism society favors earnings and success. Therefore, if we 'hit them' in their wallets, it will get their attention and hopefully let them know they do not control us.  

We have to be strong and not allow ourselves to be influenced by others. We must stand tall and stand strong; we must be true to ourselves and to our Democracy. We must stop being so selfish and arrogant!!!!!

Think of all citizens, not just yourself. Sometimes the truth must prevail, as should what is good for the many, whether we like it or not.

God Bless. We have turned our back on him; and though vengeance is Gods', let us hope we do not experience it!!!




Jean Coulard

Friday  11/06/2020

If you don't have a sensible question, then don't expect an answer. If your question is sensible, don't expect a sensible answer. Nothing seems to make sense anymore, does it?  Our leaders are creating such chaos that it is hard to accept any question, let alone an answer.

Perhaps we should all just step back, leave the world today, and go back in thought as it was in the early 1960's.

We all know we can't go back in time, physically that is; but mentally would be a good idea to maybe help us remember our History, and do whatever we can to keep the current batch of Liberal Socialistic Democrats from taking over our Government illegally. Perhaps we are being too Politically Correct. We lose to these people by being nice and following our Constitution, while they are certainly not being nice, as they blatantly ignore the Constitution. Isn't it ironic this should be taking place in the very State that houses much of our History pertaining to our Founders and our Constitution?

If I were more physically able I would be right out there taking part in whatever there may be to stop this travesty. I can only spread the word or attend meetings to discuss our options.

Where is the fortitude, the strength, the resolve that fostered our break from the tyrannical kings and other would-be world leaders of the past? The Civil war of the 1700's was fierce and bloody. Every war we have fought for our Freedom has been fierce and bloody, but certainly worth the battle considering what we gained; we have our Freedom's and Liberties along with the Constitutional Republic that we have enjoyed these past several Centuries. Is it not worth whatever it takes to retain this that we have enjoyed; to maintain it for the future as it was won  and maintained for us?

Look what our Government has done for the Veterans of all these past wars; those who have lost so much; and the families who have lost loved ones; we put aside time each year to remember and honor these brave souls. Are we letting all that go for naught? Are we just going to cower in the corner and let these vile criminal people, those that hide in the Democratic Party to conceal their true identity, take over our cherished land?

Do not let the weakness of the Democratic Party prevail. We must fight as we have for other lesser Nations. We must do whatever we must to win again our freedoms' and liberties. 

We must first realize this is not the Democratic Party itself we are fighting. It is those among them who have proven themselves to be criminal, to be lying, back-stabbing, two-faced thieves that will stop at nothing, hurt whoever and steal what is necessary to achieve the power and control they desperately need to satisfy their ego-maniacal personalities.

Perhaps a trip through the Northeast United States to see and realize the many remembrances of that god-forsaken battle; the landscape, the winter climate, the terrains that had to be traversed in fighting off those who would control us. The Beautiful mountains, lakes and scenery that are bloodstained with the memories of those that fought that unforgiving era of our History.

The very truths' of that horrible war have been erased from our History by the very enemies we face today. They are taking the memories of the hardships and the valor that we so dearly hold within our hearts, and forever remember with sincere gratitude.

Our young today have no idea of that time in our Nation's past that has given us the life we enjoy today.

And for those who hate Donald Trump because he took away the perks of the life they enjoyed, while he exposed their criminal actions, and in so doing gave back to many within our Society the life that we should all enjoy, put your personal feelings aside. See and realize the good he has done for us and many of the minorities. He has fought hard for us; he has endured unending backstabbing! He has stopped the Political wars that have taken the lives of so many of our young men and women. Our economy is increasing so that we may all enjoy a good life. It is up to us to fight for him. Do not let him and our future go down the drain with heartbreaking memories. Fight for him as he has fought hard for us. 

"Hollywood" calls him the 'anti-Christ'. Maybe they have it backwards. If he  were the 'anti-Christ' would he not go along with the attempts to take away our Religious freedom, our freedom of speech, and our weapons of enjoyable sports (but mostly that we may use to fight them off)?

Use your free will and your freedom of thought!!! Do whatever you can to realize the truth, and do whatever you can to maintain our Constitutional Republic.




Jean Coulard

 SUN. Nov. 1, 2020

 ##  Steve Benen, an MSNBC contributor, has posted an article via Liberty Horn, commenting on the controversial seating of Judge Barrett. If you have the opportunity to "Google" this piece please do yourself a favor and look it up. You will have a first-hand view of how ridiculous the words of the anti-Trump Media can be. 

##  Joe Biden, the former vice president and current Presidential candidate, said as President he would pass the Equality Act, which was passed by the House in 2019. If turned into law, the Equality Act would revise the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include sexual orientation and gender identity, setting up a clash with the US Constitution.

First and foremost let me remind you the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was highly touted as a Democratic Bill, and evidently Biden has no idea how the original voting came out. The Democrats of that short time ago did much to talk it up and lead the Electorate to believe it was their bill for the rights of all, and most especially the Black community. Publicly I have seen all that rhetoric; however, when the time to act came, the bill was not passed by votes from the Democrats; rather so it passed by the majority vote of the Republicans. The Democrats voted against it, being very much aware of the voter apathy and laziness to ignore the actual voting and actions of our Legislature!!!

##  The Democrats have depended on voter apathy for many years now and they have reaped the harvest. However, I believe the American voter is becoming more aware as the Democrats take credit for many things they did not do, and are being outed for the many lies. The Liberal Democrats have not backed up their words with their votes in Congress. 

Public Media, in their attempts to push forward the agenda of the Liberals, and hide that of the Conservative Republicans, have inadvertently used their own ways to unmask their illegitimate agenda.








Jean Coulard  ~   WED.  Oct. 28, 2020

## It's time to get down to some serious thinking. Dig deep into your hearts and bring back some good old memories; the prosperity and confidence and the good life we started to enjoy in the 40's and 50's. 

Now do some research and re-read the headlines and articles of the 60's and 70's and how it started to decline in the late 60's, and has been going downhill on that path since.

Reading all that with an open mind should give you a new view on today's ever-changing world. The many events that have evolved, especially within our Government and foreign policies, and how they have influenced our citizenry.

## Chuck Schumer's plan is clear if Democrats take over the Senate:

" ..... once we win the majority everything is on the table ..... "  Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-New York).

What does that include? 

  • Open borders 
  • Late-term abortion 
  • Free health care for illegal immigrants 
  • AND expanding the Supreme Court from 9 to 13 so they can fill it with liberals.

## My previous words about early voting have been backed up by Google of all places. They claim to be inundated with search questions on how to change a vote!!!!!

I don't like people who say "I told you so", so I won't say it now. Maybe you can make up for your "rush to judgement" by talking to friends and neighbors who plan to vote for Biden/Harris. The latest accusations are very true. Nobody is denying. Biden only says he didn't take money from any foreign Country; of course he didn't, Hunter did and then gave Daddy some "candy money" like Daddy used to give him. It appears this family is sucking the blood from us. He should not be allowed to serve one day if he wins, until this is settled. And our legislature can settle it quick for at least an indictment to avoid this group ever having a foot in the White House. We have noticed in the past how quick they can move when it suits their agenda or their personal matters.

## I still find it hard to believe that so many of our fellow Americans are voting for Biden in spite of his background and that of his V.P. choice. The only explanation I can believe is that the polls are just as downright dishonest as those two, or someone is expecting some skullduggery with the illegal voters.  Either way, let's get the word out there; Biden and his V.P. mate must not step foot into our precious Oval Office. It will be the end of our America. 

Our Government must find a way to stop this. If he does win, God help us, then Pelosi will have him impeached and we will then have Kamala Harris in there. That will definitely be the end of anything and everything. That woman is, obviously to me, the very epitome of  no good.

Stand together and stay strong.







Jean Coulard     

Thurs. Oct. 22, 2020

Of course you all knew where I was leaning, but quite honestly I did not make it a definite statement until the election came to be around the corner. And around the corner it is!

I am a 'born-and-raised' New Yorker, very close to N.Y.C.; worked and played there and on Long Island for over 60 years and as such I have read much about Donald Trump for many, many of those years. Even had family work at his alma-mater, the NYMA at Cornwall, N.Y. when he was a student.

Donald Trump's biggest problem is being an "outsider" in Washington, D.C. It's kinda like being the new kid on the block, only worse because the stakes are higher. This involves prestige, money,  connections and power!

Trump has had, and still possesses, all of the above. He also has compassion (didn't know that did you?). As a builder of skyscrapers in his home town, he also had connections at that time in D.C. and Internationally. He has been known to sit and have lunch with the everyday tradesmen at his job-sites quite often. (where do you think he got his language from?).
Yes he also married three times. Not unusual for a man as busy as he was. 

Nancy Pelosi has had four spouses so far. It must be difficult for a spouse, man or woman, to maintain a relationship and such a busy life when your social and personal dealings begin to merge.

But enough of that. We are in the season of choosing a new President. I hope we choose the right guy.

There were times, I must admit, I questioned my choice of Trump; remembering my vote was more against Hillary than for "the Donald". When I began to see all the nonsense coming from the Democrats and the positive actions from Trump, I became more confident in my choice.

I refer specifically to the words and actions of the anti-Trump folks, especially the accusation of collusion with Russia, and the Impeachment proceedings. And when the violence against the Trump supporters started, and the calls for verbal and physical attacks from the higher-ups in the Dem. Party, well, then is when I actually began my full public support of Trump.

Most of the comments and accusations toward Trump are factually false. Research can prove this; as was noted in the Mueller Investigation and the ridiculous Impeachment process. What an embarrassment to our Nation with these two situations. I believe when he began to talk of "the swamp" and the blatant corruption in our Government he was hitting a 'nerve' in many professional Politicians. They began to fear for their reputation and the financially lucrative life; and let us not forget the embarrassment to their families.

But all that is History now, or is it? Much is being brought forth in the campaign messages we see daily. And I do research more than I ever have. I, at one time, allowed others to research for me, but these words and actions I read today are so outlandish I cannot let them go by. I must see for myself the facts.

Donald Trump, as our President, has successfully attained more positive and necessary accomplishments in his four years in the Oval Office, than V.P. Biden has even come near in his forty seven (47) years in public office in Washington D.C., supposedly representing his neighbors.

The very differences between the two men should be a red flag to any voter that really cares about our Constitutional Republic. I understand there are many who simply follow their Party. It is simpler and more acceptable to put your trust in those you have already voted in office, then to research the many, many words and actions. 

We have very busy lives these days. Lives that I fear we will lose when and if Biden and Harris are seated in the White House. Make no mistake. I firmly believe they are not the duo to maintain our Freedoms, our Liberties, our comfortable and good life.

The radical Socialistic forces that have infiltrated our Government in Washington D.C. and even our State and Local officials, must be stopped in their tracks. They are openly threatening many of our rights and freedoms, and are trying to amend and change our Constitution. They have become somewhat successful by interpreting our Laws to fit their agenda. They have overtly affected our education system. This they threatened to do more than 50 years ago, and we arrogantly ignored their words.

For those of you who voted early, it is too late. You have successfully overturned the by-words of our Justice System: "..... innocent until proven guilty .....". Over the years we have seen last minute revelations that will and should effect our vote. A rush to judgement is never an efficient practice.

After this election, we must seriously examine our Justice System. I fear it has become a tool for the radicals that are attempting to convert our successful Republic, to achieve their selfish and tyrannical agenda.

My friends, neighbors and family, let us all work together and use these final hours to fight for our precious free and good life. Too many have given too much to maintain freedoms and liberties. Let not their suffering and loss be in vain.



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Jean Coulard     OCT. 20, 2020

I see the news about Trumps successful rallies, the thousands of people lining streets and attending the rally itself; I see the handful (if any) at Biden's events, and I am expected to believe Trump is the underdog, the guy lagging in the polls? I see the success Trump has had during his first term, I hear the words of Biden and Harris; and I am expected to believe the polls!!!!!???

For those of you that insist on voting early, I am puzzled that you do not consider that 'overnight' to the D.C. politicians is another entire 'month'. The bureaucracy in our Government is slower than a Turtle with two broken legs. And things can change in a "New York minute"!

We are all aware that the last minute/days, in an election year can reveal all the juicy stuff they can find. And that which they've been holding. And somehow they can verify it very quickly! They can move rather quickly when it benefits their Party. They are all alike folks. Each Party supports their own publicly, but behind the scenes they are good little "bedfellows".

We've got to use our own intelligence and common sense when choosing the next leader of the free World. And most importantly we should always keep in mind how the outcome will affect many of the smaller Nations that depend on us. We cannot think selfishly when voting. Our President is truly the leader of the Western World. Of course we must put America first, but when America is doing well, these other Nations will benefit.

I have never been a proponent of early voting, and never will be; of course sometimes it is a necessity, but why such a long period? Maybe in an emergency and with a shorter period; that, I believe, was the reason for absentee ballots. But that is just another benefit exploited by those in our beloved Government to push forward their individual agendas.

Time to get real folks. The only issues in this election is freedoms and liberties as put forth in the Constitution. This is not the time to get creative; keep it up to date and keep it sensible.

Please vote for the person, not for the Party. You can tell the difference, and I have confidence in my fellow voters.

From the President to the street cleaner, vote for the person!!!!!!





SATURDAY OCT. 17, 2020

May I interrupt this beautiful sunny day and ask you to help out. We are conducting an important survey today and need your cooperation.

Would you respond with a quick email ( and simply answer a quick question? Just type in your city and/or State, and approximately how often you check in on our Blog. No need for a name.

Thanks so much. This is important.






Jean Coulard     Oct. 14, 2020

     Today is complaining day. Feel free to share your own.

## Who is wrong about the impending fraud with 'mail-in' ballots?                                    

Democrats, because that is what they are counting on for a path to the Oval Office. In my opinion they are mad about "Trumps Billionaires" who caught "Clintons Billionaires" red handed in 2016 and were able to stop their attempts to fix any tallies of votes.

Now my honest opinion about all this skullduggery is that Trump and his guys do not want America turned over to the control of the World's Billionaires (i.e. One World Order). They (World Billionaires) most likely will rape our natural resources, use them to enhance their agenda, and reduce this beautiful place we now call home, to the ranks of "third world countries". By taking over the United States they will then have total control of the entire Planet.

## You may not like Trump, you may even disagree with his policies; but remember this and trust my words, please:  The alternative is unimaginable to our freedom loving Country. What have the Progressive, Socialist Democrats done for this Country in the past five years - nothing of any value? Their greed for power and money, their reputation for "tax and spend" has become obvious. Their support of the Military Contractors is evident in all their actions and words. I believe it is time to pick the lesser of two evils. Trump has not been too bad. He has kept us out of wars, brought many home from foreign Countries, and brought our economy to unheard of heights. The virus is the only thing that has touched his success, and now we know the origin of that little monster.

## Senator Graham, R-So. Carolina, is constantly reporting the millions his opponent is claiming to receive as donations. A quick research indicates the vast majority of his donations come from California and other places (including China) OUTSIDE of So. Carolina. How can we continue to see and allow this nonsense? Our vote seems to be used and abused along with many other things.

##  In California, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, hundreds of stolen or discarded ballots were recently found. And in Texas a large bag of mail was found in a trough alongside the road. Most ballots were for Trump and came from a Military base!!!!!

## I spent some time Tues. morning (two hours) watching the confirmation hearings on Judge Barrett. It has left me with a bad taste about our Democratic Republic. Not so much the Government system itself, but those in whom we have entrusted our lives and destiny.

They divide themselves by an aisle in the hallowed halls of the Capitol. They constantly blame everything on the "other" party. Both Parties are guilty of this.

The Democratic members are constantly blaring out that the President is the motivational factor dividing our Country. And yet I see these same people that have been trying to remove the sitting President since the Election in 2016 that he, Donald Trump, was elected by the people. They have basically ignored their very own responsibility to the American people. While Hillary Clinton declares that she won because of the popular vote; she ignores the wisdom of our founders in setting up the Electoral College to avoid a heavy handed personal vote of "... one man one vote..."; which would put the balance in the hands of just one State.

My sincere hope is that numerous people watch this ridiculous hearing and see first hand the way so many Representatives have used their position to manipulate words and actions of each other. This is not a legal hearing; it is a sporting event. With the rivalry consisting of a very bad old adage: " ..... it's not how you play the game, as long as you win ..... ". I am aware I have changed it a bit, but that is what I see today.


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Jean Coulard     Oct. 11, 2020

On Thursday, October 8, Biden said America will find out his position after the election. That means America has to elect him to find out where he stands. To me it means a slap in the face.

He expects us to elect him to the highest position on the Planet, not knowing his intentions on anything important like the Supreme Court, his foreign policy or what is he going to do for big "pharma" since they are putting all their donations in his campaign? He says his plan for the Covid virus is better than Trumps, but he hasn't said what it is. If it was so great why didn't he help Cuomo and deBlasio when they were messing things up in the great State of New York.

The Javits Center and the good ship HOPE rushed to get ready to help after Cuomo screamed "...daddy help me..." and Trump cut through all the red tape to do so. Then instead of using these two "god-send" items Cuomo sent many back to nursing homes to die.

Biden told us earlier that his running mate would be a woman of color. Well, the Female Black Community does not consider her a 'woman of color'. I think he read his teleprompter wrong, she is considered a woman of Caramel color. (Not my words)

I suppose, like young President Bush, who didn't give a damn about any of us, he will get us back into the "Detente" system; a lot of little wars doing damage to little villages but leaving the major sections of towns untouched. Just get the little people and leave the "money" neighborhoods standing. Was that just to appease the Military Contractors to supply equipment and professional soldiers in these little skirmishes that the Media plays up in the press?





Jean Coulard

Oct. 8, 2020

Nothing was more obvious than the expressions of disdain, of utter contempt and arrogance on the smirking of Kamala Harris at the debate with V.P. Pence last night.

She, unknowingly perhaps, showed the entire Country the actual attitudes of the Party leaders and the many members that think as they do; the arrogance and condescending was blatantly obvious on the candidates face.    

They obviously think and believe that we are quite stupid. Perhaps that is why they resort to criminal actions to win elections; to deceive and distort facts is the only weapons they have. Of course there certainly are such people in the Republican Party, and we are weening them out. Watching the actions of the Democratic Party is a good lesson on how to see and realize when a person is being devious and untruthful.

The biggest help is today's technology. It is quite easy to research the words and writings of almost anybody. But I guess they are counting on laziness to avoid being caught. Well, we are not so lazy. Research is so easy and so wide spread, that it is mostly impossible to hide anything.

The smart ones have caught on; and the lazy are learning. 

God forbid we lose this election. Our freedom to research will also be lost.

Briefly you can start looking into the days after President Reagan's terms. That is when it all began.

I will get into that in the near future.

Stray strong, and pray. Try to vote in person.






Jean Coulard  Wed. Oct. 7, 2020

My anger right now should be put in my deep pocket and not allowed out in public. I may use words and phrases that I shouldn't. 

I just watched the first half of OUTNUMBERED on TV. I love that show and find it to be fair and informational. They were talking about the TRUMP / PELOSI discussions about some two or three bills, all related to aid for Americans as it pertains to losses due to the Virus.

What a bunch of screaming idiots. While this two party system has served us well in the past, right now I am frustated and angry. What I see here is two sets of Political "characters" arguing over money when Americans are suffering so badly from the effect this virus has had on our Economy and on individuals. Are the Presidents hands so tied that he can't do something on his own to help us?

People are losing their homes! They have lost their jobs! Our kids can't get an education! And many are going to bed hungry! What the H____L is the matter with you folks?

You, Mrs. Pelosi, insist on putting items in the aid bills that enhance your Party's agenda and have nothing to do with helping our People. You came down on some items just to bring the total dollar amount to Two Trillion? Well, tell me lady, what does that do for us? We are just looking for stimulus money and help for some industries to get their people back working. And you are looking for pensions and other things that can be taken up at a later date. Right now folks need money in their pockets to buy food for their families. And somehow to get a roof over their head.

One Airline is close to shutting down completely as they have no money to pay the employees. An Airline is not a luxury to many as it is to you; it is a necessary way of travel to help our economy.

You and the rest of your idiot friends are getting your pay (your welcome); while you fly back and forth across the Country, have your meals, and oh yes, don't forget your hair-blowing, and your ice cream; and your time off for weekends, holidays and rest periods.

You and yours, Mrs. Pelosi, can go to blazes. You are acting like the "THE BAD SEED", and you know what I refer to; all you care about is your own selfish persons. You don't give a damn about any of your constituents. You just want the money, the power, and all that goes with it. 

You try your damnedest to make our current Administration look bad. You just want the Biden/Harris administration elected so you can be assured of continuing your power seat as the Speaker, and all your Socialistic views can be enacted. You want total control of what is now the best Nation on Earth, and you will dig it into the ground to get what you want from it.

It's time for you to retire lady; you and your fellow 'dingdons'! And take all your anti-American, anti-Israeli, violent nasty-mouthed, Soros-funded folks with you. While your at it get all the other Soros-funded District Attorneys, Mayors, and Governors out of office with you.

I wish I could say "may you rot in H____L," but that wouldn't be nice, would it?

God Help us!!!





Jean Coulard   Oct. 6, 2020

What else can we say? It wouldn't be printable! 

Money is a high motivator. When shared with power it is abominable. Together they are a most despicable and destructive force when in the wrong hands. It will take every ounce of courage and dedication we can muster up to fight against this pair. And muster up we must!

The very popular Democratic Party has been fighting for two hundred (200) years, approximately since 1854 when they left the Jefferson Democratic Republican Party, to achieve their own agenda of power and authority. Since then we have endured the radical hypocrisy and lies of their deep deceit toward the American people and our way of life. They have practiced this philosophy with increasing vitriol over the years, until today when it is blatant and forthcoming almost with a vengeance. 

If you wish proof of my words, do some research. Look into the voting records of the House of Representatives, and the Senate. See who has actually voted as they spoke publicly. Prepare for a shock of mountainous proportions.

Proof of the racism that exists in our beloved Nation, that I have not accepted, is in the devious back-stabbing by the Democratic Party to the Black Community, and most recently to the Hispanic Community, just to get their support.

My friends and neighbors, try your darnedest to vote in person. Mail-in voting is open to such fraud and dishonesty, that we cannot allow or support it. Perhaps in the future we will have a better system to overcome the radical dishonesty that permeates our Political system today; but for now we must fight against the Social and Printable Media that is attempting to control us through Politics. 

To safely vote in person all you need is a mask, and practice social distancing. Wearing gloves wouldn't hurt either. And to maintain the Democratic Republic that our Founders worked so hard (without pay) to provide for us, we must be adamant and courageous to effect the outcome of this Election. Our vote is our most precious freedom, we must not lose it!!!!!

 (If long lines are a problem, bring a portable chair and a good book!)

Many before us gave their lives to ensure our freedoms and liberties; now it is our turn to pick up the Flag and march onward.

God bless, and we will prevail.




Jean Coulard     Oct. 3, 2020

The Liberal Democrats, the leaders of the Democratic Party, and those of the Citizenry of the U.S.A. who follow and support them, have proven themselves to be the most despicable Human Beings on the face of God's great Earth. 

Is it really all because the people of the United States have put an "outsider" in the Oval Office? Well that's just too bad, isn't it? And now they are 'hell-bent' on stopping this same person from continuing in office! Are they all so afraid of being "outed" by this individual, who is very much aware of their actions and behavior for the past thirty (30) or forty (40) years, that they have resorted to such 'deplorable' behavior and words as we now see and hear?

My answer can only be "..yes, they are..."!

I refer to their criminal activity, their devious words and  actions, their obvious selfish activity in using their power of office to ignore their constituents needs, and use every crumb available to them in their efforts to remove the sitting President from office.

They have forgotten, or arrogantly ignore, the words of the undeniably wise and dedicated Founders, and the many likewise men and women who have served the people admirably, that we have  " ..... a Government of the people, for the people, and by the people ..... "

And no, we will not perish from this Earth! We will not allow those who are trying so desperately to remove the President and dismantle our government, to succeed. We are a strong people, and fight the hardest when our backs are against the wall; and further because we have a President who is strong mentally and physically. He will survive this latest malady, this virus that was so quickly set upon us, as he knows we depend on him, and he knows he has our support. His confidence and his leadership is our driving force.

In spite of the nasty comments made by the detractors, the wishes for his death and instability, and the dastardly attitude toward him, as another Human Being, that they show, we will not give up or give in. We will vote down the ignorance of Kamala Harris, the unthinkable action of the Democratic Party in using VP Biden as their Trojan; we will let the world know of your inner vicious selves and how you have used our fellow Americans, the Black Community, with promises you never intended to keep; and the Hispanic Community, with promises of a free life to offset the sadness of leaving their homeland for a better life for their children.

You will know the vengeance of God and the Heavens above, and may you reap that which you have earned.





Jean Coulard  Oct. 1, 2020

I have watched the first debate RE-RUNS more than once, and I still haven't changed my opinion. I am extremely disappointed in Chris Wallace. Not only did he lose control of the entire situation, but he used the chaotic scenes to aid and abet VP Biden. 

Here we go again. I thought we did not have to endure the Democratic candidate receiving questions previous to the debate; and perhaps we didn't, but we did see a childish attempt to help Mr. Biden. And Pres. Trump was not the only person to observe the bias antics of Mr. Wallace.

The Biden camp also declared there would be no ear tabs, and yet I believe there was!

How can anyone who is a Patriotic American; an educated person who has been around for the past thirty (30) years, stand by and deny the devious, mean, hypocritical behavior; the lies and blatant misinformation of the Liberal Democrats, who defend such obvious criminality.

How can we, as those who have enjoyed the freedoms and liberties protected by anyone who has defended our Constitution, has pledged allegiance to the Flag of the U.S.A., has put their very lives on the line for ours, face our Veterans who have given so much to defend us; face the parents and families of those who lost their lives in defense of this Country and our way of life. 

I find you to be such phonies, such devious individuals, such low people as followed all the sick little dictators through-out the world, over many, many centuries and caused such hatred, such sick and disgusting behavior against those who did not agree with you, those who aided and abetted the likes of Alolph Hitler as he literally burned alive those he wanted out of the way.

I see many similar attitudes today in those who are aiding and blindly following the Liberal Socialistic Democrats of today. The Nancy Pelosi's, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Senator Schumer whose ancestors suffered under Hitler, and the many, many others who have put their own selfish want of power, authority, and money ahead of their conscience. Instead of putting forth financial assistance to those so brutality affected by the Pandemic, and doing it quickly as they need it so badly; they would rather hold up the legislation until the Republicans agree to the outrageous demands they make for their own agenda. That is the worse example of selfishness, and the lowest behavior I could imagine from any Human Being. I hope I can be around long enough to see God's wrath against these despicable and disgusting persons who have the audacity to call themselves Human!




Jean Coulard     Sept. 23, 2020

I have no idea where we are going. I only hope we can successfully continue on the path our Founders have put us on that has served us and the world very well; and that would be the Constitutional Republic. Now, you may not like President Trump, but you have to admit he has made some good improvements to our Country. And if you don't see that, or if you just don't agree, I am truly sorry for you.

Obviously you believe all the hype being put out by the Democratic Party, the Liberal Socialists, and all the other Political junkies who do not have the courage to vote their heart and mind. They follow the Party line all the time! They support anybody and anything that the Party elites tell them to; and of course those folks get their orders and their pocket money from George Soros and all the organizations he has invested in and those that he owns.

By allowing yourselves to be so controlled is a message to other dissidents that you are ripe for the picking. It leads me to the conclusions that you are giving up your freedoms and rights. You are blindly following those that have infiltrated your mind and convinced you that President Trump is the Devil, or worse yet, the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. I don't know how Hitler did it, but he had many folks in Europe following him blindly. And their adulation became an obsession. And the World fell into a war that was devastating and destructive; a war that resulted in endless sorrow in personal Human life, and has affected generations to this day. 

Now if you don't see the hypocrisy, the lies, and the blatant misinformation that is being spewed out by the anti-government people, then you, my friend are in for a rude awakening. And that may come just a little too late. 

Many of you have not paid attention to what your children were being taught in school and in college. You paid the tuition and sent them off on a tragic journey that you did not look into; one that just may affect your descendants for many years to come. Were you so complacent and into your own satisfaction that you just didn't pay attention? Seems like you abandoned your Parental responsibilities.

You gave them whatever they wanted. And they eventually learned how to manipulate you to get exactly what they wanted. Once they realized the philosophy of a wonderful old Doctor that convinced you to ".....spare the rod and spoil the child.....", they went down a path of personal selfishness the World has never seen before.

Our leaders, the Politicians that we have put there ourselves, are not doing the job for which we have paid them handsomely. They are only continuing on the path to power that supplies them with a life of luxury. A life of little responsibility. A life where they have mastered the way of criminal manipulation. Have you not realized how they have held up the COVID virus assistance legislation for those of you that have suffered un-recoverable loss, personally and financially, using political blackmail to sneak in their own agendas to further the move to a Socialistic Nation. And by starting in The United States of America it gives our detractors a smooth route to their "One World" agenda.

I honestly find it totally un-explainable as to how and why you accept the misguided illusions and lies they feed you every day. All you need do is simple research to find the truth.

And the latest misinterpretation is the reference to Donald Trump having five (5) deferments from the Vietnamese War. Well guess what my friends; Mr. Biden also had five deferments. Trump had one for a medical a condition (bone spurs), and four for educational purposes. Biden also had four for educational purposes. However, you should know that while the fifth for Trump was for a medical condition, the fifth for Biden was due to Asthma!!! Now that was the only time this medical condition was noted toward him throughout his life. He could not have done many of the things he declared to if he truly had Asthma.

One other Democrat with a similar history of a questionable Military experience is of course, Mr John Kerry. He claimed he received certain Military awards. It was proven he did not!!! 

There were and are others of course, who have traveled down this despicable path of misrepresentation and deceit. A path that sooner or later will catch up to them. 

By the way, did you know that President Obama was given a Noble prize for nothing?!  

And oh yes, China has been, along with George Soros, a substantial contributor toward our Presidential elections for Obama, Hillary Clinton and now VP Joe Biden. That man (Biden) does not deserve the title of V.P.

Wake up my friends. Use your technology for some serious research and get off the "Public Media" which I believe is no different than our written and broadcast Media.

Have a good one.




September 18, 2020

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was not my favorite Jurist; however, I have always had a tremendous amount of respect for her as a "legal eagle". Her life is a model for many young women. Her achievements are a brilliant example of the "American Dream". Regardless of her beginnings, be they meager or affluent, she still needed the strength and fortitude to chase her goals. And chase them she did. She outran them as she set her sights on her future and let nothing stop her. She stubbornly faced her responsibilities as a Supreme Court Justice of the United States of America to her last breath. She should be remembered for Eternity in our Nations' History as she adamantly forged ahead to maintain the freedoms, rights, and liberties for all people, as our Founders decreed in forging our Constitutional Republic.

Jean F. Coulard   Sept. 20, 2020

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Note to my readers: I absolutely appreciate your comments on the writing, but I am mostly  interested in comments on your opinions. Do you agree or not on the content? Thanks a bunch for your support.    Jean


Jean Coulard          Tues. Sept. 17, 2020

#Time to look into 'inciting riots' by Democratic leftists!

#I'm getting quite tired of all the investigations and no indictments. Where is our Justice department? If the blame falls on the bureaucracy, then let's ween it down to a manageable size. 

#We were promised, in 2016, that the swamp would be cleaned out. Well, the bureaucracy is certainly a huge part of the swamp. Come on Trump. This is a promise you are dragging your feet on, and I for one am not happy about it. The 'wheels of justice' need a little oiling!

#Many of our so-called leaders are as nasty and rotten as anyone already in prison. In fact most are even worse. Let's get going guys. Trump you are a New Yorker, start acting like one. CLEAN THE SWAMP.

#Biden is blaming Trump for everything from violent protests, bad economy, job losses, unemployment rise, and the Pandemic! But also, when not blaming Trump, he is piggy-backing on Trumps policies.

#When Trump reminds America of the positive accomplishments from his administration, Dem.'s and the Media say he is boasting. Well, maybe he has to; where else would we get any good news!

#Our Social Security fund was ruined by the Democrats. (L.B.J.)

#The bad economy Trump inherited was from the Biden-Obama era. Trump has reversed several regulations that were strangling the small business community.

#The MS13 gang was encouraged and abetted by Obama. You think those guns sent by Obama's A.G. were really a mistake???

#The "cages" for immigrant children that Mrs. Obama criticized, were actually constructed and used by President Obama. 

#Many more illegal aliens have managed to get into the country under Obama/Biden. Many Democratic run States and Cities have allowed sanctuary for the illegals, and not allowed local police to turn them over to Federal Agents.

#Obama allowed the Mid-East to ravage their land, encouraged anti-Semetic policies, and caused the lives of so many of our young men and women.

#Obama's Sec. of State, Hillary Clinton, was a willing participant of his anti-American policies. And she wonders why she couldn't beat Trump.

#And now we have the erratic Joe Biden, a sick old man being used and abused by the Democratic Party to put into power Kamala Harris, the spineless weak little lady who will follow anybody, do anything she is told, and lie with pure abandonment for whatever reason she accepts as necessary at the moment. She is the personification of "the good little lackey". She will stop at nothing to obtain the acceptance of those she considers above her. Maybe she is seeking a "Daddy" figure!

Mr. Attorney General, understand the possible actions of the Citizenry when they step up on Nov. 4th to defend their way of life; their rights, freedoms and Liberties. Please do not listen to our adversaries calling for criminal charges as we have seen lately. They threaten us with violence as never before if Biden wins the election. 

#And further, why has nothing been done to stop George Soros for his blatant subversive and underhanded policies to gain control of the USA. I believe this is his revenge for our victories of WWII. Mr. Bill O'Reilly did not mention his behavior of that time in his Podcast. It is documented. He aided the Nazis. He claims they made him do it. I don't believe that. He followed the path of the "International Con Man". He did what he did for himself. He did what he did to gain the notoreity he cherished, that which he was promised and worked for during Hitler's reign. He is a swamp within himself, and it is time we did something about this little "turd". He worked feverishly to get Obama elected; to get Hillary elected; and now he is doing the same to get Kamala Harris into the Oval Office.





Jean Coulard     SEPT. 12, 2020


I am so glad the Election is almost here! I feel like this preliminary process has been going on forever. And actually it has been going on since about 2014 or there-a-bouts.

It has gotten way out of hand. If only Hillary had conceded properly and then brought the Country back together. I guess she just couldn't take being beaten by a man once again. As I read it from her Bio she was, at one time, a Republican. Story has it that she lost a few elections through school and then through her college years, to Male opponents. Supposedly she became obsessed with this; and made it her goal to never lose to a Male opponent again. 

She became a Democrat, at what point I am not sure, perhaps she joined a "women's movement".

However, I believe had she accepted the defeat of the 2016 Election, like a true 'trooper', things would be much different today. But the reality is that her concession to this loss was anything but professional.

And the ongoing and never-ending cries of disbelief and fraud have only served to keep it all fresh in the National mindset. Not just by Clinton, but also other members of the higher-up DNC.

Word on the street is that she was so upset because the opposition had discovered the DNC's "tricky" business to ensure her victory, and so they used their own to overcome it. The GOP can be just as tricky, can it not?

This could be true as we have all learned how dishonest the Democratic Party higher-ups are; especially Mrs. Clinton herself. Her severe anger was quite possibly caused by the revelation that they (DNC) had been exposed.

" ..... oh what a tangled web we weave.............." etc. etc.

Politics has become so down & dirty. Where does one turn for honesty? It seems to compound itself every day. Local venues have become just as bad. Possibly even worse as the parties involved are so familiar with each other.

So what do we do on Nov. 3 this year? I don't know for sure but I am giving it a lot of thought. I have never been a 'party-line' voter. Always went for the personal preference. Yes, I voted for Trump in 2016, because Hillary's behavior when running for the nomination against Obama in 2008 was pretty bad as I saw it. And Trump being a Businessman, kinda caught my attention more.

I also liked the fact that he seemed to say what he means, and means what he says. I read a lot about his business affairs, and, looking at it from a personal business perspective, I liked what I saw. Also, here was a man who used the politicians for his own business shenanigans. Therefore I deduced that he knows who to tap and who to avoid. He knows the inside trails as well as anyone.

I personally do not care what is in his Tax returns. I would venture that if this be a regulation, or a law, then ALL politicians should make public their returns. Not just one. In all of my writings, going back to the primaries of the 2016 election, I favored Trump finally because I liked the idea he was not a dedicated Politician, with the usual political baggage. He did not have, as best I could see, a number of favors outstanding, as he paid cash for what he got. And he scared the devil out of many because he knew so much about the system and those within it.

Truthfully speaking, they all bother me with their blatant  deceit and lying. But I will continue to express my opinion that Capitalism is still the best out there. And a Businessman in the Oval Office is our best chance to keep the freedoms, liberties, and entrepreneurship that we have enjoyed these many years. Biden has become much too Liberal for me. I also believe he is just a puppet of the Socialistic folks. And Kamala Harris is a pure follower of what she is told to do.Of course Trump is not perfect; anymore than any of us are, but I must admit he has done a great deal for most of us. I don't care if he pulls up the upper class, as long as he pulls up the rest of us with it. 

Too many of us seem to disparage the ones who have been so successful. But I do feel that they  have been highly and easily exposed to the opportunities of a free society. And of course there are many who just couldn't make it, or didn't have the ability or desire to go so far. I agree with the motto of our very own Army, "..... let each become all he can be .....". I also understand the prejudices that abound within our Society, and will always be there; and while I do not agree with many of them, I admit they are there. I consider them to be a part of our demeanor as a people. I have been a victim of many myself, and I can only hope that I have gained strength, patience and wisdom from them.

In closing let me also say Kamala Harris scares the hell out of me. She has no principals as far as I can see. She seems to ride the waves and go with whoever is controlling her at the time. She is a pure follower of what she is told to do. She is too unsettled and too spineless. She also is not a woman of color, any more than Ms. Warren was a descendant of the American Indian. In my opinion a woman of color is someone from the Black Community. Not a woman of India. But that is my opinion and my opinion only. It is a fine line of distinction. Just as White's also have many shades. Perhaps something to think about. 

In the Summer many White folks become a golden brown; does that put us in the ""Brown" spectrum, as people of color like Kamala Harris? And many Blacks get much darker. Where does that put them?

I will leave you with those thoughts.

Stay well. Go back to work and send your kids back to school. We cannot overcome fear of the dark unless we face it.




FOR THURMAN TOWN RESIDENTS; (with a special note to the Supervisor)                                   

FRI. SEPT. 11, 2020     (a day for reflection)

I would like to thank those of you that were able to attend (or attempt to attend) The Wed. night Town Board meeting. Stay with us. We will get into those meetings! As Resident voters we deserve to know what is going on in our beautiful little Town. To those of you that attended a private Teleconference, shame on you and on Mrs. Shepler. She told our group last night that she didn't think it fair to just let a few in!! And by the way Mrs. Shepler, putting a screen outside is suggested by one of the NY State COVID advisors. 

I have it on a good source that there actually was a teleconference. Now that had to be allowed by the Supervisor; so where is the "fairness"? Where is the transparency? This type of nonsense is parroting our Federal Government, and it is getting beyond common sense and beyond our patience.

TO SUPERVISOR SHEPLER:  We have many choices in life. And we all have made our share of the good and the bad. For folks who continuously followed the wrong road I would suggest they start paying attention to the signs and not the "back-seat" drivers that latch onto their tails. It is time to get it right. If you don't know the answer or where to  go, then ask someone who does. As we all know, the only stupid question is the one not asked. There are many agencies and people that can help and it is time we listened to them and not the "know-it-all" folks who have less experience and knowledge than even we ourselves do. 

I believe you have one, maybe two, on your Board that are experienced enough to assist you. Use them please. Many, many people depend on you and your decisions. Do not let them down.





Our Town meetings should not be closed to the public. We are allowed 10 according to "his highness" Mr. Cuomo. That gives us 4 after the Board and the clerk. It is not imperative for the Secretary/Bookkeeper to be there. We, the public, can have people there as long as we keep the distance. Keith Parent is going. Please join him and let's work together for our Town. 

I sent an email to many this AM. If you haven't opened it yet, please do! Let's get something going tonight. Try to be there please!!!!!!!!!






Jean Coulard                                                                                                                                                        SEPT. 6, 2020         


If you can shop in person you can vote in person. Don't be so lazy. Your life depends on it!!!!!    

Millionaire/Billionaire professional athletes have a hell of a nerve telling me their lives must matter!!!!! Why don't they just shut up and do what we pay them for? I am not impressed with their political opinion and could care less what it is!!!!!                                                                                     

Term limits should apply to ALL Government employees in the appointed category as well as the elected category.

Biden wants to raise taxes on corporate high earnings! If he raises their taxes it will cut into their earnings. Cut into their earnings and they will hire less and pay less. Democrats prove once again their lack of understanding of the economy. (or they don't care). Stop blaming Trump for everything. He has improved the military. He has increased jobs and lowered unemployment and lowered taxes. He has brought our boys and girls home. We have not had a war since he was elected. He has exposed the China subversive activities. He has quieted North Korea and Iran. He is holding Russia at bay. Sometimes we forget our History; The Democratic Party is the tax and spend party. They use and abuse the minorities with their lies and false promises. (now who are the real Racists?????                                                                             

The "me too" movement is the biggest farce since  "... Hector was a pup ..."! Do some research folks. We have many, many women in high level jobs in Corporations. We have many as Carpenters, Electricians, Engineers, Scientists, and Architects. etc. etc. etc. Instead of believing  some unverified  information, just watch the Science Channel once in a while and see all the specials about what is being built and improved, and see who is overseeing it. Hillary made that movement her bailiwick just to get the women's vote in 2016. What did she do to help all the women being abused? More proof of the dishonest Democrats. She was just sore because she lost so many elections throughout her education.

We all know these violent protests are instigated and paid for by outsiders. What we are not sure of is why the local officials (mostly Democrats) are afraid to quell them. Why do they let the communities and the people that support them for office suffer this way. Many have lost family members; many have lost their livelihood; many are forced to move out of fear and so much loss. And yet it continues. Why?????  I'll tell you why:   The aim of the Socialistic Democratic Left is to destroy the cities and move people to the suburbs. They want to relocate the low income population. I don't have enough proven facts to completely verify this nor am I sure why, but I assure you, as soon as I know, then you will know.                                                                                   

All this talk about AFFH (Affirmative Furthering Fair Housing) is just another bit of nonsense put through by the Obama administration. In my opinion it's just another extension of the original Affirmative Action laws of the seventies ('70s). I was employed in N.Y.C. during that time and I remember the outcry of employers and employees. This was viewed as a racially dominated law in favor of those who were unable to pass the requirements as put forth by many a public service. It displaced many, and gave important jobs to serve the community to those who were not able to do the job. I remember specifically the many Fireman whose wives tried to get them to leave the service. Their reasoning was: if their husband, or anyone else, became trapped or incapacitated during a bad situation, could the partner, or anyone nearby, be able to help them if the physical requirements were lowered. This I can verify myself. I have a family member who did listen to his wife, and many others. I was involved with a food service at the time, and I had many a customer express the same view.

I remember one day waiting for the subway; down the platform came two women in Police uniforms. Both were seriously over weight, and quite short; both were of the Latino or Black community. The gentleman standing next to me commented " .... could I count on either one of them assisting me...."? His question hit home as I had heard similar comments. I do not intend any Racial discrimination with noting the Ethnic backgrounds; I merely bring it into play here as it is the very communities (Black and Latino), that the Democratic Party uses and abuses. It was obvious in N.Y.C. in that day, and it is obvious today in our world. The Affirmative Action law was to influence and gain the vote of these two communities. There are many such folks (Black & Latino) in the Fire Department and the Police Dept. more than capable of their responsibilities. I know this also as I had many as customers. And I mention at this time that those of whom I speak were not too happy about the Affirmative Action Law. It gave the good, a bad reputation.

Now if I offend anyone with my comments, then I will absolutely apologize. Working in Manhattan gives one a first hand look at the diversity of New York City. And also the acceptance and tolerance of each and every one living and working in that great City. 

What you read and what you hear from the Socialistic Democrats is by far what one does not hear on the streets of New York City. But many are in fear for themselves and their family, if they speak out. Did the republicans not prove this by the voter turnout of 2016?

Your common sense and your own opinion will tell you the truth. I am of the opinion that we as a society were making good progress along the discrimination lines, until Obama became President. He had the reputation of being the most racist President of all time; and I accept that and believe it.

Do you honestly believe the lies and factual distortions you hear and read. I respectfully suggest that you use your God-given intelligence and free will, read between the lines, and listen with an open mind. Today's Leftist Democratic Party is not totally anti-American, they are quite anti everything that is not their idea, their ideology, nor their agenda. And they will do whatever it takes to overcome those that do not agree with them.

Whatever your Party, vote IN PERSON, and make your vote count.

God Bless.




                                           THURMAN COMMENT                                                                

Jean Coulard

SEPT. 5, 2020

Today I have questions to the residents of Thurman, N.Y. You have the unique position of living in a beautiful part of New York State. Do you realize and appreciate that God has given you this opportunity to enjoy the best of the best?

Of course there may be better; but we can't live everywhere. So you have chosen this community that has been, at one time, "..almost Heaven.."

Many wonder what happened to that concept. Well, having spent 13 years ( '65 - '93) as a vacationer and visitor,  and now permanently for the past 27 years, I can recall the better times with envy and remorse for having lost them. 

I can recall the loss of Supervisor John Haskell as being a very sad time; for it was then that I realized how many Politicians (Federal & Local), allowed their personal opinions and their selfish agenda influence their decisions. After reviewing much information, and talking with many of the Thurman-born residents, I am convinced of the illegitimacy and blasphemy of removing him from office. And to remember the photo of the Police taking him out in shackles and handcuffs is a total embarrassment to this beautiful community and a very sad memory.

These memories permeate my thoughts today as I see the current Town Board doing the very thing that he was accused of, and spent time behind bars for being found guilty. I do not, in my opinion, consider he to have had a fair and equitable trial. But that is my opinion.

It seems the favoritism allowed politicians by their friends and co-horts in the political field, is the modes-operand for the leaders of today. I see this from Washington, D.C. to Thurman. We can't influence Washington as much as we can here in Thurman; and I hope we can work on it from the bottom up, here in our little Town, and make a difference for those coming after. Perhaps, in the same thinking, we can very possibly improve this Town so the future generations will stay, and not move on after school. They will stay and share their knowledge and passion to improve their own hometown.





FRI. SEPT 4, 2020

I just made the mistake of putting on my favorite daytime show, OUTNUMBERED. I say "mistake" as I am now sorry I did. When VP Biden's speech came on I finally turned it off, about halfway through, and did not wait for any possible questions.

I may have reached my breaking point with these miserable disgusting human beings putting this man through what I view as a very, very demeaning situation. And worst of all his family is allowing it. What may be his last hurrah on the American political scene, may turn out to be a very sad memory for him.

Are the proponents of Democratic Socialism so desperate for power as to totally dismantle his remaining years? Such a horrible thing to do to a man. Such a devastating thing to be allowed by his wife and family. There must be a great deal of money behind this.

While I certainly do not approve of, or agree with, many of his policies, I still respect him as a person, and have found him to be a likable one at that. 

I am now convinced that the "plans" to control this Country are sick and disgusting. And I feel that somehow the plan is to get him elected, and then dispose of him as President, so Ms. Harris will be occupying the Oval Office. God help us if that prevails.

The only way I can see to stop this is to VOTE IN PERSON.





THURS. SEPT 3, 2020

Things are certainly beginning to heat up in the race for President. I have so many notes I don't know where to begin. I will try not to be hap-hazard with my thoughts, honestly.

Considering that VP Joe Biden has financial ties to China; and considering that China is a high donor to the Democratic Party, and China has proven to be an enemy, I have great fears about the honesty of the upcoming election count. Many seem to be worried about Russia. I think that is a distraction from China. Since the Chinese Government has shown itself to be quite untrustworthy, as members of the past administration have also, I fear an honest election is in trouble.

The D.N.C. has obviously lost its way. To my best guess I can only say they have collectively lost their minds, or have been indoctrinated or drugged by vocal or medicinal means.

Very possibly when Lyndon Johnson, a highly respected member of the Democratic Party, lost a National election to that young Catholic upstart from Massachusetts, the Party began it's hysteria to move ahead more openly. Lyndon Johnson was the epitome of the "old time South". And the "old time South" has never been overly fond of Massachusetts.

I have never fully believed that the South has accepted the loss of the Civil War. 

My first taste of that was at the ripe old age of 19; I was removed from a public bus in a Southern State for offering my seat to an elderly Black woman. That has forever been ingrained in my heart and mind.

Joe Biden constantly refers to Pennsylvania as his home state. " .... com'on man .... "! You left Pa. at the age of seven (7). What do you remember of those few early years. You brag about coal miners in your family, and yet you want to take away their jobs today. You claim to be a Moderate, and yet you have colluded with Bernie Sanders on many items on his Socialistic agenda. You pick a woman as your running mate because she is a woman, and a woman of color. Did you ever consider her ability to sit in the West Wing or even the Oval Office? Have you ever looked into her record in California? Less than stellar I would say.

I dare say there are several men in your Party, now serving in Congress even, who would have been a far cry better serving our Country than Ms. Harris. It may even have been a great move on your part to consider that. You may even have had a chance. God help us if you win and do not serve. Then we will have a President far worse than the one with whom you did serve.

But today you continue to spiral downward in the polls mostly because of yourself. You know in your heart you do not have the stamina, nor the reputation to back you, in holding the Office of President of the United States of America.

Your fellow Democrats in Washington, and through-out the Country, are beginning to see the light. They see the blatant hypocrisy in the Party today; the out right lies; their lack of concern for their constituents; their refusal to come to an agreement on bills to help those suffering from effects of the Pandemic. Instead of just passing the items to help, your Leader Pelosi holds the vote as she tries 'blackmail' by putting in other unnecessary items  not pertaining to the  Pandemic.

Witness the latest nonsense from Speaker Pelosi; the incident in her local salon and her attempts to blame the owner. Is she really concerned about the Party winning the White House, or is it more important for her to remain Speaker.

The Democratic Party is an embarrassment to the United States of America.

Help our Nation by voting in person.


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SATURDAY AUG. 29, 2020

QUOTE:     " ..... August 2020 — Pelosi declared the Democratic nominee for president, Joe Biden should cancel upcoming debates because Trump lacks an “association with the truth, evidence, data, and facts…”.     By Justine Coleman - 08/27/20 "THE HILL"

If this be true, then would it not behoove Biden to get on stage and publicly prove these 'Pelosi' allegations in a face to face debate? Mr. Biden talks a strong narrative, but his knees weaken when he needs to face his own truths. 

Threats are the weapons of empty hearts and minds. 

Mr. Biden, in my opinion, is the one with a long record (40+ yrs) of "nothing-ness" in the Congress of the United States. He has accomplished a great deal of hypocrisy, plagiarism, lies, power abuse, racism, and manipulation of facts to suite his agenda. Many describe him as a "nice guy"; well I like to place that description as that of an omnipotent and successful "con man".

I have noticed that Biden only reacts to words, actions and allegations by President Trump. 

I am of the opinion that VP Biden has no intention of serving as the President. I find him to be tired, to be reacting only to headlines from detractors, and making no definite or positive promises to maintain our Constitutional Republic.

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AUG. 23, 2020


" ..... Democrat ‘Squad’ Member Calls for MORE “Unrest in the Streets”.........."

"..... Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley, one of the four far-left congresswoman collectively referred to as “The Squad”, appeared to support the disruptive demonstrations in America’s major cities this week..... During an interview on MSNBC’s AM Joy, Rep. Pressley spoke positively of the widespread protests that often turn into riots, saying they were necessary to put pressure on President Donald Trump and his political allies.....". 

Does this surprise you? It shouldn't. If you have been really paying attention you would have realized a long time ago of the Media Bias. They are controlled by the Left Wing of the Democratic Party. In my opinion that does not include the everyday Democrats that we know in our Communities and in our families. What does concern me are those that vote "Party Line" in the booth.

Do you not realize the turn-in-the-road that has been made by the Party leaders. The way they have used the COVID virus to destroy our Economy by keeping you out of work, and your children out of school. Since when did Americans run from something that is trying to over-take us? Why do we not face the risk and protect our Country and our Children? 

Come with me! Vote in person. I am going to cancel my request for a ballot to mail in my vote. I want to insure my vote gets counted. I will go in person! It may be a risk, but I am willing to take it. How many generations before us faced a risk to save the Country? It's the least we can do for our children; it's the least we can do to honor those that came and fought before us.

Protect our Democracy. Protect our Constitutional Republic. Do not elect Biden/Harris. They do not give us their policies; they intend to totally annihilate our Democracy!


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Aug. 16, 2020

Are you broke? Out of work? Worried about paying the rent, the mortgage, or putting food on the table for your kids? Concerned the schools won't be open to give your children the education promised by our Founders, and the experience of interacting socially with other kids, and you won't be able to return to work?

Meanwhile Speaker Pelosi takes another few days off to go hibernate in her well protected, well supplied and well situated house in an affluent gated community. It appears she spends more time at home then those of you trying to eke out a living for your family. And she and her puppets in the House of Representatives continue to get paid for each and every day they are a member of our Congress, regardless of whether they are physically there or not. Their kids get educated and a well rounded social life. Their pantries are full, their houses are kept clean and their gardens cared for, I believe, by a  staff that you the taxpayer pay for. 

Do I sound bitter? You bet. I see the havoc and violence tearing apart our cities and destroying the lives of our communities. And I watch as our Representatives continue to hold up on help for you and yours while they meander home whenever they do not get their way. Every time a bill that comes up to help the everyday citizens struggling with the effects of this virus, Nancy and most of her members in the house refuse to support it unless they get the perks they sneak in for items that have nothing to do with helping you and yours, but everything to do with the Socialistic Democracy they want to give them the power they crave.

Meanwhile, other citizens are striving to help their neighbors, and others less fortunate, to survive and hold together their families.                                               

This so-called Socialistic Democracy will not include the middle class, the very foundation of our Constitutional Republic. The middle class, that which holds together our very freedoms and liberties that ensure our "good life", is being systematically destroyed; yes, the life that so many others are willing to risk everything for and cross our borders to have this for their families. 

Well, if your going to continue to hide in your little communities, and peek out behind the curtains to watch the Anarchism destroy this wonderful life, good luck to you. And yes, this is a wonderful life we have enjoyed in the USA. It may not be perfect, but it is the best on the Planet. And those who want the power, those who only care for what they want, and those who openly show their contempt and attitude toward you continue to push and push, continue to use and abuse our Constitution to work around the Laws to get their way. You just continue to watch from the sidelines as the Socialistic Democrats continue to blame President Trump for the havoc they are creating; he is the man they have spent their valuable time in our Congress to destroy instead of doing the work we pay them for;  

I would like to quote Texas Senator Ted Cruz from his Senate subcommittee. He explains  that " ..... Black lives matter, which is unquestionably true  " ..... and goes on to say that   " ..... the organization of Black lives Matter is calling for the disruption of the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure along with the de-funding of police departments ..... ".

Further, he says that “ ..... The actual organization, denominated Black Lives Matter, was created by avowed Marxists pursuing a radical agenda including de-funding police departments across the country and that agenda, if implemented, would have the consequence of a great many more Black lives being lost.”

" ..... Herein lies the problem ..... If we allow BLM to continue, more Black lives will be lost. Hence, you can’t say black lives matter and allow BLM to exist. They do not go together, no matter what the media may say ..... "!

Senator Cruz has been a long time advocate and supporter of President Trump, and has worked hard supporting the Presidents agenda to put America back on track. Since his re-election to the Senate by his fellow Texans Cruz has fought loud and long with this support. He came very close himself to being the Republican nominee for President. He deserves our support for his willingness to put himself on the line in this fight.

I agree with the many that say VP Biden will not be our next President, even if he wins the Election. Kamala Harris will sit in the Oval Office no later than day two after the inauguration, if it goes that far. And that, my friends, will be the end of America. It will be the end of The United States of America. The Democratic Mayors and Governors of the individual States, will not have the power and authority they enjoy today. The local Police will be gone, and a Military force will take over.

This whole scenario scares the "be-jesus" out of me. What concerns me most is the possibility of Trump loosing due to the "voter count". Not by actual and fair votes; the shear number who will be allowed to vote legally and illegally will be the deciding factor. 

I am a high risk factor for this virus. But if necessary I will vote in person. The risk is far greater if the Democratic Socialists get their way for balloting the vote. Too many have given so much to save our Nation. This is the only way I can fight, and I will. My voice and my vote will be there.

Do whatever you can. Just stop talking and DO SOMETHING!! 


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THURS. AUG. 13, 2020

As Winston Churchill, remembered for his wisdom and his ideology, once stated “ .... Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy .... ”.

He is the kind of leader we need today to settle this fractured World. President Trump and his administration are doing their best. But they have been thwarted by a Democratic Party that has evolved into a ridiculous, petty, non-sensible group of supposed Adults. 

Their leader, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, shows less sense and knowledge of the World than one would expect from a person of her background and position today. She criticizes the President by declaring he has no knowledge of the needs and desires of the American people. These words from she who lives in a gated affluent community and has a personal guard around her at all times; she that has known only a life of luxury, of private chauffeurs and cars, and private jets to commute back and forth between California and Washington D.C.; someone who brags of a freezer full of expensive ice cream; who wants to take away our defense and sporting guns, while her private guards are allowed to carry theirs to protect her. (guards that are paid for by the tax payers of the U.S.A.)

President Trump has not always been a man of extravagance. His mother and father, in my opinion, where of the upper middle class. He made his fortune of today with his own common sense and ingenuity, his education and his growing up in Queens N.Y. He learned his trade of building from his Carpenter - father. He has built his fortune with his children in mind. Most of his life he has spent on the highways and byways of the great and wonderful New York City. The crossroads of America. One thing I always remember of him is his generosity, his willingness to help others not as fortunate as he. Nancy Pelosi couldn't hold a candle to Pres. Trump in the class of worldly people.

Now we have V.P. Joe Biden. A man who has aged beyond his years. He has not had a privileged life. He has endured hard losses within his family, which I'm sure have contributed to his early decline. Unfortunately he has not the necessary attributes to lead this Country and the Western World. His accomplishments while serving so many years in our Congress are not of the legendary type. He is well liked as a person, and his amiable personality is well remembered by his peers. Yet his immediate family appears to have taken advantage of his position in life and his friendly demeanor, to make their own fortunes.                                                               

He has been given the opportunity, through a series of fortunate and unfortunate events, to rise today to the nomination by his party to be the next President of the U.S.A.  Did he achieve this because of his own self, or was he the lesser evil of all others in the vetting process, those that showed the lack of competence, and the propensity toward Socialism and total Government rule? 

I feel, as I am sure many other Americans do, that the entire process that has been portrayed by the Democratic Party in this Election year has put our Nation in a position of embarrassment to our enemies and allies. A very sad following to their subsequent behavior after the loss to Trump in the 2016 Election. They have spent more time attempting to overthrow his administration during the first three and a half years of his first term, than they have in their positions of Legislative Representatives for the American people. That is a fact.

And now these very same Democratic leaders have shown further use and abuse of their own nominee by using him to further their agenda. They are using and abusing him as his very own family has. They have forced upon him a Vice Presidential candidate who is the epitome of "phony". Kamala Harris will step on whatever rung she must, to get to the top of the ladder. She will say whatever is necessary, and do whatever is needed to achieve that goal. And my question is: What is the goal? Who, and what money, is pushing her to the top? She is merely a puppet of something bigger, higher and far more reaching. The game will be won when she becomes the President of the U.S.A. And the U.S.A will no longer exist.



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SAT. AUG. 8, 2020

OK folks. Time to get off your lounge chair and get back to life as we know it. This virus has been hijacked and used to damage our economy. Now it's time we fought back. Never mind the backyard over-the-fence bitching. We didn't win two World Wars, one against three nations at once, by hanging around gabbing.

Get out in the streets and do some non-violent gathering and tell the Antifa & Socialists of the Democratic Party that we will not be pushed aside. This is our Country and we will do whatever we can, whatever we have to, to bring back our Constitutional Republic. 

No more  violence and looting will be tolerated. We are ready, willing and able to attend our Religious meetings. We are ready, willing and able to start back to work. Our children are ready, willing and able to get back to school. Keeping them out of school is an attack on their education, while also an attack on our economy. 

We've sat back long enough and watched our world torn apart. Anti-Capitalism Mayors and Governors are using their power and authority to destroy our Democracy. They are hijacking our Freedoms and Liberty's. They are attacking our Freedom of Religion and our right to give our children the necessary educational tools to grow and enjoy the world we ourselves enjoyed growing up; and to protect themselves from the very protestors they have supported they will take away our guns to dismantle our ability to defend ourselves while they have their own private security paid from our tax dollars.

These individual City and State Leaders are  exploiting the "States Rights" to attain their goal. The stupidity they do not show is that they are being used to destroy their own power and authority. There will no longer be "States Rights". Once Capitalism is over-come they will fall under the power and authority of those that have been encouraging and supporting them. It will be "one world order" as George Soros, Hillary Clinton, China, Iran, Russia and those with them have wanted for a long time. 

The United States of America will be just another little spot on the globe. Our natural resources will be pillaged. Our spirit will be broken, our children will be slaves. There will be no more Religion, no more free speech. Education will be given to a specific few chosen by the powers that be. Working trades will be allotted to the lesser in our society as determined by the power holders. We will be separated by skin color and by ethnic origin. What little we earn will be given to the large worldly government, and we will be left with a small stipend to feed our families. 

Now, my friends, if you think this is unbelievable, if you think this cannot happen to America; you had better wake up!!! We have been spoiled. We have been so ensconced in our good life that we have taken it for granted. The time has come to get out of our safe little cocoons and fight this scourge on our Nation and our Free Society. We have been the envy of all others; and now they are trying adamantly to overtake us. They seem to think by doing this they will have the wonderful life that our Founders forged for us.

But they do not have the will nor the intelligence; they do not have the attitude (if you will) to properly maintain the Republic that we have. They only know to force their opinions on those that show weakness. The have not the confidence, nor the fortitude, of we in the United States of America, to properly govern so many by so few.

At this time our Government is trying desperately, while staying within our Constitution, to thwart these Anarchists that will do everything possible, including murder, destruction of property and violence to attract those among us who are weak and unknowing of what they are fighting for.

It is called Democratic Socialism. It is a way of life that has been strongly indoctrinated on our University campuses, and directly to our young within their classrooms. They know of nothing else. Capitalism has been portrayed as a winner take all society.  Much the same as we see on our Professional Sports teams. The arrogance and selfish attitude is carried over to the youth in the stands and the fans on the street.

We see this in our Justice System. Attorneys and Prosecutors determine their ability and status within their community by the wins and losses they acquire in the Court Rooms. No matter if their "wins" put a murderer or rapist back on the street. The important thing to them is that they won.

Witness the behavior of many a District Attorney. They favor the folks who will help to move them up the ladder within their community of so-called justice. The criminal activity that has occurred within our own Government should be an eye-opener to us all.

And many of those that have backed off from accusing them, have done so out of the fear of exposing their own involvement and support, and loss of their own status.

We must, I repeat, WE MUST stand up now. Literally stand up. Help our Government, help our local Police and National Guard as they push back on the Anarchism. I am not advocating we physically join the fight. Just by showing up and walking behind those that will defend our freedom, we display our own kind of voice and support. We are showing opposition to what the anarchists are striving to do.

And those that we stand behind will fight even harder for us, as they always have, to defend our Freedoms, our Rights, our Liberty's and the life we have so strongly fought for through the World Wars of our past.

Let our Police and our Military know we are behind them. Let them know we need them and will do whatever we can to support them.





Jean Coulard

Aug. 3, 2020

I guess we can all agree that Economics was probably one of the more difficult areas in school. But as Adults now we can fully understand the importance of it in our daily lives. It is the backbone of our Society. The bottom line in our survival. We all have a certain level of knowledge pertaining to our economical situation.

It's rather simple; either we grow our own vegetables and animals for sustenance, or we purchase these items from a Farmer or a store. Now, growing such items is not always feasible in a City environment. Even in the outlying Country it is not always easy. One must depend on the weather and other support to help maintain and grow these necessities. 

The simple way to understand how we survive: We work for the Farmer to help him grow and raise what we need for sustenance. He pays us to work, and we in turn pay him for what we buy. A simple circular system where we all help each other.

An Entrepreneur gets an idea and invents a product. He builds his invention and sells it to us. He needs some of us to work for him and help build the item. He pays us to work, and then we have money to buy his product.

It couldn't be more simple. And I don't understand why simple people don't get it.

Could it be because they are more interested in the power and fortune they are able to obtain through a Political career? 

Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, the Clintons and Bidens have all shown their willingness to do and say anything for the perks of Political life. And I suspect they are all bowing to the will and financial support of one George Soros to achieve their goals. Of course George Soros is not the only support they have. Probably many favors were owed to a certain Mr. Epstein, and it is now being discovered that China is a rather substantial financial supporter of many Democratic Party members.

Understand of course that I do not discount that many other Politicians from various parties are also receiving financial perks and favors from Mr. Soros, from China and previously from Mr. Epstein. It seems to be a way of life for them. It follows also that, being aware of all this, many are hesitant to hop on the bandwagon of those attempting to prosecute their fellow Politicians for fear of exposing their own connections.

Well now, that leaves you and I in the middle, doesn't it?

So how do we rectify this situation where the "children" in our Government are having a world class struggle for power and position. The lies and hypocrisy are a true standard of a little child being caught with their hand in the proverbial 'cookie jar'! 

Perhaps it is time to put one in the corner with a Dunce hat. Now the only weapon we have to accomplish this is our vote. Our words and actions fall on deaf ears. Although I must say the Socialist Democrats are being rather overbearing with their rhetoric and behavior.

As I have admitted before, I have supported the Republicans in the most recent Elections and that was because I saw them as the lesser of two evils. Well, no surprise I see the same thing now. I have been trying to search out information from several news productions. I have read the stories and found their lack of validity; but I have also found the reversals and admissions of the truth. We all know it is hard to find a redaction of any story. But one must look and listen with an open mind. And one must be able to accept the truth. The truth will be the savior of our Constitutional Republic.

The Trump Administration has done much to help our Nation. There is no doubt about that. And he and his supporters and staff have uncovered many lies and false actions by their competition. That is blatantly obvious. It is becoming more and more clear as time goes by that the Trump enemies are responsible for the protests and violence we are having in the Streets of America.

Trump is a unique individual in many ways. And I feel that his backers and supporters are aware of his demeanor and background. He is successful, he is brash, he is not afraid to voice his opinion. Many of his actions and words are in defense against the enemy he faces. He has been able to stand against the brutal attacks against his Administration. He has weathered a ferocious storm. Having been able to do this, I am sure, is the reason he was chosen to run in the 2016 Election.

Now the enemies of Trump and our Constitutional Republic have chosen VP Biden to run in the Presidential Election of 2020. We are all aware that it has been carefully and visciously crafted with the express intent to   demonize Trump the individual. Most of their mistakes have been the overwhelming brazen actions they have taken. But one glaring and obvious thing has come to my attention. Mr. Biden was intentionally kept out of the public eye for some time. During that time, and seeing the changes in Biden, I can only conclude that he was under the close supervision of medical experts as they put him on one of the many "miracle pills" on the market today that rejuvenates our mental capacities.

Now this is not  illegal. Many of our elite Government officials use them also. Many athletes and entertainers have also been on such medication. But it is substantially obvious with the change in Biden's behavior.

Now, it is crucial that we keep in mind that, although the physical attributes of the Brain may change and improve, it will not have a great affect on the emotional or private preferences of the person. He will still subscribe to his Left-leaning, Socialistic tendencies. He will still be aligned with China, Soros, and all the others he benefited from during his many lack-luster and fruitless terms in Government. 

No matter your Political leanings of the past, now we must all do what is absolutely necessary to maintain our Freedoms, Liberties and Rights as written in our Constitution. America will not survive under any form of Socialist Government. Especially not the "Democratic Socialism" that many generations of our youth have been educated within and indoctrinated to by the Liberal Socialistic Professors within our Educational system.

It simply will not work, and our Nation and it's ideals will be fractured. It would be a gross setback of Civilization to many Centuries past.





Jean Coulard     July 24, 2020

 I am continuously pondering the answer to that question. For over three years now, after the 2016 Election, I have had my fingers crossed. Did I make a good decision? Will things be alright? Or is he really the "... most dangerous President..."?

Well, my first response will be that I believe I made a good decision. So far things have been upbeat and positive; until this darn Pandemic hit. My mind is still out on that monster (was it intentional)?

I do not, and can not in good sensibility, consider Trump to be a dangerous President as the Leftist Liberals in the Democratic Party like to call him. His administration has accomplished too many good policies to be anything but good.

I am not going to exercise my natural Human paranoia and look at everything as a conspiracy, or something like  a reverse psychology. Conspiracies and emotional psychological meanderings should not be entertained in something so serious as the choosing of the leader of the Western World. Facts and truth must be found. They can be if one were to research thoroughly the Congressional voting records of the individual Representatives in the Legislative Department. Also, when they are seeking office we should research in depth their personal background. 

Our World is getting smaller every day. With the highly improved communication capabilities we have gotten closer and closer to other Countries, other Nations and other Societies.

Since the President of the United States of America is considered the Leader of the Western World, one must realize the responsibility we have with our vote. We are not just choosing our very own Leader, we must also consider those who rely on us for strength and hope. I repeat my very own words when I say “ …. America has become the First Responders for the less fortunate in the World today ….. ”.

I find it increasingly difficult to understand the reasoning behind the many in the House of Representatives who push forth an agenda that appears to be so in-Humane and un-American.

They seem to regale around ideas that are not sustainable, while at the same time they present an agenda that is not affordable. I do not see them aiding the current administration with the fight against the terrible virus. I do, however, see many discrepancies in the reporting of cases and the results of treatment and testing.

 I do not see an agenda that would get our children back to school; while all experts in the field inform us it is the most important thing to do for future generations. Pediatricians also are pushing to get the children back into the classroom setting, not only for education, but also for the social health of the child. And I see the added benefit of getting the parents back to work. 

What I do see is the Liberal Socialists pushing to keep America from working, something that would have a serious affect on our Economy. It is very obvious to me that this has all become Political on both sides. But how does one fight the “politicizing” of a subject, without also adding more “politicizing”.

Perhaps this virus was an accident. If so, then I believe further that it was advantageous to keep it quiet and behave exactly as the China Government did. China’s reaction to it was a direct hit on our tremendously expanding Economy. The fact that it was a new member in the virus family, and very little was known about it, did not help at all. Our Government officials and the Scientists were learning as they went. Several agendas underwent change back and forth. We are still learning. But we must get back our Economy. And it has been accepted by the majority that our schools must open, and guidelines must be implemented and followed. 

aside:       State’s rights MUST be followed. No question about that. However, it appears to me that they are being abused for the sake of Liberal Socialism.



****Just a quick note:  Did your local News show the marvelous Boat parade on Sunday 7/19/2020, on the Hudson River under the Statue of Liberty, supporting the Silent Majority?????


Jean Coulard   July 21, 2020

Black Lives Matter started out as a definitive and legitimate organization, but like many others has been taken over and infiltrated by the "goons" supported and encouraged by the Leftists within the Democratic Party. The true Democratic Party of years ago would never, in my opinion, have backed such behavior. I refer of course to the average, every-day Democrats that can be found on the streets of America, in the neighborhoods and in the Malls.

However, if you research the voting record of the Party, you will uncover the greatest fraud perpetrated on the American people since the mid 1800's. I am referring to the Democratic Party established in 1854. This is, I believe, the group that broke from the Jefferson Republican Democrats. They are the originals that supported the KKK, and many other slavery supporting organizations. I believe they splintered into many local groups that quietly and secretly fought to continue slavery. 

A thorough research has shown me that the public face of the Party exhibited an anti-slavery message; and while many of the 'bills' they outwardly supported and promoted were actually only a ruse. If you follow through with the voting records, you will see that the actual votes by these 'Democrats' were against the 'bills' put forth originally that were supposedly against Slavery.

Fast forward to today, and you can see the deception has been brought to the forefront. They are so desperate to move forward they have now begun to use openly those they indoctrinated over the past fifty years through our Education Department. Russia's own Nikita Khrushchev boasted, many years ago, that they will  "....conquer us from within...."!

Our greatest weapon will be our voice to inform those believing the current deception, followed by our vote. We cannot allow this outdated perception from the past change the American way of life. Millions upon millions of Immigrants have made the dangerous and arduous journey to our shores in the hopes of sharing with those already here, this free society.

Yes, Black Lives Matter, and so do all others, including the many who have fought for the continuation of our Freedoms and Liberties, and our Rights afforded us by the Constitution. 

Do not let the Anarchists among us take away our dreams. It is time once again to fight for our Nation, for our Flag, for our very life.

Stand up and show your true colors. Show the true American strength and courage.




Jean Coulard    July 18, 2020

I am referring to the News of course. Having friends and family in New York,  Long Island, So. Carolina, Dallas, Texas and Florida I do get a wide range of stories.

Did you know that just yesterday two women attempted to paint over the BLM sign painted on a New York street in front of the Trump Tower? Yes, the one that Mayor DeBlasio and friends had just painted on Friday afternoon. Well, these two were promptly arrested for whatever crime DeBlasio could come up with. And he and his "friends" came back immediately and repainted the areas they had covered.

The two women luckily fell under the recent new criminal Law reform and were released.


Florida's spike in the virus has been widely and loudly reported by the Media, as they continue their efforts to support the Left in attacking our Economy. Keeping schools closed would be devastating to our workforce, and as reported by many Pediatricians, would be severely harmful to the children. It has now been discovered that the positive testing has been inflated by 1000%! ! ! Serious 'mistakes' have been found in the laboratories, prompting further and deeper investigations.

I was under the impression that the warm weather would deter that little "son-of-a-gun" as it would dissipate with the warm weather! ! ! 


The head of the DHS has initiated a task force to operate in the sanctuary cities where officials are not detaining illegals with criminal records to be deported. I will spare you the details, but this initiative was included in the recent Executive Order by President Trump. The violence and destructive acts seriously affecting citizens have been ongoing for too long; the violators are being released before the paper work can be done by the Police. They are back on the streets having a good ole time and encouraged by DeBlasio.


A Republican Senator from Missouri has requested that the DOJ investigate the District Attorney in the case of Mr. & Mrs. McClosky, in St. Louis,  being indicted for protecting their home. The D.A. claims they intimidated (for lack of a better word) the protestors. I am under the impression the DOJ will be acting.

Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel. Let us continue praying.




Jean Coulard    JULY 17, 2020

 Another unbelievable ploy by the Left Liberal Socialistic Democrats. They will stop at nothing; they will do anything in their power, to buy the Black vote! And many of the Black community, especially those that do not pay close attention to what is truly going on in Washington, D.C., nor do they care, are believing it.

Today I see that Senator Schumer of New York has proposed a bill that would allocate three hundred fifty billion dollars ($350,000,000,000.) to be invested in the Black community in reparation for losses caused by the Pandemic!

For those of you living in the Black community, or have friends or family from the Black community, please have conversations and discuss the blatant lies that are being put upon the community. Speak also of the many Black leaders that are talking out against the lies and false hope of the Left, and encourage all to tune in to them. LIFE, LIBERTY AND LEVIN has very interesting guests, also HANNITY and TUCKER CARLSON are among those trying to spread the word of honesty and disprove that of the BLM. Hannity and Carlson can be found on Fox News in the evening, and Marc Levin on Sunday night. I would also recommend JUSTICE with Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday night.

I don't usually like to advocate or advertise my own preferences, but I think things are getting out of hand and we must do something about it. Since I am not able to get out on the street and protest, I can only use my verbal opinion to help spread the word against the vicious and violent attacks on our America! 

Encourage all you know to VOTE!





                                                                                                 Jean Coulard   July 16, 2020

V.P. Joe Biden as the President of the U.S.A.???? He may be a nice guy to his friends and family, but he has not been productive or honest in his thirty plus years in the Government.

He and his family have used his position and name recognition for power and money. He has been hypocritical to say the least. He has lied numerous times. And now he is playing to the anti-American promoters, the many that would like to see the United States fail.

Prior to being relegated to his basement under the guise of protection from the virus, he was babbling and stuttering, much like anyone on the verge of Dementia.

His demeanor was becoming a joke to many, and a frightening prospect to Democrats. Just a few weeks ago he was about to name his running mate. It was evident he was stopped “.. in his tracks..”!

Suddenly nothing more has been mentioned about the “lucky” person. Just as well. He was being extremely bias and racist by declaring it would be a woman of color. Throughout his campaign he declared this would be his criteria. Never mentioned the necessary requirements, experience or qualifications. All he would say is the person would have to be able to step up on the first day!!

Now, all of this is pretty scary. I agree. However, after the extended quarantine in his home, we have seen a very different man. And I emphasis “different”!

Consider this if you will. He was being detained to perfect his demeanor and his public self. He has made a tremendous about-face in speaking, in his ability to read the teleprompter, and to speak with  a continuity of thought and words. What could this be the result of?? In my opinion his “staff” has been testing his responses to one of the many “brain enhancing” medications on the market today. Of course, I am aware that many others have used, and are using them to improve their own moods and attitude. Ever since JFK actually. It has been widely known and documented that he (JFK) was using one such medication. Now this I know is not illegal. I am all for a healthy brain for all of us. But, while enhancing the power of the Brain is in good health, does it change the actual behavior of the individual? Does it change the voluntary and involuntary responses of the individual within his/her scope of experiences and learning. Basically does it change the preferences in decisions and opinions? Of this I am greatly concerned as I feel that each and every one of the American voting public should be.

Obviously, while his outward demeanor has been improved, I do not see a change in his preferences. He is still faulting the Constitutional Republic that has served us so well over the years. He is still promoting the policies of the “extreme left”.

Following the public words of the misguided Media, of the dissenters within the Democratic Party, and not saying a word against the violence of the protesters, he echo’s the words of the anti-American among us.

I have been dismayed and disgusted at the actions and policies of our Government for the last fifty (50) years with very few exceptions. At this point I can only say that I will vote as I did in the 2016 Election, and pick the lesser of two (2) evils. Trump is not perfect by any means, but he has done a lot for the Country and for the minority’s. Yes he has helped his friends, but at the same time he has helped the Nation. He has helped those that the Democratic Party has been lying to since the sixties.

We cannot let America slip into the “One World Order”. This was the drive of Hillary Clinton and all her backers. They gave us Barack Obama and we fell for the lies. Now we must stand up strong and tall. We must preserve the future for those that will follow, just as the many before us that sacrificed so much. The VOTE is our main weapon. Arm yourself!



MONDAY JULY 15, 2020

Yesterday I responded with a personal comment to a news article showing the owner of the Washington Redskins has agreed to change the team name. He gave in!!!!! Not only to the politics, but also to the Federal Express company that threatened to abandon the Stadium with their name on it.

I couldn't let all this anti-American and 'Politically Correct' nonsense go unanswered, and I did. Now I have decided to share my public 'comment' to NEWSMAX with you, my Blog supporters.

Re: Redskins change name:

" .......... Make sure you add "coward" and "selfish" to the new name! This action is spurred by 'sponsors' and the BLM movement (which is supported by Soros and other anti-American peoples). Obviously showing all, that "money" and "power" has become the new purpose in life. Patriotism and National Pride have been thrown out the window, along with the concern for fan loyalty. I am just below 40% North American Indian (according to and verified by research), and I was proud to see a team with that name (Redskins). Who's next? Maybe the "Cowboys"? Don't forget the New York "Yankees" or the Florida "Seminoles"! .............. and on and on. 

I have become disgusted and sad over the change that our Government leaders (all Parties) have allowed all this nonsense to permeate our Nation. It started with Pres. Lyndon Johnson, and has been allowed to creep into our lives.  Donald Trump was elected because he boasted a new America. Bringing back the true American bold and courageous attitude. Why has all this other "stuff" come forward? The President and his staff seem to rely on the Constitution. Maybe it's time to rely on our true heritage. We should not rely on Lawyers to run our Country. Let the Businessmen take over. And we should use our own individual powers, like boycotting (it's the only way to fight these idiots). Hit them in their pockets. Look how the sponsors leave guys like Tucker Carlson and other men and women in the Media who are not afraid of the high rollers. Sean Hannity has lost followers since he watered-down his narrative, became redundant and talked too much to use up time in his hour.

As an avid fan of the N.Y. Giants and the Dallas Cowboys (yes both) I am dismayed and upset. I will not watch Football and I may go "bananas" with the withdrawal, but I have to. And I am happy to hear others are doing the same. If you don't have the fortitude to make known your opinion, then at least don't support these characters with your hard earned money........... "!  end of my comment.



JULY 11, 2020                              CAPITALISM NEEDS DISCIPLINE

 Our system of Capitalism is the best to come down the pike in Centuries. I firmly believe that and I disagree with those that say it cannot last. It just needs to be controlled. Like a lost child it must not be allowed to run amok of the people and our Government.

Those who take advantage of Capitalism in a very selfish way must be stopped. Their actions are causing the current rise of violent protests.  And yet we see them, the Left, encouraging and supporting the protests. They have become so encrusted with their own power and financial gain, they will stop at nothing to keep it. 

And yes, there are those on the Right that also take advantage, and for the same reasons. However, I do feel that on the Right they are also responding to the needs of their constituents, and working to help the minorities.

Perhaps by referring to our Citizens as “minorities” and “majorities”, we are instilling a mindset that is disruptive, and works against Society. We may be seeing a result of that. Those who wish to see the United States of America as part of a “One World Order”, are, in my opinion, using the "result" of which I speak, to motivate certain folks to action.

Splitting our Government into the “Right” and “Left”, further enhances the movement we see today. 

It appears to me that the so-called “Left” throws out promises and sends crumbs. Where-as I see the Right throw out promises and we see a whole loaf. (or most of it at least).

To sum up my words; I believe that our current Administration is helping the Citizens of all classes. While they maintain their own success, they also help those in need and those who attempt Entrepreneurship. It is a delicate balance to uphold, but at least they are trying. I must support that.

I cannot fathom the thinking of those on the “Left” who  encourage such violent disruption and attempt to alter our minds and our Society. By encouraging the violent resistance actions, they are actually destroying the land and people that they hope to control. They will be left with the very animals they have used and the worthless property that is left.

I further speak today of the St. Louis couple that defended their lives, their property and home against an angry mob. And now the local D.A. has sent the police to search their home for other weapons!!!!!! This is a Black woman who, according to news reports, has an abysmal record against crime. [Since the many Media members are so adamant to identify a person by the color of their skin, I will do the same]. I have noticed an increased amount of “reverse racism” since the BLM movement has grown. Do these people not realize and see that this very movement is aimed AGAINST them??

I will end my opinions today with a big pat on the back on the CEO of Goya foods. Here is a company that has just donated millions of dollars worth of food to the needy and the “left” is criticizing him for it. He also gave a similar amount to an area that suffered from a devastating hurricane, and millions to the effort of then First Lady Michelle Obama for her ‘feed the children’ effort aimed at schools. And I might add that most of the children getting free meals in schools are from the Black community. I cannot believe the ignorance of the community leaders not realizing the devastating result of their lack of actions against the BLM movement.

And V.P. Biden is going to choose a “woman of color” for his running mate?!?!. This is a travesty of common sense and intelligence. He will set us back to the Obama years when the occupant of the Oval Office practiced “reverse racism” and nearly decimated our Nation. I would expect the choice should be of someone who is qualified; not just because of their skin color but their background and experience.

I have gotten carried away as usual with my keyboard. I will say bye for now. Stay well. Pray for our Nation.



THURSDAY   JULY 9, 2020             


Of all the nasty violent headlines that have been printed in the last several years by our hateful Media, this one has touched me so much!

A statue of her in her home town has been toppled and torched ! ! ! ! !

This woman has done nothing to our United States, nor to the World, other than to highlight our children and their needs; she has brought dignity back to the White House and to our culture; she is not dancing in a “show-off” manner, and she advocates proper dress for the occasion. Always a lady, and always smiling.


TUESDAY       JULY 7, 2020

Today I have questions to the residents of Thurman, N.Y. You have the unique position of living in a beautiful part of New York State. Do you realize and appreciate that God has given you this opportunity to enjoy the best of the best?

Of course there may be better; but we can't live everywhere. So you have chosen this community that has been, at one time, "..almost Heaven.."

Many wonder what happened to that concept. Well, having spent 28 years ( '65 - '93) as a vacationer and visitor,  and now permanently for the past 27 years, I can recall the better times with envy and remorse for having lost them. 

I can recall the loss of Supervisor John Haskell as being a very sad time; for it was then that I realized how many Politicians (Federal & Local), allowed their personal opinions and their selfish agenda influence their decisions. After reviewing much information, and talking with many of the Thurman-born residents, I am convinced of the illegitimacy and blasphemy of removing him from office. And to remember the photo of the Police taking him out in shackles and handcuffs is a total embarrassment to this beautiful community and a very sad memory.

These memories permeate my thoughts today as I see the current Town Board doing the very thing that he was accused of, and spent time behind bars when found guilty. I do not, in my opinion, consider that he had a fair and equitable trial. But that is my opinion.

It seems the favoritism allowed politicians by their friends and co-horts in the political field, is the modes-operand-i for the leaders of today. I see this from Washington, D.C. to Thurman. We can't influence Washington as much as we can here in Thurman; and I hope we can work on it from the bottom up, here in our little Town, and make a difference for those coming after. Perhaps, in the same thinking, we can very possibly improve this Town so the future generations will stay, and not move on after school. They will stay and share their knowledge and passion to improve their own hometown.



JULY 6, 2020     11:00AM

Each and every day I wake up to more headlines that are unbelievable. I see where Chris Cuomo, our Governors brother, is once again in the headlines.

First it was his phony climb from the basement after his self-imposed quarantine. Then his violation of his brothers' "distancing" when he went to his home in the Hamptons of Eastern Long Island, and had a verbal altercation with a biker that he referred to with words I cannot mention herein.

Now Mr. Cuomo, being, I presume, a good Italian Catholic from New York, is making reference to our need for God in our everyday lives. Or is he saying we do not need God? Look it up and make your own interpretation.

2:16 PM     Just breezed through a few headlines and found nothing new in the World. At this time, my thoughts are of you who are still following and agreeing with Alexandria Cortez, the "Squad", Senator Bernie Sanders, and the others that are trying to move our Nation out of the standard, loyal and secure visions of the Founders and into the large Government with a controlled Bureaucracy. The only questions I have at this time is what, if any, connection there is between those I just previously mentioned, and the voting members of the Democratic Party. I refer to Pelosi, Schumer, Nader and the many others who obviously are pushing our Country in a direction totally alien to the original concept and Constitution. And what are they using to intimidate the corporations and sports venues to engage them.

Our Nation is based on freedom, liberty and entrepreneurship; for all men and women of all colors and creeds. And yet there is a growing movement pushing to "transform America" as President Obama has claimed in the early days of his candidacy for the Presidency; and also in his acceptance speech. Now I hear these very words from V.P. Biden. This has waved a big red flag in my mind. Now I am paying absolute attention to what is being said and who says it. 

Please do the same. Leave your current political affiliation until the dust settles; remember you are an American first. Be a true descendant of the Founders and those that followed after them; including those who immigrated to this land to enjoy the freedoms, liberties and rights that are indigenous to many and earned by most.



JULY 5, 2020    1:25 P.M.

It appears the Liberal Leftists that have invaded and overtaken our Democratic Party, while influencing the groups of protesters that follow them and rely on their financial support, have used the Pandemic virus to force changes in our vacation habits, our living habits and our sports venues. I say STOP IT!! Stop it right now. "Now or never". And I am quite adamant about that. IT IS TIME!! IT IS TIME!!

The more we allow them control, the more they will take. Stop running away from the virus. Deal with it the best way you can. Deal with it the best way you know how. I am in a high risk status, and I will not run from it. I have never run from anyone or anything when I was able to stand and fight. I will not start now. A mask and common sense is all I need. The Democratic Governors and Mayors will not tell me what to do or where I can go.

Pres. Trump, help us out here. You have always been a fighter and a winner. I know from your days at the NYMA that you are a leader. Stop listening to the Politicians at your side. They got us into this mess, and now, YOU are the one to get us out. Follow your instincts as a New Yorker, a Businessman, a winner and leader, and lead us in the right direction. You know what that is. You listened to the Scientists and look where it got us. I understand why you did, but it didn't work out. Get back on your own course, that is why we elected you. Do what you know you should, for all Americans. We are a diverse Nation; leave it that way. No one Ethnic or Religious group is any better, or deserves any special attention than any other.

JULY 5, 2020   10:AM

Well now, do you believe this one? A Catholic Priest (here in USA) has been suspended for his sermon condemning BLM and protests. That's all the info I have right now but will research further. As an aside I would recommend boycotting those behind any of these institutions, organizations, and retailers that have succumbed to the demands of those attempting to annihilate our Nation and it's values, liberties and freedoms. We must get behind with whatever support we have to help those on the "front lines".

They are making their presence known in our beloved sports venues. How would you like to see the Cleveland Browns become the Cleveland Pinks?; or the New England Patriots be the N.E. East Coasters?  The San Diego Padres could be the San Diego Sinners. Kansas City Chiefs would be the Kansas City Squaws; no that wouldn't work would it? Maybe try the Kansas City Kingpins! How about making the San Francisco Giants the San Francisco Board Walkers????


JULY 4, 2020

I am extremely angry at the weak-kneed, cowardly corporations that are bowing to the protesters supported by the Socialistic, Tyrannical, Dictatorial Liberals on the left side of the Democratic Party. The yellow streak running down their backs is beginning to show through their black BLM shirts.

Many of us have been talking, commenting, and using social media to express our rage at the highly supported violent protesters. Perhaps it is time to get away from the "pen & pencil toting" Patriotics and keep these mouthy attention-seekers out of our neighborhoods. A group of Tennessee Veterans, following one lonely Vet, have now gathered to protect their memorial. I refer to one Vet that went by himself to the monument, and soon when others heard about it they joined him. Now that is America to me!!

There is just so much our Representatives can do about these Anarchists; these cowards hide behind the Constitution like little kids hiding behind "mommy's apron"!


 MY RANDOM THOUGHTS                                                     JUNE 22 & 23, 2020

Forgive my language please, but I am damn sick and tired of this ridiculous claim that Black lives matter. Get off your high collective horses and come on down to Earth with the rest of us. ALL lives matter!!!!! Keep that in your thoughts. Those of you in mixed race marriages, I ask who is more important, your partner, you or your mixed race children?

Subscribing to Black lives matter? ~ ~ what about your beloved Barack Obama who is legally and fact-backed to be half white and half Kenyan? Which part of him matters?? I believe he started all this racism for his own gain along with those who are behind him (along with Sharpton and the other so-called Community Leaders). Was that not Obama's official title working in Chicago??

Your ignorance is astounding! You have allowed the phony "Community Leaders" to convince you of all this divisional race nonsense. Don't you realize for God's sake they are getting paid to scream and 'holler' their words at you? How else do you think people like "Rev" (????) Sharpton can afford the life they have. His expensive clothes, jewelry etc. are not the result of a successful life as a "man of God", nor are his expenses to travel on a moments notice to any city where there is trouble brewing. He leaves his flock to attend to the work of the devil!

And now we have these millionaire Athletes who made it through the halls of higher learning on a "give-me" program that included a general education degree; which tells me they know nothing of the unwritten rules of Mankind. 

Just put on your uniform and play the game. Entertain us!!!! Don't force your personal opinions on the rest of us. You know very little of what you speak. You only worship the attention and the money.


Seems China has tentacles all over the place. The National Institute of Health has found approximately three hundred ninety-nine (399) Scientists are being investigated since the COVID virus invaded. Of that number, so far, fifty four (54) have lost their jobs or resigned. It was found that eighty percent (80%) of that number were Asian!! 

aside:  ... if it's"made in China" should be returned to the retailer for refund. Maybe they will get the message if the bottom line goes down. I also support "boycotts". Some people only understand the bottom line. Let them know your boycotting and why.  Capitalism has been used and abused by the greedy.


I have to share the following with you. Just further information about who exactly is going all out to keep Donald Trump from winning re-election. As I have said before, these people, these organizations, will stop at nothing to achieve their agenda.

       (   " .......... President Trump’s re-election campaign hit back Sunday at claims Saturday’s rally in Tulsa, OK, was sabotaged by teenagers on social media app TikTok. Democrats have been gloating about the fact the heavily subscribed event didn’t pack the venue to capacity, claiming this happened because teenagers and K-pop fans made tens of thousands of false reservations to block seats, with notorious radical congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) even taking to Twitter to crow about it  ............ " .  

Rep.Cortez was praising this on her Twitter page. That Twitter entity should be investigated by the Atty. Gen. for violation of the First Amendment since they mostly print radical and non-Conservative articles, while censoring anything truly American. Why are they allowed to continue with this obvious and outrageous behavior?

Reminds me of the previous crimes proven by our Investigating Committees from Congress. Who has been found guilty and put in Prison? Only those that were not basically Politicians. Who has been allowed to get away with everything? (yes the Politicians)

Time to get rid of most of the Politicians. It seems they are all "sleeping in the same bed", and they protect each other when the chips are down. It's time to consider keeping Trump, no matter your Political affiliation; and begin now to find another Businessman to follow him. 

 While a Businessman is also questionable for his/her tactics, at least they are supportive of their employees and take care of them. I have found this to be quite true, in my 50+ years in that community.

Politicians have turned their back on their Country, on our Constitution, on their promises. They have one thing in mind, and that's their own selfish agenda. Don't get me wrong, I am not for the characters violently protesting, the destroying of businesses and property, and scaring many elderly citizens living alone in our cities. 

In November we have a choice to make: pick the lesser of two evils. The current administration, while it may appear they have helped Corporate America and the Banking Industry, I have to admit they have also helped the Country as a whole!

PG and E, a utility company of California, has been ordered to pay a fine of $3.5 million when found guilty to a lower case of manslaughter, plus an additional half a million for the cost of the investigation of a recent Forest fire. Approximately 84 lives were lost. Some victims were found in their cars trying to escape the horror of flames and smoke. Is this enough? Is money ever enough to those who suffered the loss of friends, family, property and possibly Pets? The Company admitted guilt through their Attorneys and representatives! At the time it was questioned if this was due to the Company not spending money for proper maintenance and upkeep of their system. I believe it was found to be in serious dis-repair!

Current CEO Johnson accepted full responsibility on behalf of the Company. He had only come on board a few months after the tragedy, and resigned after the trial. Ya' think he was just brought on for this trial? Guess if that's so he was handsomely rewarded.


JUNE 21, 2020

DEMOCRAT?  ~ ~  NO!! ~ ~  REPUBLICAN?  ~ ~  NO!!  ~ ~  AMERICAN! ! ! ! ! YES ! ! ! ! !

I not sure anymore just what Party I support. Or if I support any Party at all. They (most Politicians) have proven to be "sleaze-bags" anyway. (don't know exactly what a sleaze-bag is), but I'll go with it. In my opinion it just refers to a real low-life.

Did you know anyone "on the right" is considered a White Supremacist? Or maybe just Racist. If that be so, then please tell me what and who are those people that are managing V.P. Joe Biden for President? They are picking a V.P. running mate according to gender and skin color! What ever happened to qualifications? Of course Biden is definitely not qualified anyway in my opinion.

Wait a minute. Just wait a minute! Are these the same people that had hundreds protesting against American White Police Officers at a time when several States  made everyone stay home to avoid contact with others due to the Pandemic?

And now the Governor and the Mayor of Seattle, Wash. are allowing a group of Anti-American people and Cop-haters occupy and take over a small section of one of America's beautiful cities, and doing so in close proximity of each other. They put small businesses out of business, threaten those who reside there, and totally disrupt the entire area. They have been joined by the ever complaining Black Lives Matter faction. And also with the Antifa group. All because a White Policeman killed a Black perpetrator. I'm not saying it was justified. That is for the Justice Dept. to decide. Not me, not you and not a bunch of idiots screaming and carrying on demanding they be allowed to decide. This only happens when  a Black man is involved as the victim. Now take note that these people protesting and screaming for justice are congregating in close proximity to each other. But I guess that's alright because they are basically against our current Constitutional Republic Government. And the Candidate on the "right" is criticized for having a rally and putting all these people at risk. I believe all attending had to be tested and provided PPE before entering. And no-one was forced to go. Did the protesters get tested and given any protection equipment? And were they not told, most of them, that they had to be there, and oh yes, some had AK - 15's, or is it AK - 47's for protection! ! ! Many of them appeared that they came from the homeless groups in San Francisco. Perhaps they were promised some of their necessities if they participated.

Did you know that most every year there are more White men killed by Police than any other Race. Maybe that's why we have more Black men in Prison. The White men are killed while being arrested or subdued and never make it to Prison!

One last word if you will. It has been reported the girl friend (not the wife, but the girlfriend) of the fellow recently killed by Police in Atlanta, has been charged with the crime of Arson for burning down a Wendy's restaurant. But that's ok, she is a woman of color and a feasible excuse will be given to assure her of not going to prison. I'm sure now that all the people that have no job to go to will be real happy to hear that.

Do you think it's time for the "Silent Majority", and the White Supremacist, and all the other good Americans to stand up and start walking the streets, peacefully?????

President Trump says we should just wait and see what happens. He thinks it will all even out in time (my words). I disagree. How much longer can we wait for Justice? How much longer can we watch our Policeman be brutalized? They deserve our support; after all they put their lives on the line every day for us.





Together we share the same beautiful Planet. We are Family. And no-one shall divide us! And no-one matters more than another!  Get out of yourselves people.

The Black community must realize this more than any other. I am sorry your ancestors were treated badly. 

Mine were the original North America Indian, and suffered badly at the hands of the Europeans that took away their land and slaughtered many. But now we owe it to our children to retain and maintain our History as an aid to help us teach them. 

As Parents and adults we must teach the young to accept themselves and others as God has made us all. We are not perfect, and we must help each other to get through our frailties. We must help each other to survive in the best way. Improvement and growth should be all that we subscribe to, as we work and play to enjoy the Freedoms and Liberties that we have worked so hard to protect.

Yes, I know that we have been used and abused by those in our Government that have put themselves ahead of their Constituency. And now there is a faction going all out to impose their agenda on our Country. There are many in their number, and they are arming themselves. They are intimidating the vulnerable and weak among us. They have even threatened the Corporate people. Those who have supplied us with our necessities over the years. They must go along for now to keep our jobs and continue our Economy. 

Basically the Anti-American protestors are attacking our Economy. That has been their agenda all along. Our strong Economy is our backbone. It is our "life-jacket"! The strength of our Economy is the most important thing right now; our Economy and our people, together we will prevail.                    

Our Election system is flawed. But it may be too late now to fix it for this year's voting. Therefore we must get as many out there to exercise their right and vote. Even those of you sitting on the fence; please try to understand that we must put aside our "political party" support for now. We are so divided it is almost impossible to realize who is who. I can only suggest you talk with your friends, your family and neighbors. Don't treat it like an argument, just exchange knowledge and thoughts. Don't try to change their minds for that will cause an argument. Walk away if that starts. Try to learn their thoughts and share yours. Use your intelligence. Read all sides of the News. Make up your own mind as an individual. 

God Bless and stay well.

Jean   6/20/2020



We should not have to be told to pay respect to our Flag or our National Anthem. It should be something felt from the Heart, and would be if we had been taught our true National history through the Education system and from our Parents!

It is unfortunate that such freedoms that we as a Nation enjoy, are taken advantage of  by the selfishness of those who cave in to the detractors and tread lightly to avoid what is falsely considered racism. All to gain more profit!

Turning to the current situation in Atlanta; the Police were attempting to control the suspect when he grabbed one of their weapons (I believe it was a stun-gun) and started to run away. Did the Media and others think the Police were going to let him run away and commit another crime on another day? NO. So naturally they went in pursuit. The perpetrator turned as he ran, pointed and discharged a weapon at them and continued running. The Police then did as they had been trained; they shot at him!

Where is the crime here??! Why was one officer fired and the other put on suspension? What about "Due Process"? Are we still reverting to "guilty until proven innocent"? What has happened to "Innocent Until Proven Guilty"? When do the Police get their day in court? Will that be after days of mourning for a man who resisted arrest, a man who was stopped from driving while intoxicated? What would have happened if he continued driving? And now as he ran, what would have happened had the Police let him continue running and eventually he injured or killed an innocent person? Would that also be the fault of the Police for allowing him to run?

And why did the Chief of Police resign? There are so many questions to be answered. Who is going to answer them?                                                                                                       

One thing I hope for sure, that we cannot allow the dissidents of today answer questions or make decisions for us. We need qualified and organized entities and Government to enact and maintain our Laws and represent us through our Constitution.

There are many forces today attempting to return us to the days before Martin Luther King. To the days of segregation and racism. We were moving along in a good direction until Barack Obama (a half-white half-Black man) was elected President. His 'backers' were the same persons, I believe, that are aiding and abetting the riots, violence and looting we see today. This, in my opinion, is pure anarchism. And it must be stopped!

We must support those that will stop it. I think the truckers, the bikers, the Police, and the National Guard need our support and help. We must absolutely resolve to support them. The good in their ranks far out-number the bad. We must step up!

Stay well, stay strong, fight for our Constitution and our Freedoms. Our children deserve it.

Jean  6/16/2020



(Definitely not anything personal in my life.)


I woke up this AM envisioning the following:

..... A young man in his mid teens stands there, holding a gun to his head, his parents standing in front of him screaming NO-NO-NO! DON'T DO IT!

He is reacting to what they are doing in reality, tearing his life apart. And he is thinking: "...They brought you into this world, and now they are leaving you alone to deal with it on your own. Telling you they will always be there for you. But you know that is not true..." 

"... In the past you were a family and when they spoke it was as one.                           

Your parents were one. Now they are two.  Screaming at you, screaming at each other. They are no longer one entity.  They are separated and expect you to accept this new life, but you are not ready to see them divided. You would rather leave this world then see them divided.

 You will never be able to deal with them as separate entity's.                                          

For your entire life you will still seek their advice, their comfort, their love, their support and protection. But as separate individuals, they will not be able to respond and help you.

They will move in different directions in their life. Leaving you to no longer treat them as one. Leaving you alone in your mind.

To you, in your heart and soul, they are one, and as one they brought you to this day. They must stay as one to be of any solace and strength to you. 

And yet they ignore their responsibility to you. They put themselves and their lives before any concern for you.

You cannot deal with that and continue on as a whole person. For once they no longer are a whole person to you; you will not be a whole person to yourself. You will always be divided, you will always be an unfinished product....! He asks himself  ".....What now? What will be there for me? Where am I headed??....."


Where in the world, I asked myself, did this thought come from???

Eventually I realized, after giving it much thought, that my strong concern and thoughts about our Nation is what has invaded my mind. Our Government has divorced itself from within. Our Nation is so divided that it is difficult to see a return to the past, to the Nation of Liberties and Freedoms bequeathed to us from our Founders; from those that have given their lives and limbs to protect us as a free Country.

It is difficult to read the News and see the videos. It is emotionally painful. But I am not a negative-thinking person. I believe that we can heal. That we can come together as a people and gain the life that we once enjoyed.

The truckers in our Country are refusing to enter into the current "Left"-controlled Cities if the Police are not there; and that will cause unknown reactions and hardships; the Bikers that support our Government are indicating their own involvement to stop the division and violence created and caused by those who would infiltrate the decent peaceful protesters. The bikers and truckers are not intrinsically violent, but they will do what has to be done to stop the outrageous lack of civility that is permeating our lives.

Decent people have a right to protest. The only problem they cause is a disruption of traffic. That could be a good thing considering the many traffic jams we see in our cities. A break would almost be welcome. You would be forced to find a different more comfortable way to get home.

And therein lies my hopes and dreams; we, together, will find a comfortable way of life; we will regain our Life, Liberty and happiness. We, once again, will be a free Nation. All we must do is support and have faith in those who will do whatever it takes to get it back.

God Bless and stay well. (PRAY)



TUES. JUNE 9, 2020

Trump is a very wealthy man as are most (if not all) Democrats. So I must then, believe what I have read this morning. We are witnessing a battle between the two "BULLIES" in the playground!!! Or maybe a better example would be GODZILLA vs. KING KONG!!!

I am picturing the two 'big' Political Parties, the Democrats and the Republicans. I understand from what I have read, they are fighting as enemies, not partners working together for the American people, and using you and me as weapons. And if that's true, you and I and all the others, can throw out our conspiracy theories.

In my opinion, the words we all have been using " ... the lesser of two evils ... ", seem to 'fit the bill' perfectly, do they not? Well, I am not going to pick one as yet since we have a lot of time to do so. However, most of you are aware of who I am leaning toward.

And I have many reasons why I lean where I do. But this morning I read an article where the previously acting DNI director, Mr. Grenell, was an openly Gay gentleman. Of course his personal life does not weigh for or against my respect and agreement with him; that is for another day's discussion. He has demonstrated something that most others do not associate with Gay men; and that is his courage, and his willingness to stand up for what he feels is right. 

I am reminded of the Gay man who convinced his fellow-passengers, on that ill-fated plane back on Sept 11, 2001, that landed into a heap of metal and flames in a field in Pennsylvania, to fight those who took over the plane that was headed for Washington D.C. They all knew they were doomed, but gave their lives to protect their fellow citizens, and our way of life and Government. That, in my opinion, was bare-knuckle courage!

There have been many such before him that you never heard of; you only see the the other side, those who parade the streets of New York in costumes. That should tell you how diversified our Nation is. We have good, bad, and ugly within our Citizenship, and we must all come together to protect ourselves from the dissidents who wish to control our Country, who demand only what they feel is best for all of us. Their selfish attitude, in my opinion, is an unhealthy attitude at best. It is destructive of our Democratic ways. It is demoralizing to our youth. It is a slap in the face to our Founders and to the many who have given all in wars to protect our Constitutional Republic.

Our Nation was making great strides prior to President Obama. He has been described by many as the most Racist President ever. I believe they are right. And I also believe he is very much behind much of the rioting we see today. He and Al Sharpton (he does not deserve the title "Reverend" in my opinion) have been the most disruptive forces in our Country for many years, and it is time to stop them.


FRI. JUNE 5, 2020  3:00 PM

Watching the President speak this AM at a press conference, I realized what a guy he really was.

This is the first President I have seen, and I been watching them since the 50's, that talks off-the-cuff. Of course in doing it that way he will most certainly be quite redundant. But that's a good thing. Too many people just listen with a half-hearted ear; with repetition one can hope and expect that a lot of the words will sink in.

He is, in my opinion, a natural Pep-Rally speaker. And that is exactly what our Nation needs at this time. I also like that he walked off when a "stupid" question was asked by a rude reporter.                                                   

He had walked from the podium to a small table next to it, to sign a bill, when this rude person kept shouting out a question. Twice he said he couldn't hear and finally he gestured that he was there to sign a bill; but still this person,  (................?? whatever) kept asking the question! Eventually he ignored it, signed the bill, and stood with the others on stage for a photograph; then he waived off and walked away. Love it!!!!!

I had my doubts about Trump when he won the election. But I felt honestly that if Hillary won, we would have exactly what we are having today, just a little sooner. And I have been satisfied I made the right decision when I see what he and his administration have accomplished in a short period of time.

It makes one wonder if this whole "Pandemic" thing wasn't  intentional; or at least brought forth a " ... crisis that couldn't go to waste ..."! as some have indicated.

Either way, I feel confident that between the President and A.G. Barr, we will see the violence and looting stopped. Perhaps for good. Those of you against the second amendment should take a good long look. How many were able to protect their business, their life savings, their future, and know they can raise their children in security and good health.?

In my opinion the Trump Administration, and the President himself, have every right to brag and/or boast about the accomplishments they have achieved. The Media certainly isn't helping; the President must put the word out there himself.

I feel confident that all will be back to normal. Perhaps a new normal. Either way, the United States of America is returning, strong and self-reliant.

If the nasty virus does return in the Fall, we will be ready. We will not run and hide with our tails between our legs. We will stand and fight. And we will prevail!

God Bless


WED. JUNE 3, 2020   11:50 AM

I'm sure you all are tired as I am about all this protest & violence stuff. My generation is of the fifties, and this was something that just didn't exist. Did it ever occur to you that this is very selfish behavior? I guess it depends on how you as an individual view it. I view it as such.                                                                                     

And I, along with many, many others do not appreciate 'police' brutality. I don't appreciate any brutality. But  unfortunately, such situations do occur. There is no reason on God's great Earth to physically harm another except, of course, in defense of our property our selves or others. And unfortunately, such situations do occur. 

It is my opinion that police brutality is not something we can totally erase from our Society. We are Human after all, and we do not have the ability to have absolute control of our emotions. Sometimes they do get away from us. 

We must depend on our policing agencies to police themselves. When someone is seen behaving out of the norm, it must fall to those who witness the scene to stop them. I would hold those who do nothing just as guilty, or maybe even more so. And unfortunately we see some of this behavior within our Military also.

Perhaps the Human problem is that we fear Peer rejection more than we fear the Law. I would expect that our Peers would eventually thank us for stopping them from brutal, criminal or embarrassing behavior. If they don't then the onus is also on them.

I feel that this very public behavior, (when prolonged and intensified) is quite selfish;  I see a strong cry for attention. Either by individuals, or groups definitely intent on getting a lot of public attention, and quite possibly for political or personal agendas'.

It is my distinct and personal opinion, politics aside, that as of this time and date, it is past time for the Attorney General and the President to step in and take charge of the safety of people and property of the Citizens of the United States. Of course, if I were in their shoes I also would tread carefully. There is no sense in feeding the "Left" and giving them words to manipulate and actions to lie about.

It is a tight rope they in our Government must walk. The Citizens of the United States depend on them for protection. And yet we see more than one group protesting against the Government itself. Those who would defeat us and take over our land, rich in natural resources, have openly and blatantly defied our Government in the hopes of turning Citizens against it. They target the weak and the vulnerable. We cannot allow that to happen.

I call on State and Local Governments to stand up, to speak to their constituents, let them know that we must put Politics aside. States Rights are necessary! We all agree! But these times demand solidarity; we must fight the common enemy. The enemy that we know has infiltrated into some of our very own State Governments. And are infiltrating the protests. We have our First and Second amendment's that our enemies are trying to twist, but we need them to defend ourselves and help the Gov. help us. We can defend our property while the Government weeds out the dissidents among the protesters. We must know what we are fighting for to give us inspiration to do so.

George Floyd has not died in vain. His death will forever be known as the standard for which all free men stand in opposition of Anti-Democracy, Oppression and One World Order. We must stand together today for Liberty and Freedom tomorrow.     




Tues. June 2, 2020     12:28 AM                                                                                                                                            

 While those two up there are flipping their feathers with gossip, I am going to share my thoughts today one sentence at a time. (well may be two)!

I had a thought this AM that the anti-American Left calls Trump "dangerous" because he IS DANGEROUS to their agenda, and they hate him because he is fighting them tough.  [been trying to put logic and common sense to their behavior; should have given up long ago; this is not purely Political, it is inter-nationally supported].

Have you seen the blatant hypocrisy by previous ESPN sports announcer Chris Palmer? OUTRAGEOUS!  You should look it up on PATRIOT ALERT publication!  

"American People Daily" is a Conservative publication that I have been hearing from lately. Don't know how they got my email but hey, that's not surprising is it? But to be honest I am enjoying their articles. The latest one today talked about charges toward China and North Korea. Seems they have been working together to enhance N.K."s nuclear program. Does that surprise you??   






First of all I do not feel that the average, down-to-Earth intelligent person from the Black community, really believes that race is the underlying cause for the problems we are having today.

Too many men like Martin Luther King and so many others, have spoken out to aid in the upward movement of the Black community. And too many, such as Al Sharpton from New York, incite violence and riots in the name of Race relations. It is obvious to me, and many others I am sure, they are attempting to create a division. [has anyone noticed the extremely expensive watch Mr. Sharpton wears? And how does he earn his living? Could it be through his supposed two (2) dollar "reverend-by-mail" certificate?]

There are many groups that are very anti-American filtering into protest groups. We are all aware of this. I wonder why the Black community leaders are not doing more to stop this. It is fostering the bigotry and feeding into the narrative of those who would divide us in their attempt to destroy our Constitutional Republic, that has survived us for over two hundred and twenty five (225) years. 

Under Capitalism, Democracy and Entrepreneurship, we have become the great Nation that our founders visualized. They have served our Citizenry well. 

[" ..... Ellis Island is a federally owned island in New York Harbor that was the United States' busiest immigrant inspection station. From 1892 to 1954, approximately 12 million immigrants arriving at the Port of New York and New Jersey were processed there under federal law ..... "]

However, since the closing of Ellis Island Immigration station, and thereby encouraging open and porous borders, our way of life has declined in my opinion. Many who have entered for work, education, visiting and tourism have not left at the established time; and unfortunately our system has failed to follow-up on those that have stayed. Consequently we have many living, working and enjoying the benefits of a true Democracy and the good life so many envy, while not contributing into the System. It is also my opinion that our crime rates have risen, and many diseases have been brought to our shores through this change in our Immigration System.

While we change our Laws and regulations to accommodate the increase in population, I believe we have  drastically accommodated those that have remained illegally. This, in my opinion, has cost us dramatically. As more people use our system, expenses have gone up to providers, and costs to Consumers have risen accordingly. I refer to the expense to all vendors, manufacturers and service providers by way of adopting a second language in advertising; and to Teachers and other Professionals learning a second language to teach and speak to non-English-speaking students.

Learning a second language is, of course, a benefit to anyone. And increased workers is good; but if they are not contributing anything to Society financially; if they are not abiding by our Laws and regulations, what benefit is it to the American Citizens in general.

The sad reality of this is the fact that many of our elected leaders use these people (both Legal and illegal) to vote for them by giving in to their demands, and addressing their needs through lies and manipulation of laws and regulations. They are allotted free education and Health care without the paying of income taxes and other fees and regulations associated with legal Citizenship.

How can we remedy this situation? Very simply. Upon receiving valid and authorized Citizenship, a photo ID card should be issued, a person must have a good command of our English language, and an education comparable to our Elementary Education with exceptions and allowances associated with and to age.

Along with this change in Immigration and assimilation, a photo ID should be initiated to all current Citizens for the purpose of valid identification for many requisites including voting, application for various public benefits and licenses, and serving in public office.

This would be a tremendous improvement in our Society in my opinion. There are those who feel this would be an infringement on our privacy and individualism. I totally disagree. Since becoming such a diversified Nation, we must, in the name of security for ourselves and our Country, have a dignified way of maintaining and protecting our way of life. I feel also that this would be a definite and serious method of reducing crime.

And that, my friends and neighbors, is my opinion.

Jean Coulard

May 31, 2020




I cannot support people who are so quick to scream for justice. What about listening to all participants' side to the story? 

Last night we were subjected to a horrific scene in Minnesota by our selfish, attention-grabbing Media. I refer to the actions following the arrest of a suspected perpetrator.

I felt the Media was attempting to influence a certain opinion pertaining to this event. Constantly continuing to show the Policeman with his knee on the mans' neck. And yes, the man was struggling and trying to say something. But was he just trying to get away, and was he cursing at the Officer? I don't know. I only know what the Media reporter was telling me; and he was saying the man was trying to tell the Officer he couldn't breath. Others listening to the TV also claimed he was saying those words and they could hear it! I couldn't simply because I have a hearing deficiency. But I question the fact that those words were being heard due to the tremendous noise of those around the scene. Was the TV audience simply assuming they heard the words because the reporter was saying he heard it? I question the ability of anyone saying anything loud enough to be heard at any distance if they were gasping for breath. 

I am being the "devil's advocate" of course. Mainly because I am quite tired of all  these constant protests that we have seen on TV for many a year now where-in the community complains about police brutality on one of their own. And mean-while we see many of the protestor's damaging property, looting stores, and burning vehicles. What about those committing the looting and vandalism? Has anything happened to them?

I strongly suggest restraint til we learn the truth. Wait until more official word comes out as to what happened. Then, if one is not satisfied with the official response being the truth; then protest. And do so with dignity, with intelligence, and with maturity. As such your actions will be taken more seriously. Your words will carry more weight. Police brutality is common, I agree with that. But are we not seeing more brutality with our Sports Professionals? Are we not seeing more brutality within our entertainment fields?

It appears to me the vast majority of civilization revels in watching all the violence and brutality. That doesn't excuse it from our Law enforcers. And we must make a sincere and honest effort to stop this. And I absolutely do not agree with the Liberal pandering of criminals. That also has gotten out of hand. They are proven wrong?; put them in Jail and they must serve their sentence. They should not be given better treatment for political reasons as is the case today! They should lose many of their civil rights, among other things as in the past.

I blame the Department of Justice. The Lawyers, the Prosecutors, the Judges; all of who seem to allow their personal and political opinions (or perhaps the almighty dollar) weigh heavily on their decisions. We must go after the cause not the result. (and of course, I speak not of the many honest, sincere and hardworking men and women in the Justice Departments). Many of our Police are so disgusted with the System of Justice being so soft on criminals, and it's affect on their jobs, I sometimes cannot blame them for over-reacting. Unfortunately when it happens, then two  families are stricken with grief and anger. And a community is divided. A people is divided. A Nation is divided. {and then the bad guys take over}

Be aware. Speak up for your own opinion. Don't keep it in your back pocket!




I read an article today where the Director of a prominent Chinese Laboratory opines that the United States is all wrong about the Virus. He claims they (China) never had the virus in any of their Labs.                                      

However, a paper was found written by the same scientist a few years back, where-in he talked of working with the very same virus. I sometimes just get so amazed at the lies and hypocrisy of some folks.                                   

The Chinese government claims to have had nothing to do with the onset of this world-shaking Pandemic, and yet they took measures to close down a village, burn down a building, and stop all air traffic into China proper from the Wuhan village (before informing the World about it)! And now a Diplomat attached to China has questioned the United States' actions in spreading lies about their Government. He further indicates that we should stop playing such games and move forward with the trade agreements, and learn to get along with China as we become valuable allies for the future.

Did you ever find cookies spilled all over the floor, and two little guys standing there pointing a finger at each other and declaring " ... he did it ... "!? 

Well now, you see what we have in the World today. Two countries, two World leaders, or sometimes even two members of our own Congress all pointing the finger. Gets to the point you don't want to hear any one of them anymore. All we want is to get back to work, no matter the risks, and support our families, make a living, go to our respective houses of Worship, and enjoy the life our Founding Fathers gave us through our Constitutional Republic.

Take your lies, your hypocrisies, your constant 'blaming the other guy', and leave us alone. We depend on our Government to protect us from those who would destroy or conquer our Nation; now we find us needing protection from within our own Government!!! God help us!

Yes, we understand people will die if and when the virus spreads further. And returning to work or worship may cause that. But we must maintain a semblance of our life. We must work and keep our economy going. We must worship and play for a full life. We cannot hide like cowards in our homes. Our enemies seem to be pushing for that, and the result will be a stale economy, and a life of dependency on the Government.           

That is not the American way. We are a proud people and prefer to depend on ourselves. We want only the protection of the Government from our enemies; from those that wish to destroy us and take over our Nation, hoping to control the citizens, and mostly to have control over the many abundant resources in the land. It can never happen; they know not how to lead a true Democracy. They know not how to handle the freedoms and liberties that we have. They will be destined to destroy the United States of America. 

It is my opinion this is a rude awakening for America. I support our current President and his administration. I have always supported my Government, whether Democratic, Republican, Independent, or whatever else. It is likened to family standing together no matter what. Seeing the havoc caused by the happenings within our Nation in the past ten to eleven years, or even in the past few decades, has left me with so many questions.

Who is right? Who is wrong? Which way should I turn? I can no longer ignore the questions. The time is near to make a life-changing decision. We must now think of those following in our footsteps as our Ancestors thought of us. Do not ever forget those who came before us and sacrificed so much to maintain our freedoms and liberties.

The most important decision is upon us to make. We must decide. Are the lies and hypocrisies of the anti-Trump people and the Media in control of our Nation? Is it time to stand up and defend our Country and fight behind the President. He cannot do this alone.  We still have enemies within the Government; those that are protecting their peers to whom they may be obligated. So many wrongs have been discovered. There are so many that should be in prison at this time. But this sect of citizens, those who have reached a high level of power and authority, have done so through favors of others, and now they turn away from the sins of these very same folks, to protect themselves. It is my opinion that many of the very politic that governs us, is also very dependent on favors and bribery to attain what they desire. They have operated on the premise that they must give a little to get a little. But what they have given is your right to life. A right to the life that we have all worked for through wars, famine and hardship. A right to the freedoms and liberties that so many have died for on foreign soil.

We are told opening up the economy and the Country will cause further spread of this deadly virus and many fatalities with it. Well my friends, forget not that the many wars we fought to protect our freedoms and liberties also caused many deaths. 

Are we ready willing and able to fight and die today for our Constitutional Republic? If not . . . LEAVE!

God Bless.

Jean Coulard   5/25/2020



FRI. MAY 22, 2020

Today is a day for everything. I ventured out for some errands a few days this past week. And in so doing I have  mixed opinions on life in general, people and politics.

Overheard a comment the other day " ... what's the B_____ criticizing now!?? ... "

Well, criticizing is my 'forte' in this Blog, isn't it? And sometimes my Blog words carry over to everyday conversations. Maybe I'm just a wordy ole Curmudgeon. Sorry - - - deal with it! For those who have opinions, and do not speak them, I have great pity. They have very empty lives.

Speaker Pelosi is over eighty (is she not?) And considering all the stress in her political lifetime, it must be taking it's toll. Her "gaffes" are obvious if your paying attention. She is no different than VP Biden. But then, he is younger; and she has a better staff. Age doesn't necessarily define your mental agility. My Dad was sharp as a tack at 97. My last remaining brother is now going on 92, and pretty much up on everything, as his wife is also. I have a neighbor over 95, and she is also sharp as a tack. She talks on the phone often with her once-School-teacher (who is over 100). I am over eighty and while my memory sometimes needs a few extra seconds, I can still add 2 + 2 and get 4!

That being said let's get on to the mishmash and mess our Country is in.                                                                

Good gosh, where are our Founders? Can we recall them?? Or maybe it would be worthy and enlightening to read the History of their time and what they did to improve it. Are we all aware that the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and so many more Documents and Papers took more than one session of Congress? Even setting up the Congress took longer than a day!!! And they didn't take any salary or holidays either. And the laws that were enacted pertained ONLY to the subject in discussion. No personal agenda and no "pork"!                                           

Most of our young-uns' have not had the pleasure of being informed on just exactly what the Founders went through to get us to the point of Freedoms, Rights and Liberties that we have enjoyed over the years; that is until a certain President, after seeing to the assassination of another, put us on the road to a Liberal and Socialistic government. These folks that are trying to overthrow our Constitutional Republic have been patient in their efforts. Over the years, through small laws and resolutions, little changes have been quietly made that impact our Democracy.

Hillary Clinton, in her attempt to reside in the Oval Office, did not listen to her handlers, obviously. She was the poster girl for the organization pushing for "One World Order". And she truly believed in their objective. If she had orchestrated a better campaign perhaps she would have won. But we must remember that Donald Trump was a formidable enemy. And he had his backers also, and they obviously engaged in the proper tactics and rhetoric to win the Election. I sometimes think his group found out how the "other side" was planning to increase their election results, and the Trump team was able to thwart it. Perhaps that is why there is so much anger. They can't accuse the Republicans without exposing their own nefarious plan. We definitely need a more secure voting procedure. It has been proven that many of the votes counted in the previous National Election were not legal. And as a reminder; we can not allow the Electoral College to be dismissed. This entity levels the playing field and avoids any one State deciding the Election. Perhaps a photo ID is the best way to go. And I'm not talking about a driver's license. Anyone can get that.

Now on to this global virus; what a blight on our History. The entire World seemed to look ridiculously inept when first dealing with this. Why was China so slow in publicizing the threat to all of us? My opinion on that is because they did not know themselves the true voracity of this monster. However, they did stop outgoing air traffic from the Wuhan district to China proper, but not to other Countries. That does not go along with their decision to claim innocence. Mistakes were made, and that is understood and inevitable. But it takes courage and compassion to stand up and say "...I'm sorry, I made a mistake...". For many, many years I have not felt any trust for China's government. They have proven over and over again that they cannot be trusted. All of their trickery and deceit started back in the nineties under the Bill Clinton Administration. WOW who woud'a thought? We welcomed them with open arms. We allowed thousands of students to come here to study in our Universities. We allowed many, many scientists to work in our labs side by side with our own. President Clinton even allowed a China Diplomat to stay in the Lincoln Bedroom, in return for a dialogue between them. 

Since the beginning of time China has proved their propensity to deceit. Even during the recent past decades they have been blatantly ignoring laws and regulations of neighboring Countries. It must be stopped and quickly. I am hoping that we, as American citizens, make no purchases of anything made in China. That is our most potent weapon at this time, and will be for many years to come.

About the latest intentions of the Democratic Party to continue, or start anew, the impeachment of President Trump, I don't know whether to laugh, cry or drop my mouth wide open in an unbelievable response. However, according to The New York Post, Pelosi does not have the authority to declare the impeachment on her own. So here we go again. Closed door proceedings, locked up transcripts, and very few, if any, Republicans allowed into the "sanctuary" where these meetings are held. And a floor vote was never called by Pelosi to open the meetings. How can other members of our Government even allow this deceitful behavior? They continue to turn their heads on crimes and the obvious abuse of our Constitution. Are they not any better than those they criticize for allowing such obvious and Nation-destroying actions to go unpunished? It appears to me that both "sides" of the aisle are playing the same game. I have gotten to the point where I do not expect much from the "Durham" investigation.                                                                                                                                                                              

A heavily armed SWAT squad raids a home at the wee hours of the morning, of an elderly gentleman and his wife, for obscure reasons not immediately made public. They had no viable evidence. [I thought Hitler and the Nazis had passed through History.] And who was responsible for this horrific behavior by the police? No feasible explanation has as yet come forth. It should have been handled immediately!! If a local police squad had entered the wrong house for a raid, they would have been vilified by the Media. If a black man had been shot by the Police, the Officer is guilty of murder before he even gets back to his squad house! The appeasement of such incidents has amazed and angered me.                                                                                         

Bring back Pres. Harry Truman. He knew right from wrong. And he knew how to fight fire with fire. He dealt with crime and nefarious actions, no matter who was the guilty party.

Time to wipe that yellow streak off our backs. Stand up for the freedoms and liberties so many have died for!!!!!

Stay well my friends. God bless!      





SUNDAY MAY 17, 2020 

So here we go again, more and more ridiculous 'stuff' from our never-surprising Government.              

Recently the Democrats attempted every dirty trick in the book to thwart the Republican Presidents nominee  for the Supreme Court (Kaufman). They insisted the woman (Ms. Ford) accusing him of sexual inappropriate behavior should be believed with or without evidence. 

Now, in the case of the Democrat's nominee for the upcoming Presidential Election (Biden), who also has been accused of sexual misconduct, he should be believed without an investigation.

Does anything that these people (the current Liberal Socialist-leaning persons), say or do surprise you in any way? In my opinion they are vindictive, despicable, hypocritical, nasty and downright lying and backstabbing individuals. Now, please, I am not referring to the old school Democrats, just the newcomers from about the last ten (10) or (15) years. 

Their criminal actions and behavior have been proven without a doubt. So why has our Government been so slow in getting rid of these individuals that operate within our government? Why are they dragging their feet? Are they also protecting these persons like so many other Professionals do within their own area of expertise?

Medical Doctors, Teachers, Professors and many others have been backed up by their peers on many occasions.

There are many ways to relieve these people from their duties and responsibilities. Others in the Government that are not wanted are released, and no-one seems to create a big hassle about it!                                                       

Put them in jail for gosh sake, or send them home without their paycheck and pension! It has been done to others for less than what these people have been accused of, and has been proven as done without a reasonable doubt. 

What is mostly terrifying is that these are the very people that are trying to overthrow our revered Nation. May God help us!!!



Why does every business et al, all use "voice mail"? And don't blame the Pandemic. It's been around long before that damn Pandemic. Those answering systems are quite expensive.  And also very automatic with no warm Human Heart. Quite often the options they offer do not cover your reason for calling. And usually you get transferred to just another automatic answer!!

We all know a lot of people lost their jobs because of voice mail. Eventually, the Purchaser for the Company is   told, "the expense for the initial set up would be equal to what they are saving on payroll, and since wages increase all the time, they will be saving for a long time." and that's part of the sales pitch.

Now those who understand business, know the price for the system would also increase with time. And they also would know that the Human person answering the phone is much more likable than an old machine that says "....please listen carefully as our menu has changed...."!   So how many times a week do they change their menu? And why would they? That's a lot of nonsense! 

The cost's associated with the menu system will also go up just as payroll will. But that warm Human voice will be much more interested in why you are calling; and show more interest in what you are saying. Be it about whether a particular product is carried, or a question about the product and more importantly what to do about a problem you may be having with the product. The machine never can answer your question; and then you go through many transfers only to hear you are told to hang on to the phone for a person. Then they tell you "... due to unusual volume there will be a long wait for a representative....". Thirty minutes later a person comes on. You tell her your problem. She apologizes for not being able to help you directly but she will transfer you to someone who can (!!REALLY?) 

Now is the time to blow off steam. 

Quite likely there is someone monitoring the system? Not always, but quite often. So, say your piece, then "HOLLER" the name of their closest competitor and hang up. Whether or not that helps I don't know, but you feel a lot better. Then another day you can try another approach.

I have always found that by getting through to a higher up on the Company ladder usually gets the help you need. Keep plugging until you get who you want. And believe me, it will get you answers. Usually that person is so annoyed you got through to them, they will see to it you get satisfied. I, one time, got my letter right through to the top administrator, and yes, I received a hand written letter from that person promising to look into the problem, and a thank you for bringing it to light!!! YES, the problem was solved.

Some-times it takes a while to get to the right person, but believe me, it is well worth it. Even if only for the satisfaction. But I can assure you your problem will be resolved.



TUESDAY   MAY 12, 2020

On Sat. 4/25 I wrote an article about the current state of affairs in our Government due to this Virus. I said I would continue on 4/26; of course I never got to it. I think I got hung up on FACEBOOK for a while. I have used that media more than once just to keep in touch. And once again I find myself not to happy about it.

I was reminded recently that Zuckerberg left for China right after graduation, with his Chinese wife. Now let me remind all that I am not a racist nor bias person. I just call it as I see it. I understand that not all the apples are good, nor are they bad. I fully accept and realize that the vast majority of Chinese people, the hard-working folks just trying to eke out a decent living for themselves and their families, are basically good people. It is their leaders that I target with my attitude of distrust.

This also holds true for many other Nations on this Planet. I understand that Mr. Zuckerberg has initiated a new "Panel" to oversee the postings in FACEBOOK!! My problem with that is the theories and beliefs of the vast majority of this panel do not match my own Conservative Republican leanings.

I am appalled at the personal and financial devastation that the Corona Virus has caused; and the upheaval of so many lives on our Planet. Do I think this is all an accident? Absolutely not. I accept that a mistake at the Laboratory level may have been made. But I question the reason for developing such a sinister thing at all. And I question the rash and harsh punishment to those responsible for the accident.  I believe the release of this Virus was to be a finely controlled event with specific targets.

Perhaps there was a sinister reason for developing such a nasty chemical product. And perhaps it was conjured up by those who would destroy the United States of America, the strength and compassion of which gave hope to so many vulnerable Nations and Countries. Unfortunately we have those who would do anything to gain power, control and authority.

Such people are strongly intermingled within our Society and our Government. They have been for quite some time and were kept well concealed. But the years of penetrating into our Universities, indoctrinating the young of our Civilization into their ideologies, and convincing those among us considered to be minorities that they offer a better future, has begun to take it's toll. Consequently they have come out of hiding and blatantly profess their system to be the most honorable and receptive to those suffering such plights as poverty and ill health. 

My fellow Americans, regardless of politics or religion, let us stand together and fight off those who have integrated our Government and our Society, those who have defied our Constitutional Republic, those who seek to destroy and annihilate our Civilization. Do not fear them; fear no-one. We can and will overcome. We must only stick together and raise our voices to them, and use our vote to rid our Government of their evil voices. 

Our President is not perfect. He has and will make mistakes. But he is fighting for each and every one of us. That I truly and honestly believe. His strength and determination, his knowledge of the ways of Politics and Business, will prove to outlast the diversity he fights. But he must have our support. Like him or not, he is our path to regain our Country, and we must stay the course with him and his staff.

Follow your instincts; stay well to live and fight another day. God bless us all.

Jean     5/12/2020


SATURDAY  MAY 9,  2020

12:22 PM     I respectfully suggest you do not count on reported "Poll Numbers" unless you are given ALL the information.

Like the gender, age, State, Political preference, EXACT number of folks polled, and date of poll!

It may sound like a lot, but it is imperative. I was following a polling organization, and suddenly found out they were only going to 400 people, and one particular political Party! ! ! ! ! ! ! There was no other information. I strongly repeat my suggestion to know who is taking the poll, and the details.      Jean


THURSDAY MAY 7, 2020                                          

12:29  PM    

I will be 'frank' here just to keep it simple. When a white individual is targeted by a Black, Latino or Asian siding with another to Black, Latino or Asian I consider that Reverse Racism. WE SHOULD HAVE NO RACISM in this Freedom and Liberty-driven Nation. We are all just Human.

I would consider many News publications as a constant user of Reverse Racism when they do not describe anyone of the Black, Asian or Latino communities as being Black, Asian or Latino.  But they will always be sure to indicate when the person is White.

I strongly object to discrimination. I have been offended, maligned, and assaulted by those who consider themselves to be the "norm" of our Society. I am acutely aware of the feelings of discrimination. We are who we are. This is US!  We are the Humans that reside on this beautiful Planet. And we must work together to preserve and protect it. Fighting among ourselves is the worse thing that we can do. Any member of a large family will know that to be a truism.

We are the most diverse Civilizations and Societies that have ever walked the Planet (as far as we know). I have survived my diversity with my own ingenuity and strength; I have not gone crying to the Government to punish those who do not like or agree with me. That is my battle to fight just as I have learned to fight off the Bullies. Many in my generation, and others before me, have had to fight off the Bullies of the world on their own for several reasons; such as skin color, accent, size, ethnic background, sexual differences, hair color or length, clothes etc. etc. We did not run screaming and crying to Mommy or Daddy, or the Government. It is part of growing and maturing.

Before I get off on a tangent and make this a Novel, I will wrap this up as I am only expressing feelings dominating me today.

Seeing on the late night News videos of the young lady referred to in my "PERSONAL STUFF ....." article, I was reminded and angered about the constant Reverse Racism I see in our World today. It has gone too far. And only we as individuals can fight the onslaughts which are set to dividing us for any silly or stupid reason. Those who create fear and upheaval in our Society must be stopped. And they must be stopped now. 

We are besieged with so many attempts to destroy our Constitutional Republic, that we as a Human Civilization and Society who revere our Freedoms and Liberties, must fight hard and long to stop those who wish for our demise. Our way here in the U.S.A. may not be perfect, but is the best on Earth. After we stop those who would be our destroyers, then we can review and debate our system to update things to conform with modern Man.

Our weapons of choice should be our speaking, and our voting.




 TUES. MAY 5, 2020                                                                                                                                                                 

 11:15 AM     I see we have a group pushing to put Michelle Obama on Biden's ticket as his Vice Presidential running mate, who, according to many opinions would very shortly become President. OMG! No matter how much you like her, research her Bio; you will see she does not have the credentials to be the leader of the Western World. (Barack Obama would probably be right at her side.) Are you ready for another 8 years of Obama politics? He almost drove us into the ground. They are hoping for the Black vote. Voting for her may possibly be the most "Racist" action taken in this Country in over 200 years!!!!!!!

3:30 PM  Gov. Cuomo was granted a raise of $71,000.00 recently!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



MON. MAY 4, 2020

Today, with my morning coffee, I read an article about our previous V.P. and current Presidential candidate Joe Biden. Kinda getting tired of all the sexual allegations that have become the "fill-in" articles for our untrustworthy Media, when they have nothing to complain about toward the Trump administration. Are they finally beginning to realize the attempts to oust Mr. Trump from the Oval Office is an exercise in futility?
There are times, increasing of late, that I cannot possibly believe or understand the outrageous behavior and words of the Democratic Liberal anti-Trump folks. Their blatantly public lies and hypocrisy; their actions as our Representatives in Congress; their direct and open allegations against those already in our current Administration, and the Citizens and residents of these great States that are suffering from the ramifications of this terrible Pandemic. They hold up measures and laws written to help these folks, in order to insert laws that will put ahead their agenda to get more and more Government control.
And yes, they actually have a great deal of control now with their majority votes in the House of Representatives.
I understand the protests of many citizens against the State Governments and this "lock-down". I also notice that most of the Governments experiencing these protests are Democratic. Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York is the one I see most since I reside in New York. I can only laugh at his hypocrisy, his childish behavior and his outright lies. He is an excellent speaker, as was his father. And it sometimes makes him quite believable. But one must look behind the scenes. Keep in mind that the group we call our Media, backs Cuomo, and all other Democrats, whose main purpose is to gain control of the Federal Government.
We can no longer believe the News Publications. It is time to rely on what we see and hear on Television and what we research ourselves. Then and only then can we ascertain the truth of what is being said. On Television look at the eyes, the facial expressions, the body language. Then go to opposing stations to see the other side. Follow your "gut", lean on your intuition, your values and morals.
The Democratic Party, back in the 1850's, broke from the Democratic-Republican Party of Jefferson, and claimed to be the Party of the working man. That didn't last long. They have been the 'party of themselves' for very, very long. Even as recent as 1964, when they openly and publicly claimed to be championing 'Civil Rights', and put forth a bill to bolster this movement, they were lying. Truth of the matter, when the vote for this bill was counted, it carried by the Republican vote. Very few of the Democrats supported it when out of the public eye.
The United States of America has grown to be very large over the many years. We must follow more closely our Government and what is actually going on there. We are a Country "of the people". We have the control. Our 'vote' is our most important ammunition. We cannot rely on everything we read.
Today, in the World of communication and Computers, we must take the time to follow the Government.
The Constitution gives us three branches of Government under the Democratic-Republic System. We have the Federal, the Legislature, and the Judicial. No one branch has total control. They oversee each other. Therefore we, as the people, have the control, mostly through our vote and through the Representatives we choose to put in the Congress. We have chosen the system of Capitalism to guide us, and it has worked well so far.
However, we must follow the Legislative Branch mostly. They have the main control. The Administration often has the last word, but our system of three (3) branches protects us.
If you do not have a Computer, your local Library is your connection to Washington D.C. Anyone there can help you get to a research section. You can follow the attendance and the voting record of each Representative.
Researching is fairly easy, and a tremendous tool for us to have control over our Government.
I would respectfully suggest everyone get in the habit of using it. We can no longer depend and rely on the Media to present us with the "moment of truth".
Just to inform you, I read and listen to as much as I can. Then I go to government research for rules and regulations; and for precedents of our Leaders, our laws, and our Constitution.
Then, and only then, can I make my own personal, informed decision.
Stay well, be informed, use your common sense to protect yourself and your family.



CONT'D FROM APR. 25, 2020 ------

--------- TO TODAY MONDAY APRIL 27, 2020

There are many 'conspiracy' theories out there; and it would be convenient to hop on one as an explanation as  to why there appears to be so many problems and discrepancies related to this Pandemic. As I indicated yesterday I tend to follow along with the fact that this situation has been in an uproar because it's intended purpose and target has been seriously mishandled by the "perpetrators"; The "cat got out of the bag" way before schedule, and like little kids all pointing the finger at each other, we have ended up with a mess that will be worse than any disease could cause. 

This is what we now have to live with; or I should say Dr. Birtz and V.P. Pence and Pres.Trump have to deal with? They have the heavy burden of doing the best that can be done for our Country. And we, as Citizens, should just put our trust in them, support them, and know they are doing their best. They have a terrible responsibility, and I truly believe they will give it their best for us, not selfishly for themselves or their political friends. 

I strongly feel that the Governors of the United States should put their personal agendas aside, and do what is best for their constituents and for the Country. Forget about Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Chuck Schumer. We can deal with that crowd in November. They no longer deserve our trust,  our support nor our vote. 

They have done very, very little work. They themselves should be on the unemployment line along with the citizens they have forced to be there. What do they care? They have a job. They continue to get their pay while they have deprived many of your friends, family and neighbors theirs, by not agreeing to the help that the Administration and the Senate have provided.

Let us stand together as brother and sister, let us stand together as friends and neighbors, let us stand together as Americans, and defend our Democratic Republic as so many have done, to preserve this great Nation for us!!!!!!! 

Stay well, enjoy the day.



APRIL 25, 2020

Are you as disgusted as I am with all the ridiculous stuff going on in Washington D.C.?  In the most recent National Election I voted against Hillary Clinton. So therefore I voted for Trump. And it looks like I may have to do this again. Against Biden and for Trump. I don't mind Trump. He has his faults, of course, as we all do. But as a Leader I find him refreshing. No phony Political Party baloney. Although I realize that sometimes he has to back, and work with, the Republicans as they are the people behind him; they are the people financing his administration. They are the people getting his agenda done.

His agenda has not been so bad. He has kept the vast majority of his promises. He has done good for the Country, as he promised. Many complained that he was too much of a Nationalist. Well perhaps he is, as I believe he actually admitted as much himself. He referred to his agenda as that which promotes the Country ahead of the entire World. 

Well, perhaps the United States has been too much of a "worldly" Nation. We have always been there for those who needed our strength, both medically, militarily and morally. As I have said recently we seem to be the "First Responders" for others on the Planet when needed. But there have been many times in the past several decades, when we have caved to others just to keep the peace; or maybe I should say to keep everyone "liking" us. 

Any group, whether it be a trio, a Nation or a Continent, must have a leader. We are all very familiar with the old concept of "too many Cooks in the kitchen" spoiling the Stew. And that holds true under any circumstances. 

As the one Nation on the Planet with the strength, the fortitude, the willingness and the compassion to help others in their time of need, we are obligated by the very structure of our Humanity to reach out to those calling for help. We encompass most of the wealthiest people on Earth, and we appear to have the most diverse and abundant natural resources to sustain ourselves. It is my opinion that many of our leaders in the past have been willing to accept the responsibility of being the "Leader of the Western World". But, alas, there have also been those who have abused this power. They have abused it for their own personal gain.

President Trump, during his campaign for office, promised to "... drain the swamp ..."! I think possibly no one realized just how vast the "swamp" extended. But as a prominent and successful Businessman both here and Internationally, he was very much aware of the magnitude of the problem. And there were many others in his vast sector of Society realizing it also; and I believe they had something to do with putting him in office. They knew he had the strength morally and physically, and yes the intelligence, to bring America back to the Republic that our Founders intended; the Democratic Republic that fostered the Freedoms, Liberties and Rights of all Human Beings, to live a peaceful and profitable existence; a self reliant and Christian-Judeo life, while also respectfully worshiping alongside other beliefs.

Today, my friends, we are faced with an enemy (not the Virus) so wide-spread, so vicious and selfishly "mad",  that they will stop at nothing to get what they want. And what they want, if they do get it, will not be sustainable under their leadership and rule. They think that all it will take is to step onto our shores, and enjoy the life that we have maintained; the life that our Ancestors fought and died and sacrificed for. That many today are fighting and sacrificing for. They have no clue how to maintain it.

They certainly know how to fight in a nasty devious way to get what they want. They know how to step on others, to kill others to get what they want. But all they will accomplish is to destroy the World as we know it today.

And so, today, my fellow Americans, if you think the theory that this Virus we are fighting is just a natural malady, I would seriously suggest that you step back and see what is actually going on. The very virus itself was not meant to be a world-wide pandemic. Although it was meant to cover most of the "Western World". But someone made a mistake. Someone dropped the "ball". And the host Nation tried to cover it up. And they bungled that. And now we have a mess.