Jean F. Coulard SUN. 1/9/22 

Today, in my opinion, we have three different social personality types roaming the streets of the World. We have those not facing reality, those accepting whatever is thrown their way, and those struggling through fear. 

Outside of them, we have characters like me trying to face reality while having an inner struggle to refrain from living in the past. Of course, we know we can only go back through our dreams and memories. However, do that too often, and we may find ourselves virtually living in the past. 

When I go back to my memories of the ’50s and ’60s, I see where I met with a lot of discrimination and strife but had enough fun, laughter, and understanding friends to offset that nonsense. 

I now watch the 11:00 AM show on FOX with Harris Faulkner. I find her to be fair and unbiased. She has a knack for picking well-informed, articulate guests. I am putting her show on the “tape” list along with “OUTNUMBERED,” which follows at 12 NOON. Always a good panel and some very interesting opinions. I also tape THE FIVE at 5:00 PM and TUCKER CARLSON at 8:00 PM. I put these shows on the “series” option for taping, giving me control of my day a little better. 

(then again, who has such a busy day at my age as to need to control the day so tightly????) 

I get my daily entertainment by following any NEWSMAX article and reading the public comments. This exercise usually leaves me unbelieving as to the many folks that are so un-informed. But I mostly find humor in many of the comments. I check some of the questionable info that I read, and I have to say that it is quite an eye-opener to see the differences in factual knowledge. From reading such public comments, my opinion is that the current administration has gathered many a foul-mouthed follower. It appears they are far more misinformed than the average person. 

In my attempts to refrain from opinions on individual Politicians, I have realized that many in our Congress are all from the same ilk. There seems to be a profound difference between their actions and their words released for public consumption. They seem to represent themselves more than their constituents. I find that mostly they are only interested in their status as it pertains to their future in this lucrative position we have given them. Have you noticed that many of the so-called “contributors” and regular reporters to FOX, NEWSMAX, MSNBC, ABC, and other outlets, are advertising their own “podcast”, such as the FOX NATION for one, to have a personal outlet? Newsmax refers to their contribution to this new mania as “premium”. The charges made to use such outlets are, in my opinion, a slap in the face to their audience. We certainly pay enough to watch their original viewing through so many boring commercials, and now they want more time with more commercials. 

Perhaps it is time to research our representatives’ “donor” list. Sadly you may find that much of that influx of money comes from foreign sources. Time to eliminate, or at least put limits on such income. This also brings to mind a situation brewing in New York, and I believe in California. Our representatives, I repeat, OUR REPRESENTATIVES, are trying to include non-citizens in the voting registrations. CAN NOT BE ALLOWED, my friends. No one outside of our State has the right to determine the laws, regulations, rules, rights, and freedoms we must endure and live by. In my opinion, folks, we see here one downfall in Capitalism. Yes, I am a staunch fan of the system; in itself, it promotes individual improvement and personal satisfaction. Self-confidence is evident, and the charitable nature as a community is a big plus to our overall place in the World. The greed that one finds in the Capitalistic system is not only within this system; it can be found Worldwide in any Human society. I feel it is up to the individuals within the Society to deal with this negative attitude personally. Understanding how companies and individual businesses promote their products manipulatively to inflate their “bottom line” would be a step in the right direction. They seem to have forgotten an age-old adage in the business/marketing systems“….. sales volume promotes life-long production …. overnight marketing ploys stop production with the morning light…”. 

Many folks that continue to use social media do so for many different reasons. And I’m sure all are valid to each person. However, it is my opinion that it serves no better or improved service than we have on Email, cell phone, or just plain landline and in-person conversations. For me, the landline is best. I do need a closed caption phone to offset a hearing problem, and there are times the closed caption technology does not understand the cell phone. Email is my best bet. Social media, in my opinion, has more drawbacks than an “…. over-the-back-fence…. “ line of gossipers.  I feel that one may get various opinions from various people on social media. Still, it seems much of it comes down to personal words between individuals knowing each other personally, which can cause twisted responses. Also, on social media, freedom of speech seems to be non-existent. That bothers the devil out of me. So with that in mind, keep your social media, and I’ll continue with Email and landline. And I am getting too wordy. 

Besides, I have something I want to say. I may not put it in writing tho. If I do, I will probably disappear like many other people. But it needs to be said because I don’t understand why we follow the demented old man that we all recognize as being out of touch. 



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December 29, 2021 Jean F. Coulard 

Politics be damned. My opinions will be my perception of life in general. Writing is my passion and also my therapy. I will stop writing and talking when I die.   I have often threatened to leave political commentary alone to alleviate the anger and frustration. But I have come to the conclusion that it is up to me to control the stress. I try to remind myself that if the ancient writings are trustworthy, and man did live to well over hundreds of years, then the absence of stress must have something to do with longevity. I admit the stress level back in “biblical” times does not compare to today, but it may have been relevant in comparison. We all, myself included, have enough pressure in our daily lives to fill any bucket. That being said, I will begin by not referring to my opinions as those of a ‘curmudgeon’ or an ‘angry old broad’. I am simply a wise and experienced senior citizen who has seen and heard most of the B.S. that has come down the pike for several years. I wish to pass on my opinionated wisdom gained through reading and following the shenanigans of our elected and appointed leaders to whom we have endowed with more than sufficient wages and status to ensure them a good life-of-plenty in return for their sacrifice of time and trouble. I intend to keep in mind that we now have “panels” trained through “algorithms” to spot certain words and phrases, so if you read something strange, it’s just my way of speaking to avoid the attention of these idiots primarily found in social media. Speaking of ‘idiots’, we also have those making us very paranoid with the fear tactics. So I have decided to forgo the fear. I will do what my common sense tells me. I will care for my life and problems based on over eighty (80) years of experience living on this beautiful planet we all call home. I have succumbed to their insistence on a vaccine, not out of fear but for those around me whom I do not wish to put in any danger. However, I doubt that I will go for anything more since my response to the original was not well received, to say the least. I have listened to the opinions of many scientists and Doctors. Therefore, I have concluded that there is too much confusion and contradiction throughout the scientific community to make sense of any of it. I will let nature take its course and do the best I can for myself and those who depend on me. My recent hiatus from writing was due to dealing with a medical problem. The incident was partially one of the responses to the original vaccine. Initially, I listened to my Doctor and tried the medications, but in the end, it was a good old-fashioned remedy that saved the day. The Doctor and I both had a good laugh after it was all over. 

The Devil is upon this Earth!!!!! Pray for the World. 

Ask for God's help. Don't be bashful with Him. Jean

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 By: JEAN F. COULARD    MONDAY 12/6/21  EDITED 12/8/21 

Parenting is a tremendous responsibility. And those who cannot handle it should not go anywhere near it. Abortion should not be an option, as killing your mistakes is something one should not even think about. 

What is the answer? In my opinion, abortion should not exist in the Human equation.  

I believe God did not allow for the murder of Human Beings. And yes, I also think abortion is equivalent to murder. The fetus is a viable organism in the womb, using the necessary-to-life functions as supplied by the host, its mother. Like any plant or animal given to God’s Earth, it should be allowed to grow and function to its fullest potential. No man should have the right to determine when a life should be ended. Obliterating any life because it does not measure up to a standard is the work of Satan, in my opinion. The decision to maintain or abort an energy throughout the processes occurring within the womb is not for Man himself to make. The process is for God and God alone to control. We accept all other trials and tribulations he has given and produce the best we can with what is sent our way. If the continuation of the process appears to threaten the host’s life, then it should be her choice and her option alone to save or not the fetus. 

I have seen scenarios where more than one Doctor counseled the mother to abort. In one such case, the mother was told the child would not be normal, physically or mentally. The mother opted to go through with the pregnancy, and today this young life is headed to college. She is fine, fit, and normal mentally and physically. In another instance, a Doctor informed a young mother that she would give birth to a daughter. It turned out to be twin boys!  

Doctors are Human and cannot predict the outcome of pregnancy with a certain absolute. My current opinion is that abortion is, at some point in time, murder. We have no right to take away the future of these little people. They have every right to enter our world and achieve as they may; they are fully formed Humans at an early stage, taking oxygen and nourishment from the mother and functioning with a tiny heart beating. They are not, of course, ready to survive in the outer world but prevailing in the womb and living a life growing and preparing for the external world. Yes, we gave them existence, but that does not permit us to murder them.  

Again, parenting is a tremendous responsibility. And instead of being so entrenched on political issues and individual social policies, our educational “experts” must return to the three “R’s.” They must return to the purpose of life itself, which is the perpetuation of the human species according to the Laws of God and Man.  

Now that our Supreme Court is hearing arguments for and against abortion laws, we will have a ruling to decide about this long-standing question once and for all. I find it is just sad and painful that they will not have a response until June of 2022. 

Not only is it painful, but it is also unacceptable to deliberate so long. How many infants will be lost while we wait? How many lives disrupted? Our Government is far too bureaucratic. That is a full seven months away. Much, much too long. If a panel of Jurors took as long to decide the many trials we have each day, we would be hard-pressed to handle the system. As it is now, we have such a backlog that way too many people are kept incarcerated for way too long  while the obvious guilty persons are released. We need to get control of this.

Perhaps this should be passed over to the individual State Legislatures. We shall see. 

GOD BLESS Jean F. Coulard  12/6/21

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I am still ranking on the Medical profession. As a senior citizen, who depends on the Doctors, Nurses, and Pharmacies to keep the old ticker bouncing and the red goo in my veins racing along inside my weary old body; I find it more stressful communicating and dealing with them than when my TV channel was changed by some Nerd siting back in the studio decided on their own to move my channel from one station to another cause he thought it was more entertaining.

By way of explanation on this subject let me say this: I did not subscribe to the usual expensive football package due to all the nonsense these "bulky" brainless millionaire monsters and their controllers, including Mr.  Kaepernick and his "knee resting" have inserted into my entertainment. They have spewed out their nonsense and their political views into our precious American sports. Many of us depended on the sports entertainment to help us unwind from our daily hectic lives. 

Since Football and Baseball are very high on the radar for being America's two favorite sports; they are also a way of creating friendly get-togethers of family and friends. Rooting for and against each others favorites also promotes a friendly rivalry. Just a good time for everybody. Even the tailgaters that stand outside and party in the parking lots meet and make new friends. By inserting political rivalry into these get-togethers we have ignited  a devastating effect on our Social interactions.

Yesterday I was watching my favorites, the Dallas Cowboys, when suddenly, with about 3 or 4 minutes left, the channel was changed by the studio. I went ballistic at that point. My one and only question: just who had the nerve and audacity to change the channel on MY TV set, that I had installed in MY home, connected to MY power supply? Does such an act open the door to my having no choice as to what I may watch.? They assumed the game was boring, but what did I prefer? There were some rookies put into the game at that point, that I was interested in seeing their performance. 

Once again we see the over-reaching by power-hungry controlling people; those so lacking in personal confidence, that they must control every aspect of everything within their "space" to insure their "comfort" zone! We seem to be loosing our freedom of choice as it is being chipped away each and every day, just a little at a time so it won't be too noticeable.

Jean   Nov. 14, 2021

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Jean F. Coulard Nov. 7, 2021   

 I am interrupting my current Newsletter about the beautiful, lovable Elephants in our world to briefly speak of what I consider a serious problem within our medical establishment today. Some may see a political tone to this. Be that as it may, the political is not intended. Your perception is yours to explain if you consider the Medical system as an arm of the Political system.  I must tell you:   

###  I read an article this morning where Tucker Carlson suffered severe back pain, which powerful pain killers did not alleviate. He ended up having “emergency back surgery” on Wednesday morning and returned to work on his Wednesday evening show!!!!! The first thing that came to my mind was that President Reagan was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. He secretly went to Germany, where he received a treatment unknown to the general public at that time and was subsequently free of Cancer!!!  President Trump was diagnosed with the infamous Covid 19 virus, spent a few days in the hospital, treated with Therapeutics, released, and returned to work shortly afterward.   Our so-called medical experts seem to have immersed themselves into our Government through persuasion and thereby control our health with mandates, laws, and whatever else they can find to force us to use their miracle drugs and rehabilitation maneuvers and protocols. They have an anti-virus shot for this Covid 19 affliction that does not completely protect us from the virus, so we need two or three ‘booster’ shots. In addition, some doctors tell us that the mask does not help, and others say it makes matters worse. We are told those who refuse the vaccination are a danger to those that have had the immunization!!??! 

Wait a minute!! HOLD THE PRESSES!!!  Folks,  we now have a pill to fight the virus. You only take three a day, plus one other different pill to help the three you have taken. That makes Four (4) Pills per day. I believe the duration of the pills was two weeks. But I am not sure of that. And no one, absolutely no one from the Medical establishment, knows anything about the long-term effects of any of these immunization or oral medications that are supposedly protecting us. And now they want to put this “stuff” into our five-year-olds!!!   So tell me, please, who is paying for all these vaccinations we must have? Who is paying for the testing we must have? Employers say the employee must pay for the testing ($107.00 weekly) if you don’t get the shot. And I believe the Pharmaceutical companies  will be charging you and me for the pills. Of course, the Insurance companies will cover some of the costs for all of this. But then they will have to raise our premiums to cover all this expense they will be having for all the pills and shots. Of course, we all know that our tax dollars will subsequently pay for most of this, and our pockets will take up the balance.   

I share this personal opinion with you, not for political purposes, but due to my current displeasure with the medical establishment, which I refer to as a “corporate conglomeration.” I have been fighting for my life (oxygen actually) to receive proper care at home, but my medical company will not cover the expense. The necessary testing must be done at a medical facility, wherein the readings will be different from my home and geographical surroundings in Thurman, N.Y. I now know the actual effect of being between a rock and a hard place. Use your common sense. Take care of yourself. 

God Bless!!!!! 


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From NEWSMAX Tuesday, October 12, 2021 

Home | Newsfront Tags: gang | guns | purchase | death settlement 

Mother Uses Settlement From Son's Death to Buy Guns for Other Son's Gang 

If you haven’t read this article, I respectfully suggest you look it up and read it in its’ entirety. In my opinion, it indicates how our current Government Administration implements its plan to have total control over our Society—using the Justice System from the ‘top down’ to fracture our freedoms and liberties and install a massive wedge in our individuality. The young man made a mistake ‘running’ from the Police. They had every right to assume he was guilty since he ran away. From start to finish, the entire situation should be thrown out of court. Anti-Government organizations used it, and the LEFT went along with them to gain their support in upcoming elections. 

###  That’s the world we are forced to live in now. Don’t wait for the elections. Too much can happen by then!  And it will continue until we, the people, do something about it! Boycotting seems to be catching on. Avoid the WOKE-supporting corporations and those that try to sell products “MADE IN CHINA.” Support Small Business. Cut back on your car fuel. Car-pool if you can. One combined errand is better than five little trips. Our Justice Dept. is as corrupt as our National Security systems, which is a serious concern to me. Stop this blatant disregard and manipulation of our Constitution. It will be a monumental task, but we must find a way. Our Representatives in Congress appear to be in fear of stepping up to face the problem head-on. Do they not realize the people will be right behind them? What is it they fear? And my biggest question is to President Trump: I thought you had our backs. You also seem to fear doing what is necessary to stop this travesty of Justice and our Constitution! What happened to “DRAIN THE SWAMP”? 

Stay strong! Stay together! WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Jean   10/13/21

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BY: Jean F. Coulard

Oct. 5, 2021 

I am sharing with you a few comments and thoughts. I will try to do this more than just once a week to keep 

it timely and fresh in your mind, and it will be easier if you wish to find any articles. 


US POLITICS AND NEWS     Last updated Oct 1, 2021  

“ .. An Unvaccinated Nurse is Better Than No Nurse at All .. ’’

 Quote from article out of context  “ ….. They’re being stripped of their incomes, their health insurance, and their benefits. These are, of course, the exact same nurses who worked all the way through 2020 while being un-vaccinated – and they were hailed as heroes for doing so ….. ”  end quote of partial words from the article.

####  I wish to share with you my response, slightly edited by myself, to the words shared above. 

“(….. Don't you understand?? The mandates don't pertain to the vaccine. They are just another underhanded ploy to affect our Economy and our lives!!! When enough police dept's and State Trooper squads are depleted, the Government can bring in the National Guard and declare them "Government Police Forces", AKA Gestapo. 

These “mandates” will highly affect small businesses, and many will be forced to shut their doors. And their employees will be out of work as will the medical staffs of our Hospitals. And the crazy Anti-American Liberals will have a repeat of NAZI GERMANY!! .....)” 

Fear and deception are the two primary weapons of the Democratic Socialists. Much of their lies and deceit are just cloud cover for their diabolical, carefully orchestrated plan to destroy our Society through the Economy and take complete control of our Country and all the resources we have. 

The  “Left” faction that we have now in Government has been very open in their actions and public comments. I believe that they are aware of the lack of opposition in Congress to their agenda!!! I implore you please read between the lines when perusing the latest news articles. Where are those we elected, those we financially support, those we sent to D.C. to represent “ we the people “??? 


“Leftists chase Senator Sinema Into Bathroom, Record her While demanding she pass Biden Agenda.”

#### How about this headline from the “Daily Wire”????? You should read the article that follows it. How disgusting and despicable are these Liberal Leftist Democrats getting? How proud are those of you that supported Biden and his cohorts in the “election”? Are you not adult enough to admit your mistake and call for his impeachment as should be done? This, to me, makes Joy Behar appear to have a Halo over her head. If you don’t believe it, you, my friend, are one of the weaklings who only read headlines and accept whatever your “group” says. The video was shown in many news articles. And the cameraman, who was also following her, was right in there. 


Fauci Warns People About Christmas... 

####  Now, who is this supposed medical expert??? The fellow that we see almost every day telling us how to live long and well. Dr. Fauci is the man of whom I speak. He appears to be the medical guru of the Media and our supposedly elected Government. I am pretty sick and tired of being assaulted by this supposed "doctor-in-chief". 

He is not the new National Surgeon General, the know-all medicine man, nor the special doctor to anyone in particular. He is just another well-paid coat-tail hanger to further the cause and agenda of the Liberal Socialistic Democrats we now have taking up space in our Government. Time to start the protests against this Narcissistic being that the Left keeps throwing into our faces with his random waffling and constant hypercritical remarks. And don’t expect the “investigating” committee in Congress to go anywhere with the latest question and answer exercise. I feel these sessions are just a way of keeping their faces on the screen and their names in the forefront of the public domain. 

With these thoughts and comments, I will now leave you to the rest of your day. Enjoy! 

Stay well. Stand up for your rights. God Bless. 


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By Jean F. Coulard Sunday, Oct. 3, 2021   

MAY I REMIND YOU, PLEASE?   “….. this land is your land, this land is my land, from California to the New York Highlands…..”   

It belongs to ‘.. we the people ..’! We pay the taxes to finance our way of life. We work the fields to feed ourselves and our children. We build and maintain the roads and highways to support our travels and transport our goods throughout our land. We work in the factories, and we educate our children. We give them the entire history of our great Nation. We will not hide our mistakes as they may learn from them. 

We serve no man. And each shall serve his own God, or no God, as he chooses. 

There is no authority in our Constitution referred to as “Unions”. There is no authority in our Constitution called Politician or Political Party. We own this land and will continue to govern ourselves as we see fit. No one man, institution, or organization shall rule over us.  

We hold dear our freedoms and liberties and will defend our right to bear arms to protect them, our families, our land, and ourselves. We will fight to the death to continue this land of opportunity and prosperity for our children and those that shall follow. 

I give no threat, but a warning and promise to those among us and those who would violate our borders, do not tread on our flag, do not spread your evil on our land……          





God bless America, her people, and her children!   


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Jean F. Coulard Sept 23, 2021


###  I read the entire article under this headline, and I must comment that I am so completely tired of the rich and famous Black women commenting on whatever brings attention to them. I am also quite disgusted by their constant “oppression-encouraging” words. If they were so oppressed, how did they arrive at their success? Was it money, personal favors, ‘name-dropping’ or just plain old education that they achieved on their own????? Or did they achieve the education with entitlement money?? These women, in my opinion, are treating their own communities as though they are dumb and unsophisticated,  much the same as they are when calling photo ID voting as racist. They already have photo IDs for driving licenses, among many others. Instead of reading the ‘gossip’ columns, I suggest their readers find out what the many qualified Black reporters and analysts are saying. 

###  In a recent article, I questioned “...why the Haitians” were being sent back to their ravaged homeland…”; I have just been informed that it is because they are most often Republican voters!!!    

###  McConnell has been a thorn in the side of many mainstream Republicans. His weak demeanor and waffling attitude have become a sad commentary to the Republicans. But like little children, many Representatives hesitate to go against what they consider to be “BIG DADDY.” It is past time for a change. We need mature and educated support, but not that considered as blanket acceptance. Yes, we should hear all versions, but when the supposed leader does not stand firm with the President, his Cabinet, and his party, the Senate must consider a change. 

###  Buying products that have the store name is something I intend to avoid as part of my recent “prayer extension.” I recently went to several stores looking for a product that I have been using for many years and could not find the original. I finally purchased the product under the ‘store name’.The quality has no comparison to the original offered by the manufacturer, and the price, in my opinion, is not worth it. And when you search for a place of origin, and you read “… imported …” instead of a Country, watch out!!! Then you know where it originates, do you not??? Why support an adversary, a Country that mistreats its population, a Country that is hell-bent on overtaking us??? 

I strongly support buying  'made in the USA' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Too much control. 

###  Jerome Adams, the former surgeon general under Trump who has criticized President Joe Biden’s handling of COVID-19, alleges he was denied the opportunity to refinance his mortgage after the government refused to verify his previous employment in the high-profile role. Quote: “ ….. I’m having an issue verifying your employment as the US Surgeon General. I used both addresses provided, and the US Dept of Health and Humans Services was unwilling to provide the verification ….. ”. End of quote; the unidentified party wrote, in response. 

###  A similar situation happened recently to retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who was dropped from Chase Bank as a credit card customer for “reputational risk” to the institution, though the company later claimed it was done in error. 

 PATRIOTIC TIMES  9/23/21…. GOP Finally Gives Biden The Boot – And Nothing Can Stop Them Now ….

###  “Baloney,” that’s my comment to this article about three Republicans that filed articles of impeachment against Biden. As a registered Republican voter, I am thoroughly disgusted. The GOP has done nothing but talk, talk, and more talk. What good is submitting something and then making a negative comment about it? Maybe it’s just your way of saying to your “friends” in Congress “ …. Don’t worry guys and gals, we’re just appeasing our constituents ….”. We’re still with you. They’re all together in the ‘swamp’!! I repeat these words over and over again: They are all together. Trump has learned to play the game. Although I will say that I still believe he will put America first if in office. I feel he is spending too much time and effort on going by and with the untrustworthy Bureaucrats in DC. Time to get back in the “Business” mode and the Devil with all the backstabbing and lies. Believe no-one. Trust yourself. Do what you feel is best. Don’t rely on those that stabbed you in the past, and recognize those that may in the future.



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By: Jean F. Coulard  9/18/21 


###  I intend to exercise my Constitutional rights in all matters. I will pay no mind to dictates, mandates, and other such intimidations by the Government. Congress must pass it to earn my acceptance. I will also dismiss personal words of abomination by the Media toward any public figure. We need only for them (the Media) to report the events as they may occur and quotes as may be said. Their opinion is not necessary unless, of course, it is stated briefly as their opinion. I shall, of course, do so within the laws of my Community, State, and Nation.   


###  I question the notion of “Hate Crime.” It is not a “Hate Crime” until determined as such by the investigating persons. The Media takes great latitude in reporting almost any situation as it pertains to their need for attention. And we should not support those who impose their thoughts on us as the “gospel truth.” I believe it to be imperative to give skin color when supplying a description to the Police. The more information they have, the sooner they can get this criminal off the streets. Approximate age, vehicle, and clothing descriptions are also quite helpful. Too many groups and organizations are telling the Police how to do their job. They are well trained and prepared when they set out on the streets. They must also be protective of themselves so they can protect you and me. Common sense here is a given. 


###  Newsom couldn’t run on his record, so he and the Democrats resorted to cheap slander instead, once again, using the name “TRUMP.” Larry Elder came in too late, and it appears he didn’t have the best advisors. He should have catered to those who worked so hard to recall instead of reiterating the many things Newsom did that were not aiding his constituents. The “signature-getters” should have been his advisors.  


###  “Antibody treatments aren’t a substitute for vaccines, but they have prevented thousands of hospitalizations, including in breakthrough cases,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) posted on Twitter. “Now, in a move that reeks of partisan payback against states like Florida, the Biden administration is rationing these treatments.” 


###  State Attorneys General (24) have signed a letter to the Government opposing the Biden administration’s plan to “….. require employers with 100 or more employees to have workers get vaccinated against COVID-19 or get tested weekly…..”. The letter came from the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming.  


###  Our Government is working on plans to send many thousands of Haitian immigrants back to their homeland. They have been depicted in photos in the News gathering under a bridge near a Texas border city. I question why this group, from a Country that has suffered ravaging results from Mother Nature recently, are being turned away, while drug dealers, human traffickers, terrorists, and criminals are seeing “open gates” to come into our Country.   


###  Nancy Pelosi has indicated she is ‘very confident’ in the ability of the Democratic Party to maintain the House majority in 2022. Of course she is. Any leader worth their weight in salt will talk with confidence publicly. And in my opinion, I fear she may be right as I speak of a Political Party that has exhibited criminality in the past and gotten away with it. I am referring to theft, lies, character assassinations, manipulations of Constitutional laws, and yes, even murder as suggested by those who speak publicly.   


###  It is a nasty thought, yes, but it is possible as they have worked together at times in defense of our Nation. And of course, we thank them for their assistance. But it has also been intimated that they have more control of decisions than is necessary.  I share these thoughts in light of the recent actions of General Milley, the head of the Military Chiefs of Staff. While many in Congress and other Governmental entities call for his resignation, we see our (?????)-in-Chief showing support for him. Now I question whether this is sincere or protective, considering the recent embarrassment to our Country due to the Afghanistan withdrawal.   


Except for FOX and NEWSMAX, I receive my information mainly from the least prominent publications. Sometimes I am not so sure about the two mentioned first. I find that more than one reporter covers many of the issues I read, and therefore I get a difference of opinion. Speaker Pelosi is wrong in her assertion that lawmakers should just “… and then read…..”!!! Every voter should read and read and read as much as possible and get all versions before making their own decision. Do we not depend on our Leaders to debate and consult; does not our President have a “cabinet” to discuss and debate before decisions?  We have been considered a two-party Nation, but I can’t entirely agree with that. It has always been a deterrent to good governing when the Party controlling the Oval Office has all the power. The bipartisan ruling system seems to be a thing of the past in our Country. And that is, to me, an unfortunate commentary to make. I blame this on The Media. They are wholly and constantly pushing an agenda of hate and separation to our Society. Such headlines sell newspapers and TV analytics. And Politicians subscribe to their actions as they have an innate need to receive recognition from these publications. Is it time for our Government to come down hard on George Soros???? What or who gives him the protection that he enjoys???? And Why???? At one time, it was Hitler.   

Stay well, my friends. And please BOYCOTT > BOYCOTT > BOYCOTT > BOYCOTT (especially CHINA!!!!!) 


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By Jean F. Coulard Sept. 12, 2021   

###  Since “Regime” has often denoted a Dictatorship or Tyrannical Government, I will not be a party to using the term. Keep in mind that our Media, those who continue forcing this term on us in their articles, are not reporting the news to us. They are informing us of their opinion with the explicit intent to have their words accepted as truth and  “gospel.” 

I am also Unsubscribing to any publication that promotes the current administration as the responsible and honest Government of the U.S.A. I do not watch NBC, CBS, CNN or ABC. I do make one exception as I tune in to ABC for evening LOCAL news at 6:00 PM. 

I am strongly advocating the method of BOYCOTTING to fight against the so-called WOKE way of life. In my opinion, this is more than Socialism. It is a Marxist Dictatorship bordering on Communism. To boycott is the only manner I can employ, along with my words. I ask those who agree or disagree with me to please share my comments with as many as possible. 

I will remind those who did not hear or see President Trump (in a previous time and place) when he suggested we do this; he did not use the actual word BOYCOTT, and I commend him for that. It would not have been appropriate for a previous President to speak in that way. 

It is my personal opinion that the Corporations subscribing to this WOKE position may be extreme Capitalists who have lost their way. They pay homage to whatever will bolster up their profits. Perhaps by boycotting, we will convince them that we are downright serious in maintaining our freedoms and liberties. Considering what our ancestors and Founders sacrificed to give us The Constitutional Republic that has endured for so many years, it is not so much to ask of our people today. We would not be turning our backs on the many good things in life we have had; we are only taking a temporary pause to set things right again. 

Remembering the time in History that we just commemorated with honor, emotion, love of our freedoms, and extreme tribute to those who gave so much and endured so much, let us carry forward our promise NEVER to FORGET. As Americans, we have always risen to the occasion. It is time to rise once again!!! Together we can do it. 


Jean  9/13/21

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Why has the NFL decided to pamper a known anti-American organization? Giving them free advertising and constant exposure is in my opinion a close-to-treason act. If they want to be supportive and community-conscience, how about supporting some really needy charities? There are many for children's diseases that could use some help. And what about the not-so-oft-heard-of community groups for disadvantaged youths?  Among others in need of support we have SPECIAL OLYMPICS, SONS WITHOUT FATHERS, and of course let's not forget The Red Cross or the Salvation Army. 

Come on folks. Why are we putting up with this nonsense? Get the politics out of our entertainment. Stop pushing your own personal agenda on me. I don't appreciate it! I won't support it. In supporting it I am just as guilty as those pushing it. I love my country; it has given me a wonderful life. For those that think they are oppressed I can only suggest that you grow up. You are acting like the Marxist characters that are trying to take over our Nation. Just because you have not fared so well in life, don't blame everyone else. You are banding together for the comfort of "safety in numbers". Get on your own two feet and be responsible for yourself. The World owes you nothing.

You have friends, family and neighbors to step up and help you through bad times. That is the one thing that we as responsible Human Beings do; we help each other. Just don't demand or expect the entire Planet to stop everything and change the rules just for you. 

Turn off all your "remote" gadgets, get your lazy rump out of the easy chair, and do something constructive for yourself, your family, your friends and neighbors. 

Our entire Country is in need of help right now. A sad mistake was made in our last election. The man put in the Oval Office was not fit to lead. I blame mostly his family for letting this happen, as they sat back and watched the mockery continue. Just another example of what I allude to when I refer to others pushing their personal agenda. Use the old man to get what they want. The corruption in our Government has gotten out of hand. And it appears no one knows quite how to handle it. A large faction of Society has decided that the rest of us must live according to their rules. Well, we have a Constitution that has given us a pretty good life so far; so good that millions are trying to join our little corner of the World. The large faction I refer to is allowing these poor folks in just to get their support in the way of a vote. Then they will be pushed aside and to hell with them too.

You get the picture I'm sure. No need to continue on with the same old worlds day in and day out. I have a suggestion: A good read for today's trials and tribulations is a book by Mark Levin titled American Marxism. You don't have to read the entire publication to get the picture. Try just the first chapter, and then read the seventh. Those two alone will be enough to get you moving; if not then you my friend are a lost cause. I have a copy if anyone would like to borrow it and not buy the entire book.



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