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 By: JEAN F. COULARD    MONDAY 12/6/21  EDITED 12/8/21 

Parenting is a tremendous responsibility. And those who cannot handle it should not go anywhere near it. Abortion should not be an option, as killing your mistakes is something one should not even think about. 

What is the answer? In my opinion, abortion should not exist in the Human equation.  

I believe God did not allow for the murder of Human Beings. And yes, I also think abortion is equivalent to murder. The fetus is a viable organism in the womb, using the necessary-to-life functions as supplied by the host, its mother. Like any plant or animal given to God’s Earth, it should be allowed to grow and function to its fullest potential. No man should have the right to determine when a life should be ended. Obliterating any life because it does not measure up to a standard is the work of Satan, in my opinion. The decision to maintain or abort an energy throughout the processes occurring within the womb is not for Man himself to make. The process is for God and God alone to control. We accept all other trials and tribulations he has given and produce the best we can with what is sent our way. If the continuation of the process appears to threaten the host’s life, then it should be her choice and her option alone to save or not the fetus. 

I have seen scenarios where more than one Doctor counseled the mother to abort. In one such case, the mother was told the child would not be normal, physically or mentally. The mother opted to go through with the pregnancy, and today this young life is headed to college. She is fine, fit, and normal mentally and physically. In another instance, a Doctor informed a young mother that she would give birth to a daughter. It turned out to be twin boys!  

Doctors are Human and cannot predict the outcome of pregnancy with a certain absolute. My current opinion is that abortion is, at some point in time, murder. We have no right to take away the future of these little people. They have every right to enter our world and achieve as they may; they are fully formed Humans at an early stage, taking oxygen and nourishment from the mother and functioning with a tiny heart beating. They are not, of course, ready to survive in the outer world but prevailing in the womb and living a life growing and preparing for the external world. Yes, we gave them existence, but that does not permit us to murder them.  

Again, parenting is a tremendous responsibility. And instead of being so entrenched on political issues and individual social policies, our educational “experts” must return to the three “R’s.” They must return to the purpose of life itself, which is the perpetuation of the human species according to the Laws of God and Man.  

Now that our Supreme Court is hearing arguments for and against abortion laws, we will have a ruling to decide about this long-standing question once and for all. I find it is just sad and painful that they will not have a response until June of 2022. 

Not only is it painful, but it is also unacceptable to deliberate so long. How many infants will be lost while we wait? How many lives disrupted? Our Government is far too bureaucratic. That is a full seven months away. Much, much too long. If a panel of Jurors took as long to decide the many trials we have each day, we would be hard-pressed to handle the system. As it is now, we have such a backlog that way too many people are kept incarcerated for way too long  while the obvious guilty persons are released. We need to get control of this.

Perhaps this should be passed over to the individual State Legislatures. We shall see. 

GOD BLESS Jean F. Coulard  12/6/21

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