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By Jean Coulard  9/9/21 

Following are a few words out of context from a “YouGov” poll within a NEWSMAX article of today 9/9/21: 

 ....Just 39% approve of Biden's overall job performance and a near majority (49%) disapprove; the 10-point negative rating is the first time Biden has been underwater during his eight-month presidency, according to the poll results…. …. The collapse in the overall approval rating represents a six-point drop in just one week, and Democrats were even more inclined to drop their approval in a nine-point swing, from 86% down to 77%.... 

“There are many reasons for Biden’s slump: economic concerns, the continuing COVID-19 surge and restrictions, reminders of past terrorist attacks, and the difficulties that arose in the pullout from Afghanistan," YouGov pollsters wrote in their analysis…..  end of quote. 

###  I share this with you to again ask the question:  How can any true, educated, intelligent American constantly rile about the current or previous Administration in such a vile and nasty way as I see on so many public personal commentaries? Not liking someone personally is no reason to bash them in such a terrible and nasty manner. Their demeanor, while it is important in a diplomatic sense, should be low on the list of attributes in my opinion. And your opinion, I believe, should be based on reading ALL articles, or as many as possible, so you get as many opinions and information as possible. Our Representatives should be considered and judged on their job performance. 

I cannot be more insistent in my opinion also that ‘party line’ voting is not a ‘common sense’ approach in our Democracy. Choice is still one of our treasured freedoms. And anyone that allows, accepts and follows such policies of that Political Party or organization,  has abandoned their most precious freedoms and liberties; as they are the framework of our Constitutional Republic. 

If one chooses such a method and allows the government, or any organization to control them in that manner, then I would suggest you tone down your rhetoric so as not to influence our young or the weak among us. While you of course, as a citizen, have the right to your opinion, I will oppose you in any manner acceptable by our Law-Abiding Society when you begin to threaten or force others to adhere to your way. 

###   WELL, LET’S TALK ABOUT AGE   and    WHY NOT?? It’s something we are born with, live with, and die with. But we should not let it be the cause of our death. According to our Bibles, many of our Humans in the past, we are told, lived well into their hundreds. Possibly over five hundred. And why do you suppose that was? How about thinking of the ravages of ‘stress’?? Give it some thought. Go ahead. I’ll give you a few minutes while I pour myself a piping hot cup of caffeine-filled coffee! OK! So lets see now; recently I commented, in my opinion, that stress affects our vital organs and causes deterioration. I continue to have this very same opinion. I have been monitoring my own reactions to stress and have proven to myself that stress does have a strong negative reaction to our very health. It follows therefore, that our Ancestors, having no or very little stress compared to ourselves, may possibly have lived a very long and somewhat stress-free life.    

 ###   NEWSOM  MUST BE RECALLED     The events in California are very indicative of the current events in our Country. Party affiliation aside, this situation has gotten out of hand. Here is a man who abused his power and status as Governor in a blatantly obvious manner. I question which is worse, Cuomo of New York or Newsom of California? In my opinion both are quite un-acceptable. The challenger to Newsom, Larry Elder, is basically a newcomer in the public arena of political speaking and personal campaigning, and that may be a handicap to him. However, most Politicians are afraid of newcomers, and they don’t want their life upset. They are comfortable and confident in their place in the world. Elder would upset the balance of power in the Senate if elected. This will be a much-watched election. Stay tuned for the outcome!! 

That’s it for now folks. It’s a cloudy day, so make your own sunshine. 

God Bless Jean

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