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From NEWSMAX Tuesday, October 12, 2021 

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Mother Uses Settlement From Son's Death to Buy Guns for Other Son's Gang 

If you haven’t read this article, I respectfully suggest you look it up and read it in its’ entirety. In my opinion, it indicates how our current Government Administration implements its plan to have total control over our Society—using the Justice System from the ‘top down’ to fracture our freedoms and liberties and install a massive wedge in our individuality. The young man made a mistake ‘running’ from the Police. They had every right to assume he was guilty since he ran away. From start to finish, the entire situation should be thrown out of court. Anti-Government organizations used it, and the LEFT went along with them to gain their support in upcoming elections. 

###  That’s the world we are forced to live in now. Don’t wait for the elections. Too much can happen by then!  And it will continue until we, the people, do something about it! Boycotting seems to be catching on. Avoid the WOKE-supporting corporations and those that try to sell products “MADE IN CHINA.” Support Small Business. Cut back on your car fuel. Car-pool if you can. One combined errand is better than five little trips. Our Justice Dept. is as corrupt as our National Security systems, which is a serious concern to me. Stop this blatant disregard and manipulation of our Constitution. It will be a monumental task, but we must find a way. Our Representatives in Congress appear to be in fear of stepping up to face the problem head-on. Do they not realize the people will be right behind them? What is it they fear? And my biggest question is to President Trump: I thought you had our backs. You also seem to fear doing what is necessary to stop this travesty of Justice and our Constitution! What happened to “DRAIN THE SWAMP”? 

Stay strong! Stay together! WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Jean   10/13/21

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