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Jean F. Coulard        8/19/21

Well, you can bet your last dollar I will hear about those words. But I will stick by them. They are my words and mine alone, and I support them fully as my own personal opinion, which I have been voicing for many years. I mean nothing personal toward any individual as I have friends and family that are Attorneys.

I would prefer most any other Profession, to wit I will start with President Dwight D. Eisenhower. He was a  formidable Military man who, as the Allied Commander during World War II was familiar with other Countries, their policies, their faults, their strengths and their weaknesses. He knew how to deal with them, he knew how to speak with them and most importantly he was aware of their place in the World and how it related to the United States of America. I remind you that it was President Eisenhower that proposed and implemented the Interstate Highway system which was vital to our Economy. The system not only created thousands of jobs desperately needed for returning Veterans, it also gave the Nation a much needed sense of hope and togetherness after the ravages of WWII. It opened up the Country to share opinions, products and ideas in a more productive and efficient manner than a previously slow moving transportation method.

President John F. Kennedy, a Navy Veteran, followed IKE. He showed the valor and courage of the Military, and a forward thinking mindset of what the World needed in the monumental chore of rebuilding cooperation and relationships in the growing and fast moving future World communities. Unfortunately the selfish power hungry political groups of that time took him from us. A sad and costly move that we are paying for to this day.

Then of course, JFK was followed by non other than Lyndon Baines Johnson. In my opinion the true and dedicated Southern Democrat that may possibly have been a closet KKK as I believe our current (?)-in-Chief is. This character was the guy who took our Social Security fund (monies from the pockets of our employers and ourselves) and opened it up for all other Government funds to use for whatever their little hearts desired. He was also the guy in charge when the infamous Civil Rights Bill of 1964 was passed. He and all the other Democrats took credit for it, when it was the Republican votes that implemented its' passing.

Sadly, many in the Black community have not realized the Democrats real intention was to use them to escalate their agenda to create adversity between the Races. For many years this power hungry Party exercised a very two-faced public persona in an attempt to garner votes. I believe it is all coming to fruition at this time, as our National Citizenry is pitted against itself in a  never-before-seen battle for the heart and soul of our Society. 

Move forward to President Barack Obama, whose chief accomplishment before being elected, was that of Community Organizer in Chicago. He was a graduate of Columbia University in New York City, and a one term Senator from Illinois, whose voting record in Congress is an abysmal sight.  I do not believe he ever actually practiced Law, although he supposedly was educated for that profession. His educational records were never allowed to be public; nor were his tax records according to my sources. His background was surrounded by questions and mysteries, but the Democratic Party fiercely supported and protected Obama. Couple that with heavy financial support from George Soros and his was an easy win. 

The current President, Joseph Biden, used the phrase "Soul of America" during his campaign for the Presidency. Many believe there was much fraud within the election of 2020, and ensuing election audits appear to be backing that claim. But that is for another day.

I believe the best way to confirm or deny my afore-mentioned opinions is to research. Always a good tool. 

To continue my comments on the backgrounds of our Presidents I will say at this time that twenty seven (27) of our forty five (45) Presidents have been Attorneys. Now, I, of course have nothing against any Attorney and I applaud them on their achievements of education and passing the Bar. But Attorneys are not educated in the administration of Business, which I strongly feel is the true way of running a government. We have expenses, incomes, payrolls, unions, and most importantly the necessity of agreements and arrangements with neighboring Towns, Counties, States and Countries. 

We live in a World of diversification. We have so many different Societies and cultures, and one must be aware and able to converse and deal with all of it. As we all know Lawyers are trained to understand and interpret the Law and our Constitution. They are also taught how to manipulate the words of any document to achieve a desired outcome. Unfortunately many politicians that have been trained in this manner, use their  knowledge to interpret our Constitution and manipulate its' meaning to suit their own personal agenda. This is where I am adamantly opposed to having any Attorney leading my local or National government.

I will admit that I had my concerns when Trump, the highly successful Businessman, was put in the Oval office. While I agreed with the concept of a Business person in leadership, I still had an underlying concern since it was the first time in my recollection of such a background in the Office. Although I am aware that President Truman was basically a business person, I think his tenure in the Oval Office did show me the fortitude and courage necessary to make monumental and far reaching decisions. I have always felt deep concern for what he had to live with after making the decision that ended the World War. I totally agree with his reasoning, and feel it was the best way to go.

In previous writings I have alluded to the fact that the legal profession today has been more like a sports venue. They seem to count the "wins" as a feather in their cap. A person with more wins on their resume will more than likely get the job over one with losses. They don't seem to care about the consequences of their wins. In many cases a win in court will put a criminal back into Society.

We certainly see that scenario as many Politicians will do anything and everything necessary to win your vote and keep their lucrative position of power and financial status. Whereas, in my opinion, a business person will be more inclined to look for a better structural outcome of the deal or arrangement. A "pat-on-the-back" is more important in Business. The personal status will be obtained in a more gainful and satisfactory way.

In conclusion I suggest you take a long hard look at the current administration. A Lawyer who lied about his status in his graduating class. A man who has a reputation of low achievement, and questionable loyalty to his constituency and his position, and a man who has been proven many times to be a liar, to have committed plagiarism and obtained lucrative deals with our adversaries. The only thing I can say in his favor is that he did not want Kamala Harris as his VP. But he had no choice. What does that tell you about this administration.

Get involved. Research. Fight for your rights, your freedoms, and those of your children.

Jean F. Coulard     8/19/21

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