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I am still ranking on the Medical profession. As a senior citizen, who depends on the Doctors, Nurses, and Pharmacies to keep the old ticker bouncing and the red goo in my veins racing along inside my weary old body; I find it more stressful communicating and dealing with them than when my TV channel was changed by some Nerd siting back in the studio decided on their own to move my channel from one station to another cause he thought it was more entertaining.

By way of explanation on this subject let me say this: I did not subscribe to the usual expensive football package due to all the nonsense these "bulky" brainless millionaire monsters and their controllers, including Mr.  Kaepernick and his "knee resting" have inserted into my entertainment. They have spewed out their nonsense and their political views into our precious American sports. Many of us depended on the sports entertainment to help us unwind from our daily hectic lives. 

Since Football and Baseball are very high on the radar for being America's two favorite sports; they are also a way of creating friendly get-togethers of family and friends. Rooting for and against each others favorites also promotes a friendly rivalry. Just a good time for everybody. Even the tailgaters that stand outside and party in the parking lots meet and make new friends. By inserting political rivalry into these get-togethers we have ignited  a devastating effect on our Social interactions.

Yesterday I was watching my favorites, the Dallas Cowboys, when suddenly, with about 3 or 4 minutes left, the channel was changed by the studio. I went ballistic at that point. My one and only question: just who had the nerve and audacity to change the channel on MY TV set, that I had installed in MY home, connected to MY power supply? Does such an act open the door to my having no choice as to what I may watch.? They assumed the game was boring, but what did I prefer? There were some rookies put into the game at that point, that I was interested in seeing their performance. 

Once again we see the over-reaching by power-hungry controlling people; those so lacking in personal confidence, that they must control every aspect of everything within their "space" to insure their "comfort" zone! We seem to be loosing our freedom of choice as it is being chipped away each and every day, just a little at a time so it won't be too noticeable.

Jean   Nov. 14, 2021

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