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Jean F. Coulard Nov. 7, 2021   

 I am interrupting my current Newsletter about the beautiful, lovable Elephants in our world to briefly speak of what I consider a serious problem within our medical establishment today. Some may see a political tone to this. Be that as it may, the political is not intended. Your perception is yours to explain if you consider the Medical system as an arm of the Political system.  I must tell you:   

###  I read an article this morning where Tucker Carlson suffered severe back pain, which powerful pain killers did not alleviate. He ended up having “emergency back surgery” on Wednesday morning and returned to work on his Wednesday evening show!!!!! The first thing that came to my mind was that President Reagan was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. He secretly went to Germany, where he received a treatment unknown to the general public at that time and was subsequently free of Cancer!!!  President Trump was diagnosed with the infamous Covid 19 virus, spent a few days in the hospital, treated with Therapeutics, released, and returned to work shortly afterward.   Our so-called medical experts seem to have immersed themselves into our Government through persuasion and thereby control our health with mandates, laws, and whatever else they can find to force us to use their miracle drugs and rehabilitation maneuvers and protocols. They have an anti-virus shot for this Covid 19 affliction that does not completely protect us from the virus, so we need two or three ‘booster’ shots. In addition, some doctors tell us that the mask does not help, and others say it makes matters worse. We are told those who refuse the vaccination are a danger to those that have had the immunization!!??! 

Wait a minute!! HOLD THE PRESSES!!!  Folks,  we now have a pill to fight the virus. You only take three a day, plus one other different pill to help the three you have taken. That makes Four (4) Pills per day. I believe the duration of the pills was two weeks. But I am not sure of that. And no one, absolutely no one from the Medical establishment, knows anything about the long-term effects of any of these immunization or oral medications that are supposedly protecting us. And now they want to put this “stuff” into our five-year-olds!!!   So tell me, please, who is paying for all these vaccinations we must have? Who is paying for the testing we must have? Employers say the employee must pay for the testing ($107.00 weekly) if you don’t get the shot. And I believe the Pharmaceutical companies  will be charging you and me for the pills. Of course, the Insurance companies will cover some of the costs for all of this. But then they will have to raise our premiums to cover all this expense they will be having for all the pills and shots. Of course, we all know that our tax dollars will subsequently pay for most of this, and our pockets will take up the balance.   

I share this personal opinion with you, not for political purposes, but due to my current displeasure with the medical establishment, which I refer to as a “corporate conglomeration.” I have been fighting for my life (oxygen actually) to receive proper care at home, but my medical company will not cover the expense. The necessary testing must be done at a medical facility, wherein the readings will be different from my home and geographical surroundings in Thurman, N.Y. I now know the actual effect of being between a rock and a hard place. Use your common sense. Take care of yourself. 

God Bless!!!!! 


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