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I have a lot to carry on about today, so bear with me please!! 

#####  First I’d like to share a comment I left on a NEWSMAX article referring to Gov. Cuomo. Also please note that all replying comments to this were very positive. 

#####   About Cuomo; He is not the only sexual predator from the political arena. Biden and many others are bad too! The Dems just want Cuomo out so they can put Litetia James, NY D.A. into the seat next election. They are constantly putting in Black folks just to set them up for failure!! Cuomo is the scapegoat, and his plight takes away the attention from what is really going on. Re-read the papers for the last two or three years and see where all the problems have come from and who the mayors and D.A. prosecutors are. The true racists in America are the Liberal Democratic Party leaders and Rep. Rino's. They want slavery to come back. Biden is a "closet KKK". Research the voting numbers from the 1964 Civil Rights bill and see what party the majority came from. Maybe you folks should try watching on real TV some of the leaders from the black community and see what is really happening. Al Sharpton is a nut-job with a $2.00 theology degree. As a New Yorker I remember him from day “#1” when he was an obese big mouth trying to move up in N.Y. city politics.  Look up his history!! He was very obviously using his fellow Blacks in the community for his agenda.  Many of the police chiefs and squad members are of the Black community and are the real Leaders. The many Black police officers (and there are a lot) have lost out because of the “Defund Police” movement from the Liberal Dems and their cohorts. (Why do you think they started it?)  They (the Black Police) are aware of the reality of what is going on with the Democratic party members. And so many are speaking up, but your Media morons don't show that to you. Get with it folks, especially in the Black community. Open your eyes to what they are doing to you. Larry Elder, running for Ca. Governor will show you what a true leader is like. And Leo Terrell, Dem. turned Rep. is on quite often as a guest and you should really find him and listen closely to what he has to say. It's time you switched off NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC etc., and start getting the other side from some very creditable people. Get away from party politics and get back to being an American!!!!! Systemic Racism and White Supremacy are NOT WHO WE ARE as a Nation. Take notice of the many Black folks that have achieved so much in so many fields. And find the history and background of the others that are repeating Sharpton’s early agenda; using their neighbors to enhance their own personal agenda like Senator Waters of California, and the ex BLM leader with the millionaire real estate, and the "wanna-be-Georgia-Gov." character who was so involved in the Georgia election. And don't forget N.Y. D.A. Letitia who is pushing out bad boy Cuomo to get his seat. 

#####  Before I throw some recent headlines out to the public I would like to have a few words about the Speaker of the House (Catholic lady from California), and the Senate Majority Leader (Jewish man-for-the-people from New York). Trying to stay on top of everything going on in our Congress is quite a daunting task lately. Speaker Pelosi is constantly berating everybody railing out against her ridiculous phony misleading bills. Since the Pandemic broke out all we have heard from her, after the second impeachment attempt of President Trump, is how she is simply trying to help those financially and medically affected by this nasty virus. ­­­­I have just glanced through the 2700 pages of her so-called “INFRASTRUCTURE BILL” and I am so disgusted and dismayed that our representatives are even considering this ‘thing’! How it ever got out of the House is beyond me. I don’t care what Party you belong to. This piece of garbage should not have even been handed out for vote. Perhaps her highness has more power than we can imagine. She tells them to sign it now and read it later. As if any of them would ever read it!!!!!!!! When 2022 comes, if it ever does, maybe we should vote ALL INCUMBENTS OUT and start fresh. Trying to separate us with racism isn’t enough. Now they are separating the vaccinated and the UN-vaccinated; saying the UN-vaccinated is the enemy of the vaccinated. My God, what’s next??????      

#####  POLITICALS DO NOT BELONG IN THE SPORTS ARENA. (try the comedy stage; it’s more to the demeanor of the poor oppressed millionaire athletes) I have anxiously awaited pre-season practice football games to start every year, and like a little kid at Christmas I awaited the regular schedule to begin!!  This year it will be different. I will await nothing. Will not watch the NFL games; will not watch Soccer or Basketball, or maybe even the Olympics. I am more of a Patriot than a sports fan. However, I must say that sports have been my go-to spot for entertainment and fun forever. But when the powers that be decided to play other national anthems, put the BLM emblems on helmets and on the field, and in the end zone, I will not be a supporter of this nonsense. Many other organizations would love to be there and deserve to be acknowledged, but this is entertainment and enjoyment. I am not against paid advertising; we can always FF those or ignore them, but when unpopular anti-American organizations are given FREE prominent space and recognition during my entertainment, I draw a very thick line. That’s it for me. The sports venue has always been as American as Apple pie and baseball. But no more. They have spoiled it for many of us.  

#####   “ ….. Oh the Corruption! Teachers Paid Huge Bonuses Using COVID Relief Money for Not Showing up for Work…..” I suggest you tap into this article. Four States are referenced. It will try your patience: 

#####   Regarding the voting on the so-called “Infrastructure Bill,”; it is my considered opinion that the Republicans in the Senate had better start voting as a representative of their constituents and not for their own political future. It will not last long if they continue to side with the Biden Administration to maintain it. 

#####    Next headline I strongly support is in the Military area………                         

 “Ret. Lt. Gen. Kellogg to Newsmax: Milley Should Resign as Joint Chiefs Chair” ………. If you have not been following this guy (Milley), shame on you. He is more political than you might imagine. I am sure you are aware that the illegals coming into the Country are being transported to their State of choice by the United States Air Force! If you aren’t, then I strongly suggest you get off your duff and start seeing what your government plans for your children’s future!!!!  

#####   “Let them die,” says @FairfaxNAACP leader Michelle Leete at a protest before @fcpsnews board.  Michelle Leete is Vice President of Training at the Virginia state PTA and Vice President of Communications for the Fairfax County PTA. She is also First Vice President of the Fairfax County NAACP and a federal employee. Our State, Local, and National school districts are supported by the Communities’ public tax money and other miscellaneous financials. Therefore, the parents and all Community taxpayers should have an intense “say” in the curriculum and programs offered to the students. 

Stay well!!  Stay alert!!  Reclaim your freedoms and liberties. 


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