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Why has the NFL decided to pamper a known anti-American organization? Giving them free advertising and constant exposure is in my opinion a close-to-treason act. If they want to be supportive and community-conscience, how about supporting some really needy charities? There are many for children's diseases that could use some help. And what about the not-so-oft-heard-of community groups for disadvantaged youths?  Among others in need of support we have SPECIAL OLYMPICS, SONS WITHOUT FATHERS, and of course let's not forget The Red Cross or the Salvation Army. 

Come on folks. Why are we putting up with this nonsense? Get the politics out of our entertainment. Stop pushing your own personal agenda on me. I don't appreciate it! I won't support it. In supporting it I am just as guilty as those pushing it. I love my country; it has given me a wonderful life. For those that think they are oppressed I can only suggest that you grow up. You are acting like the Marxist characters that are trying to take over our Nation. Just because you have not fared so well in life, don't blame everyone else. You are banding together for the comfort of "safety in numbers". Get on your own two feet and be responsible for yourself. The World owes you nothing.

You have friends, family and neighbors to step up and help you through bad times. That is the one thing that we as responsible Human Beings do; we help each other. Just don't demand or expect the entire Planet to stop everything and change the rules just for you. 

Turn off all your "remote" gadgets, get your lazy rump out of the easy chair, and do something constructive for yourself, your family, your friends and neighbors. 

Our entire Country is in need of help right now. A sad mistake was made in our last election. The man put in the Oval Office was not fit to lead. I blame mostly his family for letting this happen, as they sat back and watched the mockery continue. Just another example of what I allude to when I refer to others pushing their personal agenda. Use the old man to get what they want. The corruption in our Government has gotten out of hand. And it appears no one knows quite how to handle it. A large faction of Society has decided that the rest of us must live according to their rules. Well, we have a Constitution that has given us a pretty good life so far; so good that millions are trying to join our little corner of the World. The large faction I refer to is allowing these poor folks in just to get their support in the way of a vote. Then they will be pushed aside and to hell with them too.

You get the picture I'm sure. No need to continue on with the same old worlds day in and day out. I have a suggestion: A good read for today's trials and tribulations is a book by Mark Levin titled American Marxism. You don't have to read the entire publication to get the picture. Try just the first chapter, and then read the seventh. Those two alone will be enough to get you moving; if not then you my friend are a lost cause. I have a copy if anyone would like to borrow it and not buy the entire book.



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