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By Jean F. Coulard Sept. 12, 2021   

###  Since “Regime” has often denoted a Dictatorship or Tyrannical Government, I will not be a party to using the term. Keep in mind that our Media, those who continue forcing this term on us in their articles, are not reporting the news to us. They are informing us of their opinion with the explicit intent to have their words accepted as truth and  “gospel.” 

I am also Unsubscribing to any publication that promotes the current administration as the responsible and honest Government of the U.S.A. I do not watch NBC, CBS, CNN or ABC. I do make one exception as I tune in to ABC for evening LOCAL news at 6:00 PM. 

I am strongly advocating the method of BOYCOTTING to fight against the so-called WOKE way of life. In my opinion, this is more than Socialism. It is a Marxist Dictatorship bordering on Communism. To boycott is the only manner I can employ, along with my words. I ask those who agree or disagree with me to please share my comments with as many as possible. 

I will remind those who did not hear or see President Trump (in a previous time and place) when he suggested we do this; he did not use the actual word BOYCOTT, and I commend him for that. It would not have been appropriate for a previous President to speak in that way. 

It is my personal opinion that the Corporations subscribing to this WOKE position may be extreme Capitalists who have lost their way. They pay homage to whatever will bolster up their profits. Perhaps by boycotting, we will convince them that we are downright serious in maintaining our freedoms and liberties. Considering what our ancestors and Founders sacrificed to give us The Constitutional Republic that has endured for so many years, it is not so much to ask of our people today. We would not be turning our backs on the many good things in life we have had; we are only taking a temporary pause to set things right again. 

Remembering the time in History that we just commemorated with honor, emotion, love of our freedoms, and extreme tribute to those who gave so much and endured so much, let us carry forward our promise NEVER to FORGET. As Americans, we have always risen to the occasion. It is time to rise once again!!! Together we can do it. 


Jean  9/13/21

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