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Jean F. Coulard SUN. 1/9/22 

Today, in my opinion, we have three different social personality types roaming the streets of the World. We have those not facing reality, those accepting whatever is thrown their way, and those struggling through fear. 

Outside of them, we have characters like me trying to face reality while having an inner struggle to refrain from living in the past. Of course, we know we can only go back through our dreams and memories. However, do that too often, and we may find ourselves virtually living in the past. 

When I go back to my memories of the ’50s and ’60s, I see where I met with a lot of discrimination and strife but had enough fun, laughter, and understanding friends to offset that nonsense. 

I now watch the 11:00 AM show on FOX with Harris Faulkner. I find her to be fair and unbiased. She has a knack for picking well-informed, articulate guests. I am putting her show on the “tape” list along with “OUTNUMBERED,” which follows at 12 NOON. Always a good panel and some very interesting opinions. I also tape THE FIVE at 5:00 PM and TUCKER CARLSON at 8:00 PM. I put these shows on the “series” option for taping, giving me control of my day a little better. 

(then again, who has such a busy day at my age as to need to control the day so tightly????) 

I get my daily entertainment by following any NEWSMAX article and reading the public comments. This exercise usually leaves me unbelieving as to the many folks that are so un-informed. But I mostly find humor in many of the comments. I check some of the questionable info that I read, and I have to say that it is quite an eye-opener to see the differences in factual knowledge. From reading such public comments, my opinion is that the current administration has gathered many a foul-mouthed follower. It appears they are far more misinformed than the average person. 

In my attempts to refrain from opinions on individual Politicians, I have realized that many in our Congress are all from the same ilk. There seems to be a profound difference between their actions and their words released for public consumption. They seem to represent themselves more than their constituents. I find that mostly they are only interested in their status as it pertains to their future in this lucrative position we have given them. Have you noticed that many of the so-called “contributors” and regular reporters to FOX, NEWSMAX, MSNBC, ABC, and other outlets, are advertising their own “podcast”, such as the FOX NATION for one, to have a personal outlet? Newsmax refers to their contribution to this new mania as “premium”. The charges made to use such outlets are, in my opinion, a slap in the face to their audience. We certainly pay enough to watch their original viewing through so many boring commercials, and now they want more time with more commercials. 

Perhaps it is time to research our representatives’ “donor” list. Sadly you may find that much of that influx of money comes from foreign sources. Time to eliminate, or at least put limits on such income. This also brings to mind a situation brewing in New York, and I believe in California. Our representatives, I repeat, OUR REPRESENTATIVES, are trying to include non-citizens in the voting registrations. CAN NOT BE ALLOWED, my friends. No one outside of our State has the right to determine the laws, regulations, rules, rights, and freedoms we must endure and live by. In my opinion, folks, we see here one downfall in Capitalism. Yes, I am a staunch fan of the system; in itself, it promotes individual improvement and personal satisfaction. Self-confidence is evident, and the charitable nature as a community is a big plus to our overall place in the World. The greed that one finds in the Capitalistic system is not only within this system; it can be found Worldwide in any Human society. I feel it is up to the individuals within the Society to deal with this negative attitude personally. Understanding how companies and individual businesses promote their products manipulatively to inflate their “bottom line” would be a step in the right direction. They seem to have forgotten an age-old adage in the business/marketing systems“….. sales volume promotes life-long production …. overnight marketing ploys stop production with the morning light…”. 

Many folks that continue to use social media do so for many different reasons. And I’m sure all are valid to each person. However, it is my opinion that it serves no better or improved service than we have on Email, cell phone, or just plain landline and in-person conversations. For me, the landline is best. I do need a closed caption phone to offset a hearing problem, and there are times the closed caption technology does not understand the cell phone. Email is my best bet. Social media, in my opinion, has more drawbacks than an “…. over-the-back-fence…. “ line of gossipers.  I feel that one may get various opinions from various people on social media. Still, it seems much of it comes down to personal words between individuals knowing each other personally, which can cause twisted responses. Also, on social media, freedom of speech seems to be non-existent. That bothers the devil out of me. So with that in mind, keep your social media, and I’ll continue with Email and landline. And I am getting too wordy. 

Besides, I have something I want to say. I may not put it in writing tho. If I do, I will probably disappear like many other people. But it needs to be said because I don’t understand why we follow the demented old man that we all recognize as being out of touch. 



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