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December 29, 2021 Jean F. Coulard 

Politics be damned. My opinions will be my perception of life in general. Writing is my passion and also my therapy. I will stop writing and talking when I die.   I have often threatened to leave political commentary alone to alleviate the anger and frustration. But I have come to the conclusion that it is up to me to control the stress. I try to remind myself that if the ancient writings are trustworthy, and man did live to well over hundreds of years, then the absence of stress must have something to do with longevity. I admit the stress level back in “biblical” times does not compare to today, but it may have been relevant in comparison. We all, myself included, have enough pressure in our daily lives to fill any bucket. That being said, I will begin by not referring to my opinions as those of a ‘curmudgeon’ or an ‘angry old broad’. I am simply a wise and experienced senior citizen who has seen and heard most of the B.S. that has come down the pike for several years. I wish to pass on my opinionated wisdom gained through reading and following the shenanigans of our elected and appointed leaders to whom we have endowed with more than sufficient wages and status to ensure them a good life-of-plenty in return for their sacrifice of time and trouble. I intend to keep in mind that we now have “panels” trained through “algorithms” to spot certain words and phrases, so if you read something strange, it’s just my way of speaking to avoid the attention of these idiots primarily found in social media. Speaking of ‘idiots’, we also have those making us very paranoid with the fear tactics. So I have decided to forgo the fear. I will do what my common sense tells me. I will care for my life and problems based on over eighty (80) years of experience living on this beautiful planet we all call home. I have succumbed to their insistence on a vaccine, not out of fear but for those around me whom I do not wish to put in any danger. However, I doubt that I will go for anything more since my response to the original was not well received, to say the least. I have listened to the opinions of many scientists and Doctors. Therefore, I have concluded that there is too much confusion and contradiction throughout the scientific community to make sense of any of it. I will let nature take its course and do the best I can for myself and those who depend on me. My recent hiatus from writing was due to dealing with a medical problem. The incident was partially one of the responses to the original vaccine. Initially, I listened to my Doctor and tried the medications, but in the end, it was a good old-fashioned remedy that saved the day. The Doctor and I both had a good laugh after it was all over. 

The Devil is upon this Earth!!!!! Pray for the World. 

Ask for God's help. Don't be bashful with Him. Jean

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