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BY: Jean F. Coulard

Oct. 5, 2021 

I am sharing with you a few comments and thoughts. I will try to do this more than just once a week to keep 

it timely and fresh in your mind, and it will be easier if you wish to find any articles. 


US POLITICS AND NEWS     Last updated Oct 1, 2021  

“ .. An Unvaccinated Nurse is Better Than No Nurse at All .. ’’

 Quote from article out of context  “ ….. They’re being stripped of their incomes, their health insurance, and their benefits. These are, of course, the exact same nurses who worked all the way through 2020 while being un-vaccinated – and they were hailed as heroes for doing so ….. ”  end quote of partial words from the article.

####  I wish to share with you my response, slightly edited by myself, to the words shared above. 

“(….. Don't you understand?? The mandates don't pertain to the vaccine. They are just another underhanded ploy to affect our Economy and our lives!!! When enough police dept's and State Trooper squads are depleted, the Government can bring in the National Guard and declare them "Government Police Forces", AKA Gestapo. 

These “mandates” will highly affect small businesses, and many will be forced to shut their doors. And their employees will be out of work as will the medical staffs of our Hospitals. And the crazy Anti-American Liberals will have a repeat of NAZI GERMANY!! .....)” 

Fear and deception are the two primary weapons of the Democratic Socialists. Much of their lies and deceit are just cloud cover for their diabolical, carefully orchestrated plan to destroy our Society through the Economy and take complete control of our Country and all the resources we have. 

The  “Left” faction that we have now in Government has been very open in their actions and public comments. I believe that they are aware of the lack of opposition in Congress to their agenda!!! I implore you please read between the lines when perusing the latest news articles. Where are those we elected, those we financially support, those we sent to D.C. to represent “ we the people “??? 


“Leftists chase Senator Sinema Into Bathroom, Record her While demanding she pass Biden Agenda.”

#### How about this headline from the “Daily Wire”????? You should read the article that follows it. How disgusting and despicable are these Liberal Leftist Democrats getting? How proud are those of you that supported Biden and his cohorts in the “election”? Are you not adult enough to admit your mistake and call for his impeachment as should be done? This, to me, makes Joy Behar appear to have a Halo over her head. If you don’t believe it, you, my friend, are one of the weaklings who only read headlines and accept whatever your “group” says. The video was shown in many news articles. And the cameraman, who was also following her, was right in there. 


Fauci Warns People About Christmas... 

####  Now, who is this supposed medical expert??? The fellow that we see almost every day telling us how to live long and well. Dr. Fauci is the man of whom I speak. He appears to be the medical guru of the Media and our supposedly elected Government. I am pretty sick and tired of being assaulted by this supposed "doctor-in-chief". 

He is not the new National Surgeon General, the know-all medicine man, nor the special doctor to anyone in particular. He is just another well-paid coat-tail hanger to further the cause and agenda of the Liberal Socialistic Democrats we now have taking up space in our Government. Time to start the protests against this Narcissistic being that the Left keeps throwing into our faces with his random waffling and constant hypercritical remarks. And don’t expect the “investigating” committee in Congress to go anywhere with the latest question and answer exercise. I feel these sessions are just a way of keeping their faces on the screen and their names in the forefront of the public domain. 

With these thoughts and comments, I will now leave you to the rest of your day. Enjoy! 

Stay well. Stand up for your rights. God Bless. 


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