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Jean F. Coulard          Aug. 25, 2021

In my previous article I did not intend to offend any member of the Legal profession. If so, then I will publicly apologize. I simply have given my opinion of their role in life. To continue for today, I am taking several News articles and headlines, and giving my opinion on the subject matter.

 #####   Mark Levin Exposed for Taking Drugs. 

Find out all about Mark Levin’s drug habit. Now this really caught my eye!!! They’re talking about a CBD gummy!!???!!    


#####   HAS PELOSI LOST HER MIND?     A recent question from PATRIOTIC TIMES. I think this is obvious. She may not have Dementia yet, but I feel certain she is headed in that direction. Many of her actions and comments do not make a lot of common sense or logic. I have the opinion also the mean and senseless words she often puts out there are indicative of a serious problem.  


#####   STEVE FORBES WARNS AMERICAN EXPRESS…….. WOKE DIVERSITY TRAINING.On a recent interview on FOX News’ Marie Bartiromo, Forbes expressed “…...thoughts on corporations participating in …….. divisive diversity training…….” and warned of “………. Very real consequences…”.  I respect Mr. Forbes, as I am sure many do, and his opinions and comments carry a fair amount of weight. It has come to my attention that we have several American based companies that are utilizing this training for purposes known only to them, and I sincerely hope they come to their senses soon; this, I believe, is not a popular effort. Most employees take this just to protect and save their jobs, and are not truly following the protocols. 


#####   PATRIOT PULSE   8/20/21 “……now Biden is under fire from his own party. And three important Democrats had some bad news for Joe Biden ……”Here we go again. Another several months of an ‘investigative committee’. What’s to investigate??? We all know what happened and who is to blame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How about the 25th for the top four in office??????


#####   “….. WATCHDOG” report on 8/20/21 there “….. is no chance the Democratic Party ………. Invoke the 25th amendment against Biden…..”   “It is too close to the 2022 Election…..”!!!!!

Well now, isn’t that a good reason to leave that guy in office??? Basically, what I read is they are saying to hell with America! It is more important to get elected to Congress than to serve the American people. Of course, that appears to be the bywords of Pelosi and Schumer as I see it.  


One last comment before closing today. I have much more to share with you tomorrow.

#####   I believe Walmart is not a supporter of Conservative values. When the superstore was sold many years ago, it was reported by our Media that China had purchased a large percentage of the ownership. I have research ‘feelers’ out at this time to verify this information and will bring it to you as soon as received.


Please try to research as much as possible before accepting the vaccine. It appears our medical “experts” are as confused as they have made us. Too much waffling. Use your own common sense and reasoning power. What has happened to the usual FLU? How many COVID deaths were the usual annual FLU season losses??? The virus, I believe, has been so politicized by so many, and none of them have been on the same page!!!!!!! Stay well. Stay strong. Maintain your freedoms and liberties. They are still there.


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