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Jean F. Coulard Sept 23, 2021


###  I read the entire article under this headline, and I must comment that I am so completely tired of the rich and famous Black women commenting on whatever brings attention to them. I am also quite disgusted by their constant “oppression-encouraging” words. If they were so oppressed, how did they arrive at their success? Was it money, personal favors, ‘name-dropping’ or just plain old education that they achieved on their own????? Or did they achieve the education with entitlement money?? These women, in my opinion, are treating their own communities as though they are dumb and unsophisticated,  much the same as they are when calling photo ID voting as racist. They already have photo IDs for driving licenses, among many others. Instead of reading the ‘gossip’ columns, I suggest their readers find out what the many qualified Black reporters and analysts are saying. 

###  In a recent article, I questioned “...why the Haitians” were being sent back to their ravaged homeland…”; I have just been informed that it is because they are most often Republican voters!!!    

###  McConnell has been a thorn in the side of many mainstream Republicans. His weak demeanor and waffling attitude have become a sad commentary to the Republicans. But like little children, many Representatives hesitate to go against what they consider to be “BIG DADDY.” It is past time for a change. We need mature and educated support, but not that considered as blanket acceptance. Yes, we should hear all versions, but when the supposed leader does not stand firm with the President, his Cabinet, and his party, the Senate must consider a change. 

###  Buying products that have the store name is something I intend to avoid as part of my recent “prayer extension.” I recently went to several stores looking for a product that I have been using for many years and could not find the original. I finally purchased the product under the ‘store name’.The quality has no comparison to the original offered by the manufacturer, and the price, in my opinion, is not worth it. And when you search for a place of origin, and you read “… imported …” instead of a Country, watch out!!! Then you know where it originates, do you not??? Why support an adversary, a Country that mistreats its population, a Country that is hell-bent on overtaking us??? 

I strongly support buying  'made in the USA' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Too much control. 

###  Jerome Adams, the former surgeon general under Trump who has criticized President Joe Biden’s handling of COVID-19, alleges he was denied the opportunity to refinance his mortgage after the government refused to verify his previous employment in the high-profile role. Quote: “ ….. I’m having an issue verifying your employment as the US Surgeon General. I used both addresses provided, and the US Dept of Health and Humans Services was unwilling to provide the verification ….. ”. End of quote; the unidentified party wrote, in response. 

###  A similar situation happened recently to retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who was dropped from Chase Bank as a credit card customer for “reputational risk” to the institution, though the company later claimed it was done in error. 

 PATRIOTIC TIMES  9/23/21…. GOP Finally Gives Biden The Boot – And Nothing Can Stop Them Now ….

###  “Baloney,” that’s my comment to this article about three Republicans that filed articles of impeachment against Biden. As a registered Republican voter, I am thoroughly disgusted. The GOP has done nothing but talk, talk, and more talk. What good is submitting something and then making a negative comment about it? Maybe it’s just your way of saying to your “friends” in Congress “ …. Don’t worry guys and gals, we’re just appeasing our constituents ….”. We’re still with you. They’re all together in the ‘swamp’!! I repeat these words over and over again: They are all together. Trump has learned to play the game. Although I will say that I still believe he will put America first if in office. I feel he is spending too much time and effort on going by and with the untrustworthy Bureaucrats in DC. Time to get back in the “Business” mode and the Devil with all the backstabbing and lies. Believe no-one. Trust yourself. Do what you feel is best. Don’t rely on those that stabbed you in the past, and recognize those that may in the future.



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