Jean F. Coulard
Nov. 3, 2021
I am my own person. I have always been one to “say what I mean and mean what I say”! Realizing that is not acceptable to many, I still refuse to change.
I don’t subscribe to phoniness, lying, nor being a hypocrite. I have lost acquaintances because of this, but never have I lost a friend.
My recent statement that I would no longer comment on politics must be put on hold for now. That being said, I submit my opinion on the recent local elections in Thurman.
We have had less than half of the eligible voters in Thurman turn out to exercise their right to vote. That in itself is embarrassing and unacceptable. I submit that those who did not vote had best keep their opinions concerning the actions of the Town Board to themselves. Freedom of speech may be a right, but the act of voting is a responsibility.
Choosing or refusing to vote for a Board member for personal reasons and misguided gossip is, in my opinion, a very irresponsible, immature, childish action.
Once again, Thurman has turned their back on an intelligent and fair individual, one who has been active in community events and volunteerism, one who has shown the ability to research facts and arrive at a reasonable conclusion.
In my opinion, Thurman has sent a veritable “slap-in-the-face” to a dedicated Town resident in favor of an individual that should have been relieved of previous and all duty on the Board for disgusting public comments on social media. He was running to keep his seat, but it was pretty noticeable that a last-minute candidate was convinced to run to take votes away from his challenger.
Shame on those of you that did not exercise your right to vote. You have ignored your responsibility and become a part of the problem. Unfortunately, the rest of us must know and feel the disgrace and the issues you have put upon us.
God bless those of you that genuinely care and appreciate this beautiful town.
Stay healthy. Be warm. Be there for your neighbors that may need you this coming Winter.


by Jean Coulard 8/28/21

Sitting here in Thurman, N.Y., in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains on a rainy Saturday, can be dreary and bleak for some. But think of others on this Planet, and in our thoughts thank God for what we have here.
Afghanistan seems like a world away. But what we see on TV is still heartbreaking. I pray for those many souls. I have read about the Vets that have gone out of their way against words of advice, to rescue so many Afghanians that worked for them in the past. I applaud Glen Beck for his untiring efforts in also helping many Christians to get out. I also applaud those here at home that have opened their doors and their hearts to many citizens of Afghanistan coming to our shores after leaving every trace of themselves, their homes, and their neighborhood. Volunteers are coming forth to offer a roof over their head and a warm place to sleep safely.
This shows me that the true spirit of America is still with us.
I have these thoughts after an exchange of articles with a friend and neighbor. I did not realize that this person, for whom I have the greatest respect and love, was on a different level of political views than I.
The exchanges were friendly and very informative. We exchanged the different articles that we each have been reading. I was extremely astonished at the difference. We are all aware of course, that there is not too much truth in our Media today. But this exercise in exchange that I was part of yesterday was astonishing to me. The level of difference can only be described as black and white. The blatant lies are on both sides of the "aisle". Meanwhile our young men and women are dying in foreign lands where we should not be. Mothers and fathers will not be coming home to their children.
It brought to mind the world I experienced at the beginning of my formative years. I remember vividly the voice of FDR but not understanding the words, only the look on my parents faces.
I remember also the look on the faces of my mother and our neighbors when a large strange car slowly made its way down the street. Each mother or wife praying it did not stop at their doorway. I remember seeing the gold star emblems hanging in windows. The emotions were obvious but not quite understood. One only knew that they were intense.
I remember too, the night that it seemed all 35,000 citizens of my city gathered on the main thoroughfare singing, cheering, setting off firecrackers, hugging each other and laughing just for the joy of laughing, as word of the war's end was ringing throughout the Country.
All of this came rushing back to me as I watched a father on Tucker Carlson show last night, describing how he had, just hours previously, been told his son was one of the 13 servicemen killed in Afghanistan.
The emotions of yesterday which I share with you today are vivid in my memory. So vivid that I am feeling an extreme sense of helplessness.
I retired to the comfort and warmth of my own bed last night still feeling the emotions of the day. And this morning I awakened with the reality that it was not a bad dream.
I had three brothers and one uncle in the Military. One brother and my uncle were in the thick of it. Hence the anguish of my Mother that I recall.
This must stop. We must, in the most expedient and efficient way, return our Country to the Constitutional Republic that many and most of us enjoyed, and do it immediately. I pray that those among us that have the capability, the strength and the courage do so, act forthwith. I don't have the answer. To those of you that do, please start. Gather those of us who will follow, and encourage each to use their own abilities to move our wonderful, beautiful Nation and the people within, to a day of reckoning and celebration that many enjoyed on that fateful day at the end of WWII.
We have always considered Thurman NY to be "... almost Heaven ... ".
Let us return to that time!!!!! A time when the United States of America were truly 'united'!
May God bless us all, and show us the way.


Sometimes I may speak brilliantly and sometimes stupidly. Either way, give it a shot and read the "OLD BROAD....." words. I like to hear other opinions, good or bad. Communication is a necessary exchange for the good of all. Just click on the envelope in the menu or Email directly.
Thanks a bunch. And for those that have kept in touch about little Elmer, he is having a Cardiac Echo test today and should give us some good answers.
Jean & Barb

THIS IS NO PLACE FOR A CURMUDGEON                         Jean Coulard     July 18, 2021

I am referring to Thurman. There are those that have laughed at us, made fun of us, and commented that we are ".....really out there.....", referring of course to our geographic location.
Well, you can laugh all you want, and make fun all you want, but as a transplanted Long Islander (28 years), I can truly say it was a great move. The air is good, the climate is good, the mountains are beautiful, and I don't mind the snow. Our guys and gals of the highway departments do a good job of keeping the roads clear and safe for us.
As I have said so many times in the past, others can keep their heat, their alligators, snakes, bugs and sinkholes; and add in the tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and wildfires. I will stay right here in good 'ole Thurman.
We have a great contractor that takes care of all the little chores we can no longer do, a landscaper that treats our property with loving care, and many friends that are willing to step up and help the senior citizens.
Our chances for a new Town Board and Supervisor are looking good. Our Town Clerk is the best, and our Tax Assessors are hometown folks that treat us fair and square.
Many of our "part-time" residents are spending more time here, and seem to fit in just fine.
When I consider and see the changes in New York City and Long Island, my heart breaks. It is a sad, sad day for our Country to allow such a brash and unacceptable transformation. But I do have hope that perhaps it can be stopped, or at least stymied before things get out of hand.
In the meantime we have our Thurman and nearby towns and villages that serve us all well.
So be happy, enjoy your surroundings and your neighbors. And let's show good support to the new leaders that we are hoping for in November.
God Bless

Michael Goot 5/24/21 THE POST STAR

Gail Seaman has confirmed that she is no longer working for the Town of Thurman.
According to the article by Mr. Goot, our local Liberal Media writer, Mrs. Seaman said ..... “In all honesty, I just want the press and everybody to leave me alone. I’m tired of being targeted by the malcontents in Thurman and I’m tired of them trying to ruin my life. I’m tired of the harassment that I have received…..”.
Mrs. Seaman, it appears to me that most of Thurman will gladly leave you alone. They may even try to pretend that you are no longer in Town at all.
In my opinion, you have been a disruptive force in town politics since first coming on the scene, which was around the same time as Evelyn Wood. You were a strong voice in supporting Ms. Wood (then-Supervisor) during her political goal of getting rid of the free volunteer ambulance squad. That was a slap in the face to the previously deceased Al Martin, and all the volunteers who worked tediously to establish and maintain the squad; to say nothing of the hardship, financially and health-wise to the elderly citizens. Words cannot fully express the relief that your leaving will do for this Town. I will not repeat words expressed around Town that may reflect your demeanor and attitude here and the negative affects they have had on the residents directly.
However, I am sure that many in Thurman will remember the behavior of you, Mrs. Seamen in the parking lot of the County Election Board or your robust violent words toward those that did not agree with you on the Thurman residents site on FACEBOOK.
Mrs. Seaman has claimed to be on the County Ethics Committee. But the committee did not have a record of that. And her behavior as she trampled through our Town Politics is undoubtedly not of ethical quality.
In Mr. Goot’s article, Mrs. Seaman refers to harassment by Thurman residents. Perhaps she has forgotten her own actions at Town Meetings, where she spoke out incessantly with no regard for the "Privilege of the Floor". And while on the Board, she dared to answer everyone’s question, whether directed towards her or not. I also remember the constant and vile comments to our then Town Clerk, Cynthia Hyde, and the mean, nasty behavior toward Mrs. Hyde when she was Supervisor.
It is my understanding that Mrs. Seaman was an O.R. nurse in a local Hospital. I do not doubt she was an employee there; however, the position that she claimed to have been hers did not have her name listed on the records. I question the reason for leaving without the carry-over of medical benefits into her retirement. I feel this may have been why she fought so hard for such benefits from the Town of Thurman; and that appears to have influenced her “walk-out” on the Supervisor, who seemed to take many liberties in to employ Mrs. Seaman.
To sum up my thoughts: Perhaps the resident voters of Thurman will finally get their Town back to begin 2022 when we have a new Supervisor, with Mrs. Seaman no longer on the scene, and new Board members. Let us start a new era of honesty, integrity, and transparency.

Jean Coulard
May 29, 2021