Michael Goot 5/24/21 THE POST STAR

Gail Seaman has confirmed that she is no longer working for the Town of Thurman.
According to the article by Mr. Goot, our local Liberal Media writer, Mrs. Seaman said ..... “In all honesty, I just want the press and everybody to leave me alone. I’m tired of being targeted by the malcontents in Thurman and I’m tired of them trying to ruin my life. I’m tired of the harassment that I have received…..”.
Mrs. Seaman, it appears to me that most of Thurman will gladly leave you alone. They may even try to pretend that you are no longer in Town at all.
In my opinion, you have been a disruptive force in town politics since first coming on the scene, which was around the same time as Evelyn Wood. You were a strong voice in supporting Ms. Wood (then-Supervisor) during her political goal of getting rid of the free volunteer ambulance squad. That was a slap in the face to the previously deceased Al Martin, and all the volunteers who worked tediously to establish and maintain the squad; to say nothing of the hardship, financially and health-wise to the elderly citizens. Words cannot fully express the relief that your leaving will do for this Town. I will not repeat words expressed around Town that may reflect your demeanor and attitude here and the negative affects they have had on the residents directly.
However, I am sure that many in Thurman will remember the behavior of you, Mrs. Seamen in the parking lot of the County Election Board or your robust violent words toward those that did not agree with you on the Thurman residents site on FACEBOOK.
Mrs. Seaman has claimed to be on the County Ethics Committee. But the committee did not have a record of that. And her behavior as she trampled through our Town Politics is undoubtedly not of ethical quality.
In Mr. Goot’s article, Mrs. Seaman refers to harassment by Thurman residents. Perhaps she has forgotten her own actions at Town Meetings, where she spoke out incessantly with no regard for the "Privilege of the Floor". And while on the Board, she dared to answer everyone’s question, whether directed towards her or not. I also remember the constant and vile comments to our then Town Clerk, Cynthia Hyde, and the mean, nasty behavior toward Mrs. Hyde when she was Supervisor.
It is my understanding that Mrs. Seaman was an O.R. nurse in a local Hospital. I do not doubt she was an employee there; however, the position that she claimed to have been hers did not have her name listed on the records. I question the reason for leaving without the carry-over of medical benefits into her retirement. I feel this may have been why she fought so hard for such benefits from the Town of Thurman; and that appears to have influenced her “walk-out” on the Supervisor, who seemed to take many liberties in to employ Mrs. Seaman.
To sum up my thoughts: Perhaps the resident voters of Thurman will finally get their Town back to begin 2022 when we have a new Supervisor, with Mrs. Seaman no longer on the scene, and new Board members. Let us start a new era of honesty, integrity, and transparency.

Jean Coulard
May 29, 2021